Monday, September 8, 2008

Washing Day!

Today we cleaned, dusted and washed, and I enjoyed reading
"Classic Household Hints" by Susan Waggoner, and learned a few tips:

1. For quick stain removal:

Grease--Make a paste of cornstarch and water and apply to the wrong side of the fabric. Let paste dry, then brush off.
Ink from a ballpoint pen--Moisten a cotton ball with isopropyl alcohol. Rub until the stain disappears, and rinse thoroughly with tepid water.

2. Washing Tips:
*Cotton whites will stay whiter if you launder them in cold water and add a spoonful of cream of tartar to the wash water.

*Save money by replacing fabric softener with vinegar. A cup added to the rinse cycle will make fabrics soft and fresh.
*Removing clothes from the dryer before they are bone-dry will reduce static cling!

3. Kitchen Pests
*Dried Bay leaves in a kitchen drawer will discourage insects. Renew the leaves when they lose their aroma

*To kill roaches, sprinkle boric acid on top of cupboards, and wherever you see them scurry. It won't kill them on contact, but will last much longer than commercial sprays.

ps) it is toxic, so keep the powder away from children and pets.

*To prevent ants, paint your windowsills with lemon juice. Ants don't like the acidic juice and will not cross it. (Ants are also allergic to cucumber skin, you can try that as well!)

I definetely recommend this book--Every chapter is full of practical and easy tips for everyday!


Madison said...

Oh Mia! What an neat post!! :-D I don't think I've ever seen a post on a blog about washing clothes. :P
But I really liked it!
I'll try to check out that book sometime.

~Madison said...

Well thanks for all the neat tips! Even, mature ladies like myself can learn from the younger ladies! Sounds like a very interesting book.

Mrs. Creath

Asia said...

wow, really neat post. i love your blog. thanks for visiting mines.