Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pioneer Day--Treasures and a Recipe!

While at a local Rescue Mission, I found a few treasures:
A Cast-iron dutch oven and a gorgeous oil lamp! I've been looking for a lamp for a while, and never thought I'd find heavy-duty cookware for such a great price!! The pot was $7, and the lamp was $3. I'm so excited--I love the pioneer theme! I thought I'd post my favorite never-fail corn muffin recipe too :)

Old-Fashioned Honey Corn Muffins

First, you mix 1 cup each of Cornmeal & Flour

2. Then add 1 TBsp Baking Powder, and 1 tsp Salt...

3. And 1/3 cup Butter Flavored Shortening :)

4. Using a pastry blender, blend the shortening into the dry ingredients until it resembles small crumbs5. Add 2 large eggs, and 1 cup whole milk (or cream/half & half (The richer the better!! :)

6. Pour in a generous 1/2 cup of Honey (yum, my favorite ingredient!)

7. Gently mix all the ingredients together!

8. This is what the batter should look like--It's ok if its gooey, This makes for the moistest corn muffins!

9. To a greased muffin tin, carefully scoop (about 3 TBsps) batter into each cup, filling it 3/4 full.

10. Place prepared pan in your preheated 400 degree oven for 10-12 mins

11. After 10-12 minutes, Muffins should be dark brown around edges :)

12. Using a butter knife, you can gently remove the muffins from the tin--aah, Perfect!!

13. Yay! The muffins turned out great--Moist, sweet & buttery! :) For variety, try adding 1 TBsp of fresh herbs (May I recommend Sage or Rosemary?) as a delicious twist to the original ;)
ps)This can easily be skillet/regular cornbread! Just double the baking time!!


laney said...

ooohh! Yummy! I'll have to try those! They look delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

Mia said...

Those look so delicious! I apologize for not commenting sooner. I just wanted to tell you how much I admire your desire to be a keeper of the home and a godly homemaker. It's defintely encouraged me:)
the other Mia;)

Adrienne Renea said...

Hello There, thank you for your sweet comment!
I'm so glad you enjoyed my blog!

I really enjoyed tooling around yours and checking out all the neat things you have done! The victorian era pictures ib the sidebar are neat!

Just Curioius, How did you find my blog?

Come back and visit! I'll definantly be returing to see what you are up to!

Kira said...

Hi Mia,

What a lovely blog you have here. I enjoy reading your posts.

The corn muffins look so yummy! I'll have to make them sometime...

In Christ,

The Henderson Family said...


What a small world! My husband remembers meeting your father at the conference. You probably live pretty close to us. Perhaps one day we can all meet.

Do you all attend a family-integrated church? We are still in the very beginning stages of getting ours off the ground.

In Him,

Mrs. Taunya

Anonymous said...

those look so good i have to trie it some time . the lamp and pot are so neat. from anna dziadul

Julia said...

Hi Mia!
Mmmm. The muffins look delicious!! The lamp and cast-iron pot/pan are really neat! Sorry I haven't been by in a while...I can't get the link on my page to your blog to work properly! (I'll be working on that...) Blessings!

jwcreath@gmail.com said...

The mirror is beautiful! What a great find!
I'm looking forward to trying your corn muffin recipe.

Mrs. Creath

Anonymous said...

Fantastic finds!! I too love oil lamps and cast iron cookware.

The recipe sounds so good.

Mary said...

Dear Mia,
I was delighted to find another recipe for cornbread muffins! I am a cornmeal recipe fan, and I'm so excited to try these out for my family and friends (and myself, haha!). God bless!
Yours in Christ,