Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A few thoughts

Hello! I hope you all are having a wonderful week thus far! I've been thinking...

I'd like to get more personal on my blog, and was wondering, what would you like to see as a blog post? I feel like I know so many of you now (by frequenting your blogs!) and would like for you likewise to feel like you can get to know me a little better as well!!
What sort of topics would you like to see more of?
*Stay at Home/Womens Role
*Q &A (have any questions? yes, they can be random),
* Nature/Family/Cottage photos etc.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing from you and answering questions, and tomorrow I'll post specifically about the winning subject :)


Sloan said...

Q&A would be fun!!!

But that's just me!

Sloan <><

Rachel and Jessica said...

I like all of them! =;) I do have a question for you though if you would like to do a post on that...I was wondering why you chose to wear pioneer style clothes more than the typical jumpers and skirts style? Is it your country/old fashionedness? =:) I love the pioneer style of clothes, but just think it is inappropriate for where I live (Delaware). I already get funny looks and I don't really want to be associated with the reenacter's (sp?) around here.

So, there you go! I hope that was an okay question!? =:) I really enjoy your blog! Your style is so special!


Susie Mitchell said...

Hi Mia, I think you've got just the right mix going now. I enjoy reading your views on modesty and the role of women. I love your allowing us to share in day to day life with your up the that go along with it...and your breadsticks are delicious! I couldn't resist trying them. My motto is...If it ain't broke...don't fix it! Hope you're having a beautiful day, my young friend.
Blessings, Susie

TheyCallTheWindMariah said...

Hey, Mia! Okay... I started following your blog... yesterday? I've not read a too terrible many posts, but it seems like you've a really nice mixture of kinds of posts. Q & A posts are always really fun though--although I don't necessarily have any questions. =)


Madison said...

All of them? :P Okay, I know... ummm... I'm gonna say... oh, wow, they're all such wonderful things! :) But, okay, I'll say recipes. Although I also like the photos and modesty topics. :)
Can't wait to see which topic wins! :)


Victoria Rebecca said...

Q &A please :)

Jenna said...

Everything that you mentioned sounds wonderful Mia! I personally love and enjoy all of it:)

Your sister in Christ,

Anonymous said...

I really love all the topics, but if I had to choose one I would say gardening :) This spring/summer I want to start gardening, and I really need some tips, like how to get started, what's best to grow. Umm the Q & A also sounds like a good idea. Haha I could give a reason for all the things you listed, but yeah gardening would be my top pic. But of course I love all your blogs :)
Your Sister in Christ,

Ella said...

Everything sounds enjoyable, Mia!

Clara Van Nattan said...

Your blog is already great - I enjoy your posts already! Keep on keeping on!! :) I especially love your photos etc of your country life there and the cottage etc :) although I do enjoy everything :)

Paula said...

Dear Mia,

I LOVE everything you write about! You are a blessing and an encouragement. I would love to read about all of these things... anything you post is wonderful! I enjoy your lovely blog so much.

I love the old photo you shared. Doesn't she look happy!

Love and blessings in Jesus,

Michelle said...

I love posts about modesty and women staying at home and such.
Thanks! :)

Miss Jen said...

Oh, Mia...I would love any gardening tips!!
I'm hoping to be more of a gardener in the next few any help in this area would be most appreciated!! As always, it's a joy to visit you and I just love the photo in this post.....too cute!! ;)

Love Your Sister in Christ,
Miss Jen

I have awarded you, dear friend!! ;)
If you are interested go here...

Lexie said...

As an African American woman something that I would really love to hear from time to time are some of your hair care tips because you have a pretty good length of hair and I'm working on growing mine out so any help would be appreciated.

Civil Folks said...

We love it just the way it is, pure and simple,...just your heart. Hope to see you all soon.

Anonymous said...

I love visiting your blog Mia. There is such a freshness here that makes me smile. I love your variety and I really wouldn't encourage you to change anything. For me though, I guess, variety is the key work.

Anonymous said...

from the short time I've been visiting your blog I've enjoyed everything. it's a good balance the way you do it.

dukygurl said...

If I may, post a comment on this one I would love to hear more about biblical womanhood and women's roles. I was not raised with any of that and am trying to get back to it in my own life raising two daughters and being a helpmeet to my husband. (also hoping to be blessed with a 3rd child when God pleases) I am very interested in your lifestyle and your back to the earth sort of decisions. My husband and I hope to farm one day and supply our own food. It is a dream of simplicity and peace.