Thursday, August 14, 2008

SecondHand Treasures: Furniture!!

While shopping at the thrift store today, I thought I'd look through the furniture, just to BROWSE of course!! :)

Well, when I came across this simple (very well made) wooden dresser, I loved it! The price tag was $64...but surprisingly, I was able to barter it down to $44! I'm so excited about the great deal!Plus, this hutch is so versatile and in mint condition!( I wish you could see the brackets/hinges..they're beautiful!) From vanity table/changing table/kitchen hutch/storage etc..

I then saw a sweet, old fashioned rocking chair...a comfortable one! It looks like it will clean up easily, and the tears and stains can be fixed. It had been reduced to a little over $20...How could I refuse!? :)

This is all a blessing--I've had savings set aside for special purchases such as this. These are basically hope chest additions that I will be using in my room! :)


Laney said...

I love the dresser and the rocking chair! The rocking chair looks SO comfortable! I love how the dresser looks so antique!


Madison said...

How beautiful Mia!! Great finds!! Those are amazing prices for such nice furniture! I really enjoy just 'browsing' and then finding something. :) It always figures: you say you're going to be 'just browsing' until you find the 'just perfect' thing! :-D
Again, great finds!
Thanks for sharing!


Vicki said...

I love both pieces...You did good today! I just love a bargain.

The Henderson Family said...


I love them both!!

Mrs. Henderson

Jennifer said...

Wow those are beautiful and such great deals! Awesome! I need to learn from you. I never find deals like that. :)

Alyssa Scott said...

How pretty! I love the dresser!!!!

Joelle said...

Hey Mia! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. We went on a family trip, minus my older sister. Thanks for commenting on my blog! As I told several other people, I love to meet new blogger friends, so if you don't mind too much, could I put you on my friends list? And the things you got at the thrift store look beautiful! I just love thrift stores! And the salsa below looks sooo appetizing!

jAne said...

Your wonderful find is actually an antique "wash stand". My sister owns one from my great grandmother LuElla. Lula (as she was fondly known to family and friends)was born in 1871 and went on to glory in 1963 when she was 92 and I was but 5. I own her bible and a few crochet and tatting pieces including her wedding gloves (tatted).

Your 'online cottage' is wonderful - a source for inspiration and industriousness for women of all ages.

I hope it's all right that I include you in my places to visit sidebar. :o)


Anonymous said...

The dresser is actually a dry sink from the looks of it. A friend of mine uses one that I found her as a baby changing table. Yours looks almost identical to hers that I found for $30