Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our First Conference!

Over at VisionaryDaughters.com I read in their recent post that the Botkin family will be hosting a conference in Columbus, GA!! This two day event will be Feb.6th & 7th 2009. The topics will include:
*Visionary fathers
*Courtship, dating & marriage
*Hope for the future
*Family relationships
and many more!
Our family has already registered and can't wait! If you're interested, you can go to http://www.crossroads09.com/register/
If you aren't able to come, do you know of any family oriented conferences you're planning on going to? I'd love to hear about it!
Hopefully we'll see you there!
This picture I'm sharing with you I took at a local nature trail/park. Aren't the color's beautiful?


Miss Jen said...

Oh, how exciting!!:)

A Young Lady In Waiting said...

Sounds like fun! Sadly its somewhat far from me! But I'll be praying that you have a good time!

Anonymous said...

Oh awesome!!!! The picture is beeeaauuutiful!!! And the conference sounds great, too. I love the Botkin sisters!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Don't forget to post how it goes! I wish the conference was closer to me so i could have gone. Beautiful picture.

Miss Serenity said...

How fun is that going to be?! Yes, definetly post on how it goes!! I love the Botkin Sisters too. :)

My family goes to the Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington conference every year in April. We love it! It is so encouraging to see other like-minded families together, and to hear all of the great speakers. (This year the keynote speaker will be Voddie Baucham!)