Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Fruits of the Garden

We've really been enjoying the harvest God has blessed us with so far...

^Along with tomatoes and beans, we've
harvested a record amount of yellow squash this
year--Lets just say we get about 3 squash
(1 lb each) everyday. My mom blanched & froze
4 (1-gal.) bags full of chopped squash, so that will
be useful later on^

^^Remember my Stevia plant? Its now
grown to 36"!^^

^Green Bean season is almost over, but I spent
everyday for two weeks harvesting-- they came
in so fast! We probably got about 25 beans a
day on average^

^^Yum, Cucumber is one of my favorite
summer-time veggies!^^

^This is our second year of Blueberries--as you
can see, we hardly had any mature berries on
the bush because we've harvested so many!^

^ Tomatoes. Classic!!^

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Anonymous said...

My family loves to garden. It seems that yours does too.