Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm not a "City Girl" anymore!

Earlier this week, our family accompanied my Dad on a two-day business trip to Atlanta. We thought it would be a fun mini-vacation... back to the city where my parents went to college and met, and where my sister & I spent most of our childhood before we all moved to the country.

Lights. Noise. Cars. Traffic.

Our hotel was in the heart of Atlanta, and although the area held fond memories (especially for my parents) we all soon realized how few places were "child friendly/family oriented"!
We went through the mall and let me tell you, I was surprised.
I used to love the mall-- the glitz, the people-watching, and shopping...but now that I'm "outside" of it, its so foreign and empty now!
LOL you should have seen the horrified glances as we strolled by the make-up counters...they didn't even 'attempt' to sell us anything~!!
The good news is that we stopped by a few secondhand stores and found a few treasures!

Basket $2
A full size wicker basket in "antique blue".
My mom picked up charming pieces of lace, linen and a patchwork pillowcase as well!

Lace shawl $2.50
My sister found this lovely shawl for me, and it's beautiful!
It's the perfect "stepping out" shawl--will easily dress up an everyday prairie dress :)
Chair $4
I couldn't pass this up--this small chair is in perfect condition!
I've seen worn ones at higher prices, but indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder :)

Waterbath canner $5
Although we already have a pressure canner, a waterbath canner is good to have on hand for sealing jams and jellies. Ah, I can't wait to start canning!

Porcelain Pie Server $3

It really pays to "just ask". This was originally $6 at an old atique shop, but I asked the cashier if he'd take $3, and he agreed! I'm thrilled--I'll be using this at my 18th birthday party!

It's Good to be HOME!

I quickly put on my prairie dress, laced up my leather boots,
watered my plants, and started baking bread.

"There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."

Jane Austen


Terry said...

Oh my goodnes what an amazing group of treasures you gathered .
I am so thrilled that you shared your journey ,it was an inspiration for these tired old eyes .I have been feeling a big case of spring fever coming on .For me that means an urge to go treasure hunting at thrift stores,etc... It seems that I can get as much satisfaction just from hearing about it and seeing someone elses blessings ,so thank you again for the treasure hunt.
Blessings and peace be yours
Miss Terry

Andrea said...

What sweet little treasures you found! I'm not really a country girl, but I wouldn't want to live in Atlanta. I was born there and lived there for a while as a child. It's a beautiful city, but just not my type of homey place. I'm so glad you had a nice family trip. Take care, and God bless.


Anonymous said...

You did find some nice treasures. I especially love the shawl. I have some blueberry pie waiting for me at home, and your post just reminded me of it :)
God Bless,

Alli said...

That water bath canner looks like ours. Although we use ours for canning preserves and jams. :) YUM! Can't wait to go strawberry picking this summer. I love my Mom's strawberry jam.

Miss Alli

Miss Marple said...

I don't like cities, either. There is nothing like the countryside! You baught many fine things on your trip =)

Madison said...

Hey Mia! =)
I've been to Atlanta, and I usually... hate it. =/ There is way too much traffic. Although, it can be fun.
Oh wow, all the treasures! You need to take me shopping with you one day... because I can never find things like you find!
Oh, and I love that quote by Jane Austen. =) That is so true!


Kendra Logan said...

Sounds like that was an interesting experience! I know the feeling of realizing that you've left your past behind. It's odd to realize you've moved on without even realizing it.


Emily said...

You found some lovely things! I especially love the shawl! It's gorgeous! I prefer the country too - there really is no place like home! Hope you are having a blessed day!

Vicki said...

I hear ya, sister! Good bye to all of the "city life" forever! I am with you and ready for more country myself!

I like all of your treasure's. Thanks for sharing and I also love the home improvement's that you all are doing...what fun! We can't wait to spend time with your family next week!

Anonymous said...

That Jane Austen quote is one of my favorites. I agree with it whole-heartedly. Getting away is good in that in renews our appreciation!

Evening Shade Morning Latte said...

That shawl is BEAUTIFUL!!! Ya'll got some great deals...I have 2 water bath canners but I didn't pay anywhere near $5...that was a bargain!!!

Glad you're all home safe and sound.

. said...

So many nice things. It was a good trip, then. But, truly, there's nothing like home.

Miss Jen said...

Awww.... Mia! ;)
I enjoyed this post!!
I can SO relate.... I am a country girl too! A friend of mine use to tell me when I was little.... "Oh, you will adore the city someday...." but I am 17 years of age and still not very attracted to it! hehe... :)
What beautiful finds....
Wow, that porcelain pie server is SO exquisite!! :) I know I have said this before but I'd like to say it again... What a blessing and JOY it is to know you.....a woman who is devoted to Christ, family and things from times past. In a world where not too many old fashioned girls... I feel very blessed to know you!

Love Your Sister in Christ,
Miss Jen

dukygurl said...

