Monday, October 6, 2008

Women at Home

"Thank God, O women, for the quietude of your home; but all day long you are there, beautifying it, sanctifying it, adorning it, blessing it. Better be there than wear a queens coronet. Better be there than carry the purse of a princess. It may be a very humble home. There may be no carpet on the floor. There may be no pictures on the wall. There may be no silks in the wardrobe; but, by your faith in God, and your cheerful demeanor, you may garniture that place with more splendor than the upholsterer's hand ever kindled."
Rev. T. Dewitt Talmage, D.D.


Anonymous said...

Amen! What the world doesn't udnerstand about Christianity or God is that our treasure is not here and God can do or command whatever he likes because He is GOD.

Simply Vintagegirl said...

Oh! What a beautiful quote! Thank you for posting such encouraging words.

I have been to your blog on a few occasions, and it is a sweet place to be. Your sidebar and posts are so inspirational and pretty!

May God bless,
Miss Emily Rose

Rissa said...

I absolutely love this quote, and am enjoying perusing your blog!

Anonymous said...

Sooo true! :o) This really is beautiful. Thanks for posting it.