Saturday, September 6, 2008

Secondhand Treasures: A Hat, Mirror, and Antique Bowl

Eclectic Hat: (cost $1.00) At first, I didn't like this hat, but it fits really well, and I'm going to re-do it... replace those bold sunflowers, and change the ribbon--Hopefully, I'll be able to do a before & after post! In the meantime, I may feel spontaneous, and wear the hat to our local fair! haha!

Candleholder: (cost $0.25) I've always loved these--the candle/mirror combination will illuminate any wall! Its an easy way to create an old-fashioned look :) For a quarter, I went ahead and purchased it for novelty!

Antique Bowl (cost $1.50) Originally priced at $2.50, I asked the cashier if she'd take $1.00 for it. She said because we help support them by donating often, she'd take $1.50 for it! Its a great find..On the back it reads "warrented 22 carat gold". That sure is special! This is definetely a hope chest addition, I'll be wrapping it up to use for later!


Anonymous said...

What bargains!!!! You're like me and my mom! We look for any cute bargains!!


Madison said...

What great finds! I need a thrift shop like yours. :-D
Thanks for posting!


Vicki said...

I LOVE the hat, just the way it is. What would be really cute is to make different arrangements(?) if you will based on your out fit for that day or even by the "season".

Anna said...

Those are some amazing bargains! :) Found you through the Kindred Spirit Network.

Madison said...

Hello! I'm sorry I have to comment again...
I just wanted to let you know that I awarded you a blog award! Go to my blog for details.