I have always been small town and I deeply appreciate the space from others. I like having friends but I really love a quiet country afternoon. It has its own romance separate from the glizt and noise of other larger places. I have been through several big cities but I don't want to stay for long.

:) God bless


Anonymous said...

I always feel the same way when ever I go into a big city, and I don't even live in the country!! Obviously a farm girl at heart! I love the shawl!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mia, One of my daughters' name is Mia. I am a mom of 6 children and am trying to create a life centered around church and the Lord. It's all kind of new to us, but reading and looking around your site is such an inspiration to me as a mother. i will be back a lot to get some guidance. The things that you bought on your trip were both beautiful and inexpensive. I am starting to look around for items like that. You found awesome stuff. I also love the pictures on here. They are great. Thanks for all you put into this. I hope you keep it up, it is so inspiring.

Ashley said...

I haven't visited your blog in a long time. It sounds like you are haveing a wonderful time in the country. I'm glad for you! Country life is the best!

And, your thrift finds are great!

Anonymous said...

What blessed finds for you and your faily...your birthday is soon??
You have such a blessed post, quite the inspiration to this "ol' homemaker"!
I too, use to love the big city, and once a year I would visit, kinda get my fix and be good for another year...not anymore! I would never want to go back even for a if the Lord put me there, that would be different! I am so thankful He has placed me here in the country ( I was a city-girl!) and resting in His care to keep me here, creating a haven for my family and friends.
Have a blessed day and again, thank you for sharing you thoughts and lovely pictures too :)

Abigail and Lydia said...

What beautiful treasures! I love them!

Anonymous said...

Lovely treasures you found!
I love reading your Blog Mia. Thank-you for letting me "peek" into your life!
I do not like the city either. We went to see my Mum, she lives in a town that is about 25,000 something. Our 3.5 yr. old wanted to go home the same night we arrived at my Mum's. We stayed there for two nights, and we are so happy to be Home again. Even a town of 25,000 is too big for us!
We live near a town that is only 3,000 something, that is big enough for us!
"Home is best, in the country of course!"
Have a lovely weekend Mia!
Many Blessings to you and your family!
In Christ's Love,
Rhonda near Two Harbors, Minnesota

Anonymous said...

Oh Mia,
I forgot to tell you.
When we got home from my Mum's Yesterday(Friday)
This morning, My Daughter's cat, who she named, "Big Fluffy kitty" had a baby kitten while we were gone. Just one, she had the kitten in a basket in our upstairs closet!
Have a Lovely weekend!
Rhonda, Near Two Harbors, Minnesota

Brittany said...

love your post and pictures. you're so lucky you're always able to find such neat things! i find well i dont usually find much. :) aw well.....

anyway, i wrote a new post, it's about Sarah if you are interested. :) have a good week.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love all the country treasures you found! It was also very nice to meet you. Twyla

Hannah said...

I understand what you mean about the city! I moved to the country from the suburbs of Atlanta about 8 years ago. I can't stand going back now! The country is so peaceful compared to that crazy city.

I LOVE your blog by the way, I can't remember if I've commented before. Your pictures are lovely and we live very similar lifestyles. And I love bloggers who love Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Mia, I've often felt as if I were born 100 years too late! Good for you!
You also found wonderful treasures!
So much joy in simple things...

Raye Ann said...

Those are some wonderful finds. I love shopping the secondhand stores. I got my favorite stock pot at a secondhand store. Have a wonderful birthday.

Blessings Always

Kristen said...

I've just found your blog today, but I plan to bookmark it :-) I can already tell that reading it is going to be very inspirational!

Sara said...

Your dress and shawl are lovely! I love going to Atlanta and other big cities, but only for short visits. It's always nice to be home!

Miss Hannah said...

Hello Mia!

Such great bargains! I love the chair, and basket best! I also like the pie server!
Miss Hannah

Lisa said...

I was born and raised in Atlanta, actually 5th generation Atlantan. Rich's downtown was where we shopped, got our hair done, etc.
We moved our family to the country 8 yrs. ago and haven't looked back. I love it here.
Though there is a large age difference between you and I, you sound just like me when I go back to the city. It is empty and foreign.
My oldest is your age and she feels the same way. You may know her from honeyandjam.
You are mature beyond your years and I know you are a blessing to your family.

Lisa Q

Mia said...

Thank you for all the thoughtful comments!!!
BeeContent Ranch,
Yes, my birthday is the last week of May! I can't wait :)

Allison said...

Oh, wow, Mia, you have no idea how exactly I know how you feel!! I live in Texas and the "big city" I usually get this feeling about is Arlington. (Maybe not a "big city" to some, but to small-town me, it is.) The energetic suburbs, the world-filled malls, the immodesty, the makeup. Not that "big cities" are evil exactly; just . . . well, I don't know how to express it. Anyway I exactly agree with you . . . once I'm home, on goes the skirt, on goes the apron, on go the boots . . . you get the picture.

Yours in Christ,