Monday, June 30, 2008

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by Sydney !
Here's what I (and whoever else I tag) have to do:

*Answer some questions from whoever tagged me

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*Tag four-six more other people and comment on their blog to let them know!
Ok, here it goes! :)

Who's your favorite author and why?
Definetely James Herriot! When we discovered the books on tape a few years ago, I started to read his books, and every book has been a page turner. He writes in a reminiscent way, and detail by detail, opens up the
"day in the life of a rugged country vet" but with an easy-going, humourous nature of his real life experiences in the 30's-50's . This particular book "The Best of James Herriot" is compiled of his best and funniest stories and features real recipes, 'did you know?' questions & answers, marvelous illustrations, information on different breeds of animals & real life pictures of Yorkshire Dales.

Who was your first favorite author and why?

Gloria Whelan wrote the book," Homeless Bird" and its been my favorite "paperback/fiction" book for over 4 years :) I've always loved the middle eastern
culture, especially when it comes to marriage customs. This book is about a 13 year old girl who is arranged to marry a young man she's never met, and its very hard for her family to even come up with the dowry price (a sum for the husbands family). After she is married, she finds out that he's sickly & weak. His parents just wanted him to marry so they could use the dowry money to get him healed. Its a very unfortunate situation--During the years that pass, she skillfully sews (on her quilt) what goes on in her life--This journey through remarkable experiences weaved through with historically accurate customs and landscape, is a story of hope and courage.

Who's the most recent addition to your favorite authors and why?

I first read Joshua Harris' book, "I kissed dating goodbye" two years ago, and so far I've read it numerous times since then. Oh, I also did a short book review on my blog in April. (Click here if you'd like to view it) My dad recently bought me Harris' second book, "Boy meets Girl: say hello to courtship" and I read it in two days--it was a great read! Its a wonderful book about Joshua's journey through contentment and his approach to courtship. I'd definetely reccomend, especially for those who've already read his first book. I'm hoping to purchase his newer book "Stop dating the Church". So far all the reviews on that book are excellent. Joshua Harris is definetely my most recent addition to my favorite authors.
That was fun! Ok, I tag:


Goldfish said...

I would love to read "I kissed dating goodbye" sometime. I've heard so many good things about it. I like your blog. I'll definitely be back. thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I love comments!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Mia. I'm over here from Domestic Felicity. Your blog is so attractive....nice music, pretty layout, etc. I will read more of your posts a little later. For now, I have a question: are the old photos on your sidebar some of your ancestors? I especially like the one of the woman wearing the glasses. I don't know why really....maybe just her eager, into-the-future gaze. All the ladies are lovely. And they certainly knew how to dress back then!


KeeperatHome said...

It's funny, but I had the same question about the sidebar photos as Brenda. They are beautiful. Your blog layout is like a peaceful oasis. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well.:-)
In Christ, Talya

V said...

I'm gonna get you Mia...YOU TAGGED ME! ha,ha,ha...I'll respond soon.
Love ya!

Mrs. V

Mia said...

To Ms. Brenda & Keeper at Home,
Greetings Ladies!
Thank you so much for you intrest...actually, while browsing through free antique/vintage photo's/portraits, I ran across these pictures and just had to share! :)
Unfortunately, they're not my ancestors (at least, not that I know of! :D) I do feel like we all have ansestors who really displayed femininity in their pictures which we so much treasure today, as basic femininity seems so rare to find nowadays! Thank you again ladies, and please visit again soon, as I'm always trying to update as often as I can!
Your sister in Christ,

Paulina said...

Oh my gosh! Homeless Bird was my first favorite book too because I have a fascination with the Middle Eastern culture. Isn't that funny? I also love both of Joshua Harris's books.

P.S. Your blog is lovely :)