Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reflections of the season

As the Christmas season draws nearer, I still try to remember that it's not Winter....yet.
So this post will be dedicated to all things 'autumn', remembrances of these past 2 months, and a few photos I'd like to share before the theme of winter approaches...
Harvested Herbs

Homespun needlework

Fallen Leaves

Beautiful homeschooling chaos

Touring a working farm

Autumns End~

I saw an ancient remnant
Of a once effulgent spring
Tumbling in the winter wind.
A sapless leaf, blown about, With no discernable direction.
How long had it labored in the wind? What of the tree that gave it life?
The branch that brought it nourishment? How they must have mourned its departure.
Was it pride that brought it here?
As its color turned from green to gold, Did it forsake its loving branch?
Did it listen to the whisperings
Of the heartless winter wind, And leave the tree to become free?
I watched the brittle leaf blow
Wondering how it will be for me
When my Autumn nears its end.
Will I hold steadfast to the branch That lifts me toward the light,
Or will I falter in the whispering winter wind?
~Jeff Bidiman


Shannon said...

HA! Not winter yet? I just got done shoveling that white stuff we northerners call snow :)

Rachel and Jessica said...

Yes, unfortunately it is already cold and fully winter here in the North. But I loooove fall, so thank you for the pics.! I try to pretend it is fall as long as possible! After Thanksgiving though, I usually concede to the fact that it is winter.


Mia said...

LOL! Hey, wait a minute...I'm sitting here dreaming of a white christmas, and you are being blessed abundantly with the stuff? tsk tsk...

Anonymous said...

Abundantly is an understatement, lol. Its going to be a VERY white Christmas. You want to take half of the snow we're getting? Well I can tell you one thing, a day of snowfall really makes you appreciate a warm cup of hot cocoa :)

Madison said...

Oh Mia!! What amazing, gorgeous pictures! I wish mine always turned out that well. :P
I really, really enjoyed this post! It's one of my favorites from your blog! :)


Miss Jen said...

What lovely pictures, Mia!
I just love the picture of the harvested herbs.
It still feels like fall out here in California.
I'm looking forward to winter.
Sadly, we never get snow...hmm...
I'm starting to hear that White Christmas song...
"What is Christmas with no snow?!"
Well, we somehow make it work without snow! :)

Your Sister-in-Christ,

Lexie said...

It's nice to see that there are other old fashioned girls at heart out there its really rare to find any especially African American ones so its really nice to meet you.

Julia said...

Hi Mia,

What neat pictures! They capture the essence of fall quite well!

Today was grey and drippy for me... no snow yet... but it didn't seem like Fall anymore. :(

Guess what? I'm going to the Botkins' conference in Columbus too! Hopefully I'll meet you there!


Karla said...

Hello, Mia! I just stopped by to let you know you have received an award on my blog!

Bria said...

What amazing photos! It is exiting and frightening that another year is coming to a close!

Laura said...

Hi! I found your blog through my blog saying you found me. ;) And I'm so glad you did! Going to go finish reading your lovely blog now . . .