Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A question on: Schooling

"Mia, you are amazing! I have a little question...do you do any "bookwork" school right now? I simply wonder how you can get so much done in a day!!!? Thanks for the inspiration~" *Jenna

Dear Jenna,
Thank you so much for your question! I know I had given an answer in the "comment" section, but after thinking on this subject, and discussing it with my Mom, I thought I'd talk more on the subject!
No, we're not doing any structural bookwork right now. When we first started Homeschooling (9 years ago), we used a Charlotte Mason approach for the first few years, reading literature, biographies, and books on history and exploring our own interests. My Mother has really seen the benefits of Lifestyle learning/Relaxed homeschooling/Un-schooling, and that basically describes what we do.

I try to learn as much as I can to prepare to be a wife and mother one day. Here's what I do for different subjects:
Literature & Language Arts : Holy Bible and Christian books written before 1950.
History: Church Doctrine, Early Church History, Fox's Book of Martyrs, 19th century living.
Math: Practical Algebra, Percentages, understanding Mortgages, and having a thorough knowledge of credit and debit cards. I apply Math skills when grocery shopping, baking, cooking, and sewing.
Science & Chemistry: Soap making, Cooking, Gardening.
Health & Fitness: Exploring nature, riding bikes through the neighborhood, researching sicknesses and remedies, studying child-birth, creating healthy menu's, researching about harmful chemicals and preservatives in food.
Creative Arts: Photography! Singing, Re-enacting/Living History {Thanks Mr. Frank! :) ,Guitar, and Piano. I'm deeply moved by music, so I enjoy learning new songs, researching composers, and going to stage plays/performances if we can!

Family is a huge part though. Learning from my parents who have been in the world, and who are more than happy to share advice and life lessons, has been invaluable to my learning!
We understand that everyone's situation is different, but I feel so privileged to share in what our family has chosen to do!


the reynolds said...

Mia, Your desription of schooling is a reassurance to me. As the Mom to 4 daughters, I and they, are frequently exposed to the "what are you going to do after you are done with school?" Assuming college is in the future. My goals are the same as yours, but I do worry they aren't getting "enough". Then when we try to do "enough" (whatever that is) I look at all the useless tedium and say, "Yuck!" We have finally settled on our style of schooling - reality schooling. What is necessary for a life pleasing to God, and in ministry to others. Thank you for the inspiration today!

Kendra Logan said...

How neat! It sounds like a very interesting and practical approach to learning.

~ Judy ~ said...


You are truly a remarkable young lady.

I am certain that your parents' hearts burst with joy and pride, and that they praise the Lord for blessing them with a daughter so full of grace, beauty, innocence and LOVE OF LIFE.

May you always be as richly blessed as your writings make others!

In Christ,
~ A Mom of Ten ~


Kate said...

It is discouraging that in public schools today girls are taught just about everything except how to be happy, successful wives and mothers. They aren't even taught how to face reality and enjoy life! Everything is so artificial, man-made and institutionalized. I'm so glad I'm going to be homeschooling my young-uns.

Lora K. said...

We school in much the same way. I was forced into it when Lindsay was small, due to life circumstances. For the longest time I was worried that Lindsay, who's now 24, wouldn't be getting "enough". I prayed that the Lord would help me, and He showed me through the fruit of my labor that she was getting enough. I learned that if I teach my children how to learn, and to love learning, then they will have the ability to learn anything they want.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Jenna said...

Thank you Mia for answering my question:)
God has me in differant place right now, so I am doing more textbook work, but my biggest goal is to be completely prepared to be a wife and mother (Lord willing) and to know how to do everything that I'll need for that job - God's highest calling for a young lady!! Thank you for taking the time to answer!


p.s. My Mom wonders if she could email yours?

Laura @ Goose Hill Farm said...

What an encouragement you and your family are, Mia. I am inspired by your schooling and have plans now to change my sons curriculum around to be more "living" based.

I so love reading your blog....I am NEVER disappointed! :> )


Lexie said...

