Sunday, March 15, 2009


I placed an early order for 25 strawberries a few months ago,
and after much anticipation, they finally came!! I couldn't wait to get 'em in the ground!

I decided to try 5 different varieties:
*SeaScape (everbearing)
*Chandler (junebearing)
*Albion (everbearing)
*Oso Grande (junebearing)
*Fort Laramie (everbearing)

Planting Bareroot Strawberries

Each bundle held 5 plants
I drew a 10 in. circle, then loosened the area

I made a mound in the center...

Dip the roots in water and place the plant on the mound
(I made sure the roots were "fanned out" before covering with soil)

Then I watered deeply around each crown~

I made homemade plant markers by cutting old blinds into 4-5 in. pieces.
Easy, and won't fade or wear out!

We helped my Dad to move the fencing (from around the house) to the field to place around the newly planted berries. The deer out here are vicious! :)

Two of the posts are tree limbs...old fashioned, eh?
3 days later...

One week later

It may be next year before we get an abundance, but I'm looking forward to having strawberries!

Sneak peek: I started my seedlings in the greenhouse last week, and I'm so excited! Here's a picture of 4 day old cucumbers :)


Lindsay said...

Mia, I absolutely love strawberries! That's really neat how you're growing some. And what a good idea for plant markers. :) You're so creative!


Anonymous said...

I planted new berries last year and we harvested quite a bit off of them. I started this year's seeds inside last week. I just love watching them grow each day. That has to be one of my favorite things.

Anonymous said...

I hate to discourage you, but, a fence of that height is unlikely to stop a determined deer. I would suggest an outside dog that can bark and chase the deer.

Miss Jen said...

What a gardener you are!!! :)
You have inspired me to get my hands more in the soil, this spring!! Hope you are doing well, dear friend and that you have a very pleasant week.

Love Your Sister
in Christ,
Miss Jen

Michele said...

What gorgeous seedlings and strawberry plants! Happy gardening!

Rachel and Jessica said...

Hello Mia! What lovely plants! You also inspire me as well to plant some things this spring! =:) I am going to be planting an indoor herb garden. Have you ever done fresh herbs before? I am looking for some advice on the subject. I am not sure when to start growing them. I wanted to buy whole plants, not seeds. When do they start putting that kind of stuff in the stores?



Kate said...

It depends on how big the deer are there. Where I live, the deer are quite large, but areas down south, the deer are much smaller.

I love seeing the green poking through the soil and winter's brown. I'm looking forward to gardening this year.

Yesterday, the tree trimmers for the electric company stopped in front of my house and did me a huge favor by cutting down a couple of large saplings that were in the way of my future Rosa Rugosa bushes! We still have snow in shaded areas, so it'll be a while before we can start heavy yard work. We have a LOT of it to do this year, but seeing your efforts on your blog really puts some gumption in me!

Anonymous said...

That riht thur is sum expert gaurdaing skillz!! Keep up thah guud werk¡¡¡


dukygurl said...

I think that is fabulous!! I may not get to garden this year but I am going to get some herb seeds and planters and have a little herb garden in my kitchen window. I pray God blesses your harvest all season long!


Mia said...

I apreciate the comments!
I'm glad you like the plant markers idea..I'm always searching for a 'handmade' alternative!
Dear Anonymous reader,
you're correct! A fence of that height isn't deer-proof, but atleast it will discourage them. We find deer tracks in our yard already, but luckily, they haven't bothered the strawberries!
We're planning on getting an outside dog for that reason. My brother loves the movie "old yeller" so hopefully we'll get a big, lovable, guard dog! :)
Miss Jen,
Thank you! I'm doing very well, and as we're here at the cottage more and more, our weeks are very full with projects! Yes, now's the time for gloves, dirt and seeds! :)
Miss Rachel,
I'm not familiar with starting herbs from seeds (this is all new for me as well!) but we do buy herb transplants for the garden. For us southeners, now is the time, but since you still have some cold air, I'm guessing April (good friday) may work best, but it all depends on your area :)
Ms. Kate,
I enjoy the newness of spring as well! I never thought about the deer being different sizes for different regions--thanks for the reminder!
Thank you so much! How encouraging :)

In Christ,

Kendra Logan said...

How cool! I've always wanted to have my own garden, but I never really have. (Unless the unsucessful eggplants from third grade count ;)) Maybe this year will be my year! Thanks for the fun post!


American Home said...

Your post is giving me a great desire to go out and get my hands really dirty. I think I will plant flowers tomorrow.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Emily said...

Strawberries are so delicious! I love that you chose different varieties - I am sure they are all going to be delicious! :) Have a beautiful day!

blessedmomof3 said...

You have a very lovey site, and it was a joy to visit. I have never grown strawberries before, but when I was in my very late teens, my parents and I moved into a house were some strawberry plants were already growing. I loved picking them when they were ripe.


Sloan said...

We never were good with strawberries. We tried and it produced one REALLY delicous strawberry but that was all it had for us! Your plants look like they are doing fantastic! :)


Sloan <><

Kansas Milkmaid said...

I can't garden right now. It is a joy to live vicariously through you. Can't wait to hear of the fruits of your labors. God bless you, Mia.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mia, some of my fondest memories are of going out into the fields when I was a little girl and picking wild strawberries....

May I send you a painting I did of strawberries? I can send a small file to your email address if you email me with it. I'd love to.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mia,
Garden is looking great. Getting an outside dog would be a good idea (haha but then I guess you have to worry about the dog ruining the garden). I've got 3 dogs which I know will deter rabbits and squirrels, haha but then I got to worry about my dogs. Someone my mom knows sugggested planting a certain flower (sorry forgot the name) which gives off a sent that dogs don't like. If I ever remember it I'll let you know.

God Bless,

Carole@Fowl Visions said...

We are in the process of fencing in our garden the same way you have done. I live in FL and our deer are small and can probably still jump a 5' chain link but we do have an outside dog to bark at them and she does the trick. I planted cucumbers the other day and so far so good. Now if we would just get some rain!

Your place is looking wonderful, as well as the garden.

Rachel and Jessica said...

Thank you for your help Mia! I will look forward to planting my herbs this spring! =:)