Monday, September 15, 2008

Herb of the Month: Thyme

"Thyme is one of the best known and most widely-used culinary herbs. It is quite easy to grow and is commonly found as a decorative as well as a functional plant in many home gardens. A member of the mint family, thyme is a perennial evergreen shrub, whose sometimes woody stems are covered with small, gray-green to green leaves. Its small, two-lipped flowers range in color from pale pink to purple and bear quadruplet nutlet fruits. The entire plant is aromatic. "
From "Thyme Varieties and Facts". Click here for more information :)

Tonight I made chicken and vegetable soup, and using fresh Thyme as an ingredient added so much flavor to the dish! I read that you can add Thyme to salads as well :)


Madison said...

Yum Mia! That looks delicious! I've wanted to grow thyme, but I don't think I've ever tried.
Looks delicious!


Laney said...

YUM! That soup looks great! Vegetable soup is my favorite! My mom grows a lot of herbs, but I don't think she grows thyme. Maybe I will start growing it!


The Henderson Family said...

Mia that soup looks wonderful!! Would you consider posting the recipe?

Mrs. Henderson

Anonymous said...

That looks really good!!


Mia said...

Thank you for the lovely comments, Ladies!
Mrs. Henderson: Unfortunately I don't have the recipe; this was a classic example of a "whatever-you-have" frugal soup! I started with chicken & broth, added a carrot here, celery and mushrooms there, then poured about 1 cup of uncooked pasta noodles into the soup! They turn out more flavorful by soaking up/cooking in the broth! I'm sorry I couldn't give measurements--I honestly didn't even know it would turn out so well! lol
Oh, and I did use fresh Thyme, salt and pepper of course!! :)