As a future homeschooling mother who went to public school I think homeschooling my future kids is what the lord has put on my heart and seeing successful well rounded homeschoolers such as yourself makes me feel more secure in the decision I will make when I hopefully have a family of my own someday. Sorry I haven't been by your blog lately I've been swamped here at home.

Susannah said...

Sounds like us...we call it "Real Life School" :) Daddy and Mommy's goals for us girls is that we can run the household by the age of 16. So far, we can :) They also have us take over cooking supper at the age of 13-ish. I am very grateful to them for teaching me things that will apply to real life, and not 6 hours a day of bookwork that I will most likely forget when/after I graduate :)


Your blog is truely "Aspiring"! :)

Anonymous said...

Mia, I have so enjoyed your blog. Thank you for all you do to make it a special inspiring place to visit. I also want to thank you for sharing how you are schooled. It sounds wonderful and i am thankful for your example.tammyp

Miss Jen said...

What a beautiful response!
So refreshing indeed!! :)
It sounds quite similar to my
schooling too! ;)

With Much Love
Your Sister in Christ,

I am planning on popping your letter in the mail tomorrow!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely curriculum.

I commented on one of your earlier posts on just how stifled I feel being expected to think in one direction only, here in what is termed the 'real world' of careers. I truly wish I could explore all of my interests and acquire a real education, not that mostly pointless blue-john I 'learnt' in public school and is expected of me in the work place.

Today, at 24 years of age, I'm praying, asking the Lord for vision and ways of creating an income from home and bring to an end this life of a career woman.

Yes, I love my work and the opportunities I have received. But, where else can one learn to so consistently pursue a well rounded education, at one's own pace, but from and at home?

And to any young women being taught at home who may be secretly feeling as if they are missing out on pleasures and joys untold by being nurtured at home throughout their adult years, well, corporate careers *SOMETIMES* reduce more than enrich you. I certainly think it better to mop a floor at home, be your family's book or bee-keeper, learn to powerfully defend your convictions and effectively adorn the gospel with your parents and siblings (if you have)by being an authentic testimony for the Lord Christ than: to be harassed by some boss, be subject to the highly manipulative schemes of some colleagues, to sometimes have to turn a blind eye to complete unrighteousness, have to continuously fend off predatory men- some married- who believe that a woman at work is fair game in all the wrong ways etc.

I am aware that not every motive for having a Home-grown life is pure or right in everyone. Some are indeed selfish and/or fear-based, yes.

But, think twice, then again before you decide that your life will somehow be more *sparkly* and fulfilled 'somewhere out there'. All that sparkly stuff is dross.

Thank you for this post Miss Mia. And all those homeschooling mom's out there, please do keep up your work. Women like myself aspire to emulate you one day.

Living witness, from the other side of the World.

Anonymous said...

I cannot remember how I found your site but I immediately added it to my favorites list. I homeschooled my 4 children. They did attend public school some and when they did I never really trusted what was going on.
My youngest daughter just completed home school "high school". I taught her much like you are being educated. She is such a delight and will make a wonderful wife and and mother someday.
You seem so mature well beyond what most girls your age are. I have learned new things by reading your posts and I am 50 years "young".
May God continually bless you and keep you.

dukygurl said...

Ny is a very strict homeschool state I wish I had more freedom to teach what I want. :)

The Jersey Homesteader said...


I was so pleased to hear about the way your Mother schooled you. I love the Charlotte Mason method. For Science we use Anna Botsford Comstock Nature Study. It was written in the early 1900's. Whats great about this book it allows us to study subjects that are in our environment. This is really the only thing I use for Science. My daughter seems to strive on this type of learning. The other types of learning styles are called the Natural Learning method which Sonlight uses. Again whole books are used so you are reading Literature in all your subjects. These types of teaching allows time to teach my daughter sewing and cooking skills as well.
Thanks for the post.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Your spirit is beautiful and your parent's approach to homeschooling is inspiring. I am very eclectic in homeschooling my children and I take a similar approach. I do very little book work and try to focus on "real" life.

