Thursday, May 29, 2008

Modest Swimwear

Last summer in our search for modest swimwear, we came across the website Dressing for His Glory : and love it! The swimwear is modest, has a simple style, and you can choose from a large selection of swimwear, dresses, skirts & culottes. This year I ordered a new swim shirt, but kept my skort from last year. The material is great, because its waterproof, dries super fast, and doesn't cling when wet. Same for the skort! The outfit is very comfortable by the way! :)


Julia said...

Hi Mia,
Love the swimwear! I have a similar outfit my mom sewed for me because there was absolutely nothing we could find anywhere else that worked with my convictions. (Know what I mean?)
I found your blog through the Maidens for Modesty list. If you'd like to look at mine here's the address :
Have a great day!

Hildegard said...

Thanks for sharing the link to Dressing for His Glory. I've been wondering what to do about swimwear, and even started to fear I would have to give it up for the lack of modest attire!

Paulina said...

I wish I had found the site for your swimsuit earlier because the one I recently ordered was very pricey and not as modest.