Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vacation: A visit to my Grandmothers'

I know its been a while since I've posted, but my family has been on vacation in SC for a week! Our purpose in going was to visit my Grandmother, and try to minister to our other family members (who aren't Christians as well.) We left Saturday morning and stopped at the SC rest stop. We found out the annual "Sweet Potato Festival" was taking place that day, and the location was super close, so we stopped by!

There were quite a few vendors there, and I saw an older woman was selling handmade aprons (each was one of a kind!) for only $10! I thought the price and quality was excellent, so I decided on this "Holiday" apron, since I don't have one for the approaching winter season :) {The middle of the apron reads "Merry Christmas from the heart"}. Before we left, my dad was able to fellowship with old friends and we bought home-grown sweet potatoes for $0.25 each!

Before going to my Grandmother's house, we went to my great-uncles house to visit. It was a good time, and after playing my guitar, I noticed these small irons as doorstops. I asked him about them, and he told me that they're most likely from the 1890's--he remembers his mother heating them over the fire! He then offered them to me, and I'm so excited :) The larger one weighs about 6 lbs, the other, 4.5 lbs. To be so small they're extremely heavy! I like to imagine my great-grandmother using these...*sigh* Women 100 years ago inspire me..they really do!

On Sunday morning, we went to a wonderful Family Integrated house church nearby. We just love the small congregation--we feel so much at home, especially when all the families are so like-minded! After church, we had a fellowship meal and afterwards we walked around the farm, and had great conversation. Before leaving, we were invited to have lunch at the Pastors' house on Wednesday (They have a working farm as well).

On Monday we were on the town! As you know, I *love* Farmers Markets, so it felt like paradise when we walked into the old-fashioned Market in downtown Aiken. Mom took a picture of us in front of the entrance!

Inside each "barrel" was a different type of organic granola. You're allowed to taste, so after everyone gave their opinion, it was {hands-down} blueberry crunch! My dad was loving it, so he did the honors of scooping out the granola :) By the way, for some reason, it tasted like "Trix" cereal! Really. yeah, I'm not kidding ;) I don't know how those blueberries were so flavorful, but we enjoyed granola cereal the next morning!

Monday-Wednesday we stayed inside the house with my Grandmother (the majority of the time). Honestly, our patience wore thin because as we tried to serve, my grandmother talked, criticized and got upset at everything. We were very grateful to get out for lunch on Wednesday! We had a lovely time at their home! I enjoyed learning more about keeping goats too :) Afterward we were able to sigh with relief for christian fellowship!

By the way, I just wanted to rave about these grits! They're "Daniel Boone Yellow Corn Grits". We bought these while at the Market. I know it sounds funny, but we haven't found a brand of corn grits that we all like..until now! These grits ALWAYS come out creamy and flavorful...without milk, butter etc. Its not "gritty" or "mushy". It costs $3 and we're hoping that our local market in GA carries this brand!~

On Thursday, My Dad and brother went fishing with our Granddad and Great-Uncle who are great fishermen. They caught over 15 fish altogether, but my Dad says the "bonding" was the best part! lol He says it was a multi-generation/vision forum moment! :)

While the guys were gone fishing, we ladies went to a few thrift and consignment stores! I found two dress patterns for $0.75 total! I also picked up this pretty floral picture for $4. I don't usually like too much floral, but I think this portrait will go nicely with my other Victorian pictures.

We were invited to have dinner on Thursday night, over at the deacon's home. (Where the house church is held). We had a great time! The deacons' wife makes homemade soap all the time (which I need to start doing again!) so she let us pick out which type of soap we'd like, and we settled on Strawberry, Goats milk, and Rosemary! After dinner we talked, sang (yep, I pulled out my guitar!) and prayed before we left for the evening.

We spent all Friday visiting some relatives, then staying at home helping my Grandmother with chores around the house. "Let no man despise thy youth, but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in manner of living, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." 1 Timothy 4:12

On Saturday, our great-aunt took us out for Lunch! It was so nice; we ate and talked and had great conversation! (It was raining all Saturday so I had so much fun wearing my 50's style raincoat!) After lunch, she took us to a large bookstore; It was wonderful to be surrounded by literature on a cold, rainy day! When we came home, we spent our time packing up our luggage and doing whatever needed to be done around the house before we left.

We were invited (by one of the families' from house church) to stop by their home on our way back to GA. Well, we did, and so enjoyed it! They've been homesteading for over 30 years and have inspired us so much to live self sufficiently! They gave us a tour of their barn, garden, and root cellar! At supper, we had animated conversation of economics, stories and multi generational vision and the christian life. Afterwards, my sister and I were able to talk to their 2 daughters (who are our age) about modesty and reaching out to our old friends. We all agreed that knowing there are other girls out there that are like-minded is so comforting and edifying! As our family said goodbye and headed home, we were so encouraged with the Godly fellowship in my Grandmothers' home town. My Mom describes it as "finding households of light". We were able to encourage and be encouraged, and I believe my Grandmother noticed a difference as well.


Laura said...

Sounds like a lovely trip. Just thought I'd leave a note and let you know I enjoy your blog.

Dayna said...

Mia, you are such a delight! I really enjoyed reading about your trip to visit your grandmother. Thank you for sharing. Your blog is beautiful, and you're a sweet example of godly girlhood. Keep glorifying the Savior!

Mrs. Whitlock

Anonymous said...

Hey Mia-
I love your blog! I got it off of pecan pastures and really enjoy looking at it! You have so many neat posts.
Looking forward to your next update!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mia, I really enjoy your blog. I am a married mother and you inspire me in the raising of my daughters which are only 4 and 1 year old. I see in your blog your family is from Aiken. Well I just moved from there early this year (well North Augusta), but my family is in Clarks Hill just 30 mins away. I really miss it there. The people are so different. I now live back in South Florida. Where in Ga do you live?
Stacey (my husband email).

Sarah said...

Your trip sounds so amazing! God really blessed you with so many wonderful surprises!! It's so great when that happens isn't it?

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Hi Mia!

I enjoyed reading about your trip.
It sounds like you had a good time.

I cannot agree with you more when it comes to small churches. Our church body met in our pastors home for many years before someone donated the land for our new church building.Though our new building is so small and beautiful I still miss having church in our Preachers home. Our ministers wife actually cried the first Sunday we didn't have home church.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Sara said...

Hello! Thank you for commenting on my blog! I love to get comments!:-) It looks like y'all had fun on your trip. I used to live very close to Aiken. :-) Those irons your great-uncle gave you are really neat! I can't imagine having to iron with those, though......our foremothers were amazing. :-)
I really enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

about the floral picture you posted quite some time ago, underneath the one of the dress patterns. I was wondering if you knew anything concerning the creator of the painting, I have the same one and can't seem to find out where it's from.