Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Pilgrims Way--Electricity Free for 3 days

written 5/11/08 by Candle Light

"Early this morning we awoke to the sound of violent winds and continuous flashes of lightning. Our Mothers Day was a unique one--my planned ahead breakfast of biscuits, bacon, pancakes and eggs had to be replaced with cereal and fruit due to the power outage. We attended church as usual, and found that the church (and surrounding neighborhood) was also without electricity! We(our church) persevered though, and you know what?

The sweet simplicity of a Titus 2 teaching, and congregational singing (with only a guitar & piano), made worship so much more personal. We spent most of the day at home, but later drove into town to buy propane for Dad's gas grill. To say that our fellow traffickers were in peril seemed an understatement! Gas stations were closed as well as many chain restaurants and convenience stores. So for those who needed gas, refrigerator-free food, and ice--lets just say, the Kroger parking lot looked like the eve of Thanksgiving day!

To make matters worse, tree branches & storm debris blocked many roads, and most of the traffic lights weren't on (what a mess!) But through all of this, we praise God that many weren't injured!

All in all, although its only been a day without power, its been an adventure" :)

Day 2

My dad took the day off, and we did yard work along with trying to consolidate food and cook all the meat we had. Remember that mother's day bacon and eggs? yum, they sure did come in handy--I was able to cook on the stove-eye that's on our grill.

Tried to make kettle corn. Came out slightly burnt...both the popped corn and the pan!

*If you scroll on the right panel of my blog, find the 'playlist', then you can pause the background music to hear the video*

As it got darker, My brother and sister started shelling the peas they picked earlier...I was able to get a quick video :) I really am not starting to mind getting prepared for bed by candle light. Actually, now that I'm more aware of the candle(s) burning, I go to sleep earlier!

Day 3
Dad took the day off, and is now starting to prepare for our camping trip this weekend.. but haven't we (for the past 3 days) basically just been "urban camping?" :D

Today was laundry day, and to my chagrin (and my parents delight) I had to wash ALL my clothes by hand....I must say, the thought sounds ideal and somewhat romantic...but in reality, its alot of work. I did it though! In record time I washed three loads, and hung them up outside on the clothesline. Hangers just had to do since we are out of clothespins!

I must say that I'm surprised, I really enjoyed washing by hand! I know I'll appreciate my fresh clothes so much more this week!

1:45 pm--Power's on!!! What did I do? Warm up some sausage in the microwave for sandwiches, get on the computer, and recieved two calls! Am I a spoil-sport or what?! :D Let me tell you though, I wouldn't trade the last three days for anything in the world.

3 days living the Pilgrim Way-- Priceless


V said...

That is the way to go...JUST DO IT! Hey, I am wondering what type of weather to expect this weekend. :)

See ya!

Mrs. Vicki

SamanthaMarie said...

Found your blog off of another site :) I really love the positive attitude you had about the power-outage. I can imagine that some people were at a loss, but you and your family made the best of the situation and actually had fun. What a blessing! And just imagine, it is possible to survive without electricity ;)

Macy said...

Im Mia's sister! (we had fun.) :D