~ Judy ~ said...


I noticed one of your readers desiring an opportunity to leave the outside workforce and work from her home.

I'd like to offer our web site:
Where she can read about just such an opportunity!

Paulina said...

You are so lucky to have the privelage of being homeschooled. I hope that one day I can give my (future)children that gift.

jwcreath@gmail.com said...

Good answer!

EnglishRuth said...

Dear Mia

Thank you for such an inspiring blog post. i am 26 and trying to learn the same things. I wish I was homeschooled.

I wanted to ask you if you have used the Edwardian waliking skirt pattern from sensability.com and if it is easy to use? I live in England and can purchase the pattern over here. I am a novice at sewing.

Also could recommend any books about finding out about the poisons in food and about natural eating.

Also do you use herbs in healing? If you do, could you recommend any good books?

Thanks so much in advanced for your help and I love your blog. Keep up the good work.

God bless

Ruth Parkinson

Michele said...

An excellent plan for education! Your parents' wisdom is apparent through their child's character. Bless you!

Endy said...

Complimenti molto bello il tuo blog!
Very nice this blog!

Anonymous said...

Wow Mia! That was such a good answer. I think that is how all children should be taught. There is no better way to be taught than by nature and God itself. That is the way they did it in the old days and look how smart they were.
As a personal note, I love your blog and think you are very neat girl. Your blog is such an ispiration to me. I love to read it.
I Just started a blog yesterday. I was so excited. I have talked about it for months, and now it is a reality! lol
God Bless You!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Thanks for this inspiring post. It's so nice to know that homeschooling can be such a joy!

Sarah Jane said...

Mia, this is a wonderful post and so beautifully written. I was homeschooled my whole life with a combination of curriculem/"real life" learning/unschooling and am thinking hard about what to do with my children (ages 2,1 and 4 mos) when they reach school age. I know for sure the Lord has laid on my heart the desire to homeschool but it is hard to know which "way" is the best! It has been so encouraging to read about your schooling epxerience.

She Walks In Beauty said...

Hi Mia,
I really applaud you endeavor to educate yourself towards becoming a mother and wife. They certainly are wonderful aspirations. Mia, your post made me consider an event in our family that profoundly effected, amongst many things, our families roles, and the concept of work and education.

About three years ago a driver from a different country pulled out onto the wrong side of the road. My husband was coming home from work at the time, and as he rounded the corner on his motorbike he had a head-on collision. Our life changed in an instant. Overnight I became father and mother to my small children, banker and mortgage aficionado, liaising with insurance assessors and lawyers. I had to learn how to maintain our vehicles and the fine art of jump starting (when I left the lights on!). We came within a whisker of me having to return to work to support my family financially during my husbands recovery. Personally I love being a mother and wife, and would prefer not go back into the 'workforce'. But our experience has taught me that life circumstances can change when you least expect them too. Mia, my hope for you is that your education is broad enough to encompass whatever life has in store. Here's hoping it will all be good.

Kind regards

She Walks In Beauty said...

PS: Mia, I meant to say that I think home schooling is such a wonderful means to educate children. What wise parents you must have. If only I could convince my daughter. I think it's all in the sales pitch prior to little ones coming of school age. :)

Mia said...

Oh my, thank you for all the lovely responses! Your comments have really encouraged my family--thank you!!

Ms. English Ruth,
No, I haven't used the walking skirt pattern, but the skirt I'm working on right now is similar to it. I'll post about it soon! I'd recommend purchasing patterns from www.ebay.com or www.etsy.com (search under all items, not just handmade) I've found wonderful patterns from those sites!
A book I'd recommend for health/natural eating is: "Foods that Heal" by George D. Pamplona-Roger. I did research online for further info on perservatives etc. in food.
Yes, we try to use herbs for healing. My favorite book is "Traditional Home Remedies" by Martha White. Excellent book!
I'm sorry this response is so late in coming! *Mia