Monday, December 29, 2008

SecondHand Treasure- An Abandoned Greenhouse!

((grin)) What do you think? :)

Our neighbor knew we were into gardening, and let us know that we could have her greenhouse (and all its contents) since she didn't use it. I helped my dad by clearing, and sorting out the seed starters & pots...there were MANY!!! :)

At first, I thought the ivy-covered door and sides were romantic and lovely (in a rustic kind-of way) but when we had to cut through it, I was amazed at how tough and strong and horrible ivy is! ugh, I think the ivy lost its romantic-ness....
My sister and I leveled the area where the greenhouse will be located.
It was alot of hard work, but we did it!
My dad asked a friend to come, but it was an unexpected blessing to have many of our neighbors lend a hand! The greenhouse has a sprinkler system and electricity, so one of the neighbors was able to safely cut the wires before lifting...
Here it comes!! The whole neighborhood was involved, lol!
(hmm, I thought things like this "only happen in the country..."
Almost there...

~A snapshot from today~
{hmm, I wonder what seeds we'll plant first?}

I'm so excited about this new greenhouse! We've never had one before, and its so spacious; my dad will build shelves etc. for the inside, and I'll keep you updated if we start planting in January!

"The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength.You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring." Isaiah 58:11


Miss Jen said...

Oh, how exciting... you must be thrilled!
Happy Gardening! :)

Love your sister-in-Christ,

Jenna said...

How wonderful! A dream come true!!! Let us know what you plant in're going to do a great job~


Rachel and Jessica said...

Neat! That was so kind of your neighbor to give it to your family! Also nice that so many of your neighbors came to help! I can't wait to see all the pretty flowers and plants!

God Bless!

Dayna said...

Ah! How fun! What a blessing! Now that we've moved up north, I won't be do anything other than dreaming about garden prep in January...and February, and March, and April...

Maria said...

Wow! You'll have to show the plants you have in there sometime!

Madison said...

Oh! How cool! :)
Hmmm... I think the ivy looks really romantic and lovely too... but I can imagine after having to cut through it, it would lose it's romanticness. :P
Anyway, I can't wait to see what you'll grow!
Oh, and I've kept meaning to tell you this: Did you know that you know my cousin? Her name is Macy, and you used to go to church together. Do you remember her? Just wondering if you did. :)


Anonymous said...

That's so awesome that many of your neighbors came to help! Definitely keep us updated on the green house.

Simply Vintagegirl said...

Mia, how wonderful for you! I'm sure it will be of great help in your gardening! Yes, I must say that the ivy does have a romantic appearance, but I did not have to remove it. :)

I really like that verse you added at the end of your post, very encouraging!

Miss Emily Rose

Anonymous said...

Mia, What is so nice about this is that it was a gift and seeing how all the neighbors helped - another gift!
What a special place it is where you live!

I hope many beautiful growing green things come out of your new planting shed!

What a fun post this was to read.


Anonymous said...

We have ivy in our front yard and I KNOW what you mean when you say it's tough... but I think the green house is still beautiful! It was a blessing for ya'll, huh? Well, I just wanted to leave a comment and say I love ALL your pictures and your blog is a blessing to me! Ü

Maggie said...

Oh to have a nice greenhouse! We could certainly use one in our garden in the spring!

Also, you have a lovely blog!

Have a Great Day!

Bria said...

WOW!!! Truly a treasure! I wish that would happen to me! But my dad is building me a green house out of a house built in the 1920s! That is our new family buisness, we rip down barns and houses and re-sell the wood and metal. I LOVE gardening and growing herbs so I am dying for my greenhouse this spring. Isn't the Lord wonerful to provide for us in small (and sometimes big) ways as thi?

Miss Jen said...

I've so enjoyed your blog and have awarded you with the "Uber Amazing Blog Award" for your beautiful efforts...

Please check this out here...

Love in Christ,

3 Sisters said...

I love it!! New shelves will be nice and a spinkeler system - wow!

Best of luck: Caroline

Renae said...

How wonderful! I've always wanted a greenhouse.