Thursday, July 3, 2008

Secondhand Treasure: Lavender, Aprons, & Overalls

I found this priceless paperback book at a Salvation Army probably a month ago--I was instantly attracted by the cover, and unfortunately, hadn't started reading it until yesterday!
This book was written & published here in Georgia 15 yrs ago, by an older woman retelling her Grand-parents life in the late 1800's on a 60-acre working farm. Instantly putting you in their time, she goes through their humble beginning and incredible work ethic~

*Married at a young age & building their huge house shortly after

*Home Chores--Butter Churning, Milking cows, Curing meat, Canning & Preserving (remember there was no refrigeration!)

*Real workers--When they needed wood to build their shed, carriage house, smokehouse and barn, they logged pine trees themselves!

*Raising 7 children, (who by the way, wore handmade clothes 'till they were married and had families!)

*Selling butter, eggs, buttermilk & ribbon cane syrup (not to mention seasonal foods!) in the market in Tallahassee

*Traditions--Reunion Day every summer, Annual 2 weeks Revival (The pastor would visit and stay at all the farm families' humble homes about 2 nights at every house, where the best of everything was laid out for such an occasion!)
Written simply and fondly, she packs into such a small book 3 generations of joy, stories & memories passed down, all because of her grandparents strong value of faith, family & home. I wish I could quote the whole book to you, as I know this book review doesn't hold a candle to the books contents...but here's one of my favourite lines,

"Grandma's clothes were different, though. Maybe the trimming made the difference, because no garment went unadorned. Perhaps the texture was appealing to us--she used soft materials, such as voile and velvet. Those materials felt good when we hugged her. They also lent a depth to her many hues of lavender.

Accessories were very important to Grandma. She had morning beads and afternoon beads. It is inconceivable to think of a woman in the summer time in a kitchen, with a wood-burning stove and no air conditioning, wearing a long dress to her ankles, and no doubt a petticoat, stockings & some kind of drawers underneath, and wearing morning beads."

"Lavender and Old Lace" from Lavender, Aprons, and Overalls by Rilla Bellury


Anonymous said...

This will, no doubt, make fun & interesting reading for you. :o)
Thanks for sharing it!


Julia said...

What a treasure! The book sounds so interesting! Life seems much easier than it was back then, doesn't it? Especially when we compare lifestyles. Thanks for sharing, Mia!

laney said...

That is such a cool book!!

Tom said...

I am fith generation Williams from this same family. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. We are very proud of our family and I am glad that my family could share with you.