Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why aren't things done the old-fashioned way?

"Most everybody in the world gets married. In this town there aren't hardly any exceptions. Most everybody climbs into the grave...married. What you've seen is called "the daily life". Lets call what your going to see ''love and marriage''. So its three years later. 1904. July 7th just after the high school commencement. That's the time most young people jump up and get married. As soon as they've passed their final examinations....that's the time most young people think themselves fitter to get married."

From the movie, "Our Town"


While watching this movie about a little town in the early 20th century, I was amazed at the narrators view on the importance of marriage. Its so unfortunatate that this "view" isn't popular today. Intresting to note that these young people were just out of school, ready for marriage--both practically and mentally by this time. Girls knew how to cook & keep a home, and men were interning and saving up to provide for a family.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this :)


Jenna said...

Hi Mia!
I got the MaryJane's lifebook, cookbook and ideabook from the library the other day!! Talking about weddings, I just Love her daughter Meggie's wedding in the straw field - how simple and very beautiful:) The golden straw against the white chairs and a gorgeous blue sky:)!!! Just make sure it doesn't rain that day.

3 Sisters said...

This seems almost like a different world, doesn't it? There was so much maturity once upon a time. Unfortunately, the conveyer belt young people seem to be on these days normally pervents marriage due to highschool, college, and then of couse the "fulfilling" career one must have before settleing down. *sigh* I do belive that I was born 100 years to late! Thanks for the encouragement, Mia. It's good to know there young ladies out that are like me and my sisters :-).


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I believe much if not all of our faults in society come from taking God out of society. And I blame that on the so-called "churches" in America that compromise Biblical truth, therefore making it untruth. I would have rather been born in the age when marriage sacred and God was feared. Being of divorced parents I can testify to the consequences of forksaking God and the separate roles which He has made for men and women. Thank you for posting about this issue, you are a great encouragement to other young women like myself in returning to the centrality of the home, to the roles that God made us for :)

In Christ,

Madison said...

Wow, it is funny how those few words can say so much. ;-) Yes, it's true. My grandmother got married when she was still in high school. *gasp* :P Most people at that age were already mature enough. Most kids today are not, just because they aren't taught that they should be mature enough by that age.
Even my mother, when she first got married to my dad: she didn't really know how to do anything. Why? Because she had not been taught the basic skills on how to keep a house.
It is interesting how over the past few decades, expectations have gotten lower and lower. Kids don't know how to do anything around the house: cook meals, wash clothes, mop and vacuum floors, dust the house, take care of children... but that is all because kids are expected to know anything.
Okay, I shall stop rambling. :) I tend to ramble when I talk about things like this. ;-)
But those are just my thoughts!


Julia said...

I agree with Madison... kids don't know how to do anything these days!

My grandpa told me just the other day that he was driving his dad's truck around at 13, looking forward to getting his driver's license at 14, (Which was the age you could get it at back then!!) and he was mad when they changed it to 16 years old right before he could get his license... (!) Just goes to show how much more was expected of young people back then...

And I'm hoping my children will be accompolished at many different things before marriage... all the skills they need to know, anyway. :)

Thanks for a great post!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mia! You probably think I am MIA by now! It’s me G4G, now Imperfect Princess. I just wanted to let you know that Girls for God is now Imperfect Princess. ( I will be posting more from now on. I apologize for my lack of blogging! Siya soon!

Imperfect Princess (Grl4God)

Paula said...

Dear Mia,

I love the quote you shared. My husband and I were married young, I was 18 and he was 19. Sadly we were not prepared in any way at all! Thankfully the Lord saved us 11 years ago, and though we loved each other prior to that time and had a happy marriage, we love each other even more now and our marriage is even happier and better because Christ is the center of it!!!

After He saved me He put a desire in my heart to teach myself how to cook and bake from scratch and showing me a much healthier way of eating. I learned how to keep my home and He showed us to homeschool our son! I am so very, very thankful for all the Lord has done in our lives and is still doing in our lives. We will celebrate 20 years of marriage on Valentines Day. I am very happy we were married young, but I do so wish we had both been more prepared as we look back and see our youth as wasted. I was not taught anything about homemaking, being a wife or mother and my husband was not taught anything about being a husband, father and provider, but God in is rich mercy, saved us and made us a new creation in Christ.

So my thoughts are this, I think it is wonderful to marry young. It is very sad that many people hold marriage in such low regard. It is no wonder with all the rampant divorce that goes on today. In our extended family (including my parents, several divorces each) sadly, there is a great deal of it. Many children are growing up with divorced parents and have no example of what a happy marriage is. I think much of this is because of people taking God out of everything and living for self. We pray to teach our son all that we were not taught and to raise him to love and serve the Lord. We tell him how marriage and children are a wonderful gift from God, and that we pray the Lord will bring him a Godly wife that is being prepared for marriage as well too. I would like to see him marry young and have a very long happy marriage. It is wonderful to see you keeping at home, learning from your mother, serving your parents and siblings, so that when the Lord brings you a husband you will be prepared and ready for marriage and all the joys it brings! May the Lord bless you and all your efforts!
Love, Paula

Paula said...

Dear Mia,
I should have said I was 19 and my husband was 20 when we were married... it has been so long I sometimes forget! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love Our Town....many many lessons. I have heard people say our life now a days is much harder than back then. We have more gadgets to take care of and more places to go etc. But back then things were harder and took longer to do washing clothes etc. Much more physical labor. If you ever get to see the movie The Human Comedy watch it. Micky Rooney as a young man is one of the characters. It is during World War 2 and the setting is a very small town but the values and God centered life is very evident. You get to know all the town's people and how their lives intertwine. There is a book by the same name. I think we were better off before with less 'stuff' and a more people envolved life. Now a days people don't take the time to learn how to do things to prepare themselfs let alone teach their children the principles of life's work. They are rushing here and there to do this and that and end up exausted and what they have to show for all this work is nothing lasting. I aplaud you for knowing at a young age the worth while things in life and doing them. You know the beauty in God's earth. You know the sheer but wonderful exhaustion of a good days work...of accomplishig a goal...or working towards another one...of working together for the good of the family. And through it all you know who God is and He is in your lives. You have a beautiful and inspiring blog. Thankyou for sharing with us. Jody