Monday, August 4, 2008

Senior year of Homeschooling!

Today I started my school year! Our family has been in the process of applying the new Fall schedule for a few weeks, so I got up bright and early in celebration of a new school year of learning and growing spiritually :)

I thought I'd share about what I'm doing for a curriculum--We're going to be reading, researching, and doing practical lessons. My goal is to graduate academically and spiritually by covering the basics of church history, homemaking, financial management, and godly womanhood.

"Far Above Rubies: A unit study based on Proverbs 31:10-31 for High School Girls" by Linda Coats, Revised by Robin Scarlata

Far above rubies is a wonderful bible-based curriculum on godly womanhood! Each verse is a unit topic, and it covers 9 subjects (Bible, Cultural Studies, Reading&Literature, Composition, Math, Science, Health, Practical Arts, Creative&Performing Arts).

I have enjoyed it immensely, and love the flexibility along with excellent book reccomendations. I did this as a two year plan, and will be finishing the last half of the book this school year.


Hildegard said...

Oh, how excited I am for you! I am out of college now, but the other day I smelled the "time-for-school-to-start" feeling in the air. That always makes me long for books and projects!

Never forget that no matter how old you get, there will be more of Godly womanhood to learn, and that you will always be homeschooled by your heavenly Father.

Anonymous said...

You know, reading your title I just realized I will be entering my senior year too! I hope everything goes well with you this last year of actual schooling. :)

Shannon said...

What a great blog you have, Mia! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier...if only for me to find yours. :)

Miss Cloe said...

Hi Mia!!! This is Anna!

I love ur blog!! u have inspired me to make mine better!!! XD

I am doing far above rubies too!

Anyway! Just thought i would say hello!

Liz from homeschoolblogger said...

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting! I like your blog a lot! I love all of your pictures! :)

I love the post below this one. That painting is so lovely! What a great deal! :)

Also, Congratulations on starting your senior year of homeschooling! :)

I hope you have a Great day! :)


Julia said...

Hi Mia,

You've been awarded! Check out my blog for details.

Congrats on starting your Senior year! I am too. :) (Can't wait for school to be done...)

McKenzie said...

Hi Mia,

I enjoyed reading about your curriculum. It sounds neat. We started back schooling this week also. I too am enjoying my curriculum. I am studying American History this year. I love it! Last year was Ancient History. UGH!! :>)
Talk to you soon. Your letter is in the mail!

Benty said...

Wow! That study sounds really good! I wished my family had found books like these to homeschooling me with! Congrats to you and your family for coming so far homeschooling too. I'm sure you've all faced pressure for it as well.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog while searching for Far Above Rubies Unit Study.
I have purchased an used old copy of the Unit Study book but only to find out I'm still missing the Companion and the Lesson Plans for the Units.
I plan on using this study unit with my daughters as they get older. Would you be willing to sell your copy?
Please let me know either way at
Thank you! Gabrielle.