Saturday, July 12, 2008

Harvesting & Drying Stevia

<----I pruned the Stevia plant to about half its height, taking about 14" off the top. Its best to prune right before they go to seed--I could already see the buds :)

^^While I was harvesting, I caught tiny green lizard sun-bathing on one of the leaves! :D

^^I got a good bundle of the Stevia (I took

the picture myself--sorry about the tight grip! lol) ^^

^^Rinsing the leaves!^^

^After washing, I dried the leaves on papertowels, then
spread them out on 2 cookie sheets^

^I put the Stevia in a 175 degree oven for 20 mins :)
You could definetely smell the aroma in the air...very, um, wood-sy?

^^lol! Like my homemade mortal & pestle? :)
Our gorgeous marble one broke a few months ago,
so I'm learning to make do! :D ^^

^The leaves were super crispy, so it only took about
5 minutes before it was powder^

^After being crushed and sifted...

Then I finished it off by putting it into a tiny tupperware container
for later use...I think I got 2 TBsp MAX.

*By the way, It tastes great! It had a somewhat "green" aftertaste though.
Its SUPER sweet (1 TBsp equivalent to 1 cup sugar!)
I added about 1/2 tsp-1 tsp of Stevia to our pot 'o afternoon tea :)


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in trying to grow this. Do you think you will use it in anything else besides tea? Thanks for sharing the process. :o)


Emily said...

That is so cool! I had no idea that you could even grow stevia. :)

I love your blog, and I will back offten. Thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

Christina said...

I have purchased stevia before and the aftertaste was too strong for me. Do you think the homemade/dried stevia has a more pleasant flavor? Have you tried the other kinds?

Anonymous said...

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Rachel K. said...

I am thinking of growing some stevia. Have you tried baking with it? If you have does it make the food taste different? Thanks for your help!