Friday, October 31, 2008

Rustic Reality and No-Bake Apple Crisp

For the past 5 days, we've been living without our homes' central heating! The "heater" needs to be re-lit, so until my Dad is able to fix it, we're bundling up! We've put our fireplace into good use though, and have been keeping warm with our space heater :) To add to our lack of heat, our stove and oven are off as well!!
hahaha! Do you think God is trying to test our self-sufficiency aspirations? :) Our appliances work fine, its actually a problem with the stove, which occurs when we turn on the breaker...that's why both appliances are out! :) We're in good spirits though, because we know all this will only last for a little while! But until then, we'll try to make as many "cold" meals as we can. I started it out by coming up with a "no bake" apple crisp for dessert! It turned out great (considering its COLD and not "fresh from the oven") :)

No-Bake Apple Crisp

1. Start with 8 apples (I used 4 Granny Smith, and 4 Gala Apples)

2. Peel, Core and Slice the apples however you want. Sit 2 apples aside.

3. In the large bowl, squeeze 1 lemon over the apple pieces to preserve the color.

4. In a seperate small bowl, pour 1/2 cup scalding hot water over 1 cup of raisins. Cover and let 'em plump up for about 10 mins. Drain the water from the raisins.

5. A food processer would work better, but I chopped & blended the 2 extra apples..

Then add the plump raisins! Blend until smooth.

6. Pour the apple/raisin mixture over the sliced apples, the add 1/3 cup brown sugar!

7. I poured the apples in a greased (11x13) cake pan.

8. To make the "crumb topping", I combined 2 cups Raisin Bran cereal,

1 cup of Old-Fashioned Oats..

And 1 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 tsp nutmeg in a large zip lock bag.

9. Now shake and crush it all up! :)

Then pour the topping onto the apples.

10. I pressed the topping onto the apples until it was evenly covered.

11. Then immediatly serve, or refrigerate for later! We all enjoyed the apple dessert, and its even better if its heated in the microwave!


Joelle said...

mmmmm... that looks absolutely wonderful! I sorry your heat is out, but so glad that you choose to be happy!

Rachel and Jessica said...

Hello Mia! Wow, you have such a good attitude! How very creative of you to make a no-bake apple crisp! It looks delicious! And I loved all the great pictures, too! I hope your heat starts working soon!

God Bless!

Trinity Mommy said...

What a lovely blog you have! I found you through another blog and am so glad that I have, I am excited about trying your no bake apple crisp recipe! Thanks for sharing!

Vicki said...

Hey, I recognize that plate...ha,ha, was yummy thanks for sharing it with us...

Elaine said...

Hello, Mia! I just came across your site and love it!

I love the fourth photo under "Beautiful photo's and portraits". I am drawn to her face and that is what a woman should desire for people to see rather than the rest of her body.

I love the 50% rain coat.

I grew up in Augusta, GA. and North Augusta, SC. I love the area.

Jacob12 said...

Mia, Guess whos gonna want to try this one :), Ill send you pics of him making it, thanks

Jacob12 & Renee

Ces said...

Thanks for your recipe. I've been trying to look for apple crisp recipe that needs no baking for the simple reason that we have no oven and your recipe comes in handy. I immediately tried it after I read it yesterday and my family loved it.