Friday, June 20, 2008

Herb of the Month: English Lavender

Lavender Dry Perfume
"Dry perfumes are similar to sachets. Nefertiti, queen of Egypt during the eighteenth dynasty, always carried her personal scent with her in a small pouch attached to her waist. Dry perfumes are more intense in scent than powders, and are used in place of perfume to scent the skin and hair." From the book, "Natural Beauty at Home."
*1 tsp orrisroot powder (or cornstarch as a substitute)
*1 tablespoon dried lavender flowers
*1 tablespoon cornstarch
*4 drops lavender essential oil

Directions: Mix together all ingredients. Place the mixture in a food proccessor, blender, or coffee grinder and process until a smooth powder is acheived (You may also use a mortar and pestle if you wish to grind the powder by hand.)
Place in a clean container with a tight-fitting lid. To apply, rub a small amount of this scented powder on your skin where you would apply perfume or cologne.

Lavender Linen Spray

"The scent of lavender is a classic for keeping linens fresh, warding off pests, and enhancing sleep and relaxation. Use this scented water in your iron when pressing fine linens to protect and freshen them. Spray generously onto your bed pillow each evening for a cradle-deep sleep." From the book, "Natural Beauty at Home."
*1/2 cup distilled water
*1 tsp witch hazel
*5-10 drops essential oil of lavender
Mix together all ingredients and pour into a clean spray bottle
or glass container with a tight-fitting lid.
To use: Spray on your sheets and table linens before using or while pressing with a hot iron.


Julia said...

Hi Mia,

I just found the comment you left on my blog, thanks! I hadn't been back to your blog in a while, I've been amazingly busy picking blackberries and starting school. It looks great! I love all your herb and vegetable posts, and the pictures on your sidebar are so neat!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mia,
Thanks for the comment!
I love your blog! It is very elegant. And I also like lavender too, so I might have to try some of the ideas you gave. Thanks!

Hannah said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, Mia!

Your recipe for Lavender Linen Spray looks interesting. I love the smell of lavender, and I hope to try your recipe, should I get the chance!

Annemary said...

ton blog est MAGNIFIQUE !!!!!je l'ai mis dans mes liens ! bisous à bientôt annemary