Saturday, September 26, 2009

A lovely day trip...

Today our family took a day trip!
We planned to meet a few re-enactors (to participate with in upcoming events) at a Living history museum, attend local festivities and of course tour the historic small towns!
19th Century Village

The Courthouse

Our guide for the beginning of the tour...We went through a shoemakers shop and wood-working shop as well.

Inside an 1840's bedroom..I love the simple interior

In the sewing room, a woman and her daughter were demonstrating the weaving process and even the finish product! Afterward, we also toured servants quarters, the Cotton mill and the bale press.

A true cotton blossom

Our next tour guide was very informative! She showed us a few homes, the General store, a handmade pottery kiln and school-house.

Flowers in the kitchen garden...

Lovely walls

Autumn hydrangeas

I was able to meet and chat with the other re-enactors, and enjoyed touring the town with my family. It's a much better experience to be in 19th century attire. I must say, the corset & multiple petticoats definitely made me "feel the part" as the weather inched above 95 degrees. Although cotton "breathes" (heh..that's debatable) its quite hot and bothersome when you're wearing three layers of it!

Autumn reflections...

A few leaves had fallen into the antique wash buckets outside

Small town Fair

Throughout GA, many small towns are centered around the local railroad station. The first "rails" were built in Georgia in the 1830's. Through successes and trials, more tracks were constructed and continued into the strong, 5000 mile network we know today! (Just a little history!)

Many people from the town gathered for the festivities, as there was music, craft and food vendors, and of course, nearby shoppes! I wore my 19th century dress though, because I didn't like the fact of feeling like I had to change (which includes)
1. Grab a "change of clothes"{a.k.a super wrinkled top and skirt}
2. Run across the lot to a restroom
3. Remove about 30 lbs (lol exaggeration!) of 19th century attire
4. Run back across the parking lot to put clothes into car
5. Try to catch up with my family as I run across the street with wrinkled clothes and flyaway hair
Why. Simply because of caring what others think!?
So as I'm sure you, dear reader, see my reasoning..I decided to keep on my dress and leisurely enjoy the small town. I received interesting reactions, to put it simply!
I want to encourage you to develop convictions & wear what you love, even if it goes against what other's consider "normal". This used to be a stronghold for me, as it's easier to go with the grain than against it. Oh, I have so much I'd like to share on this subject, but I'll leave it for another time :)

Mother browsing through the antiques...

We had a full day, and it's nice to reflect on todays adventures

from the comforts of...Home.

'Ponder the path of your feet,

And let all your ways be established.' Proverbs 4:26


Lindsay said...

How neat, Mia!! Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful pictures. :)

~ Love,

Jenna said...

Great pictures of the tour! I appreciate your encouragement to "wear what you love"...I wear mostly skirts and that is sometimes hard - I wore them at fair and people started asking me if I was Amish, pentecostal, moron, etc. Well, nope I'm not!!

Anyways, I'll keep wearing them because that's what I love...oh, and the feminine feeling that I get instead of the independant feeling of pants. KWIM? lol!

Looking forward to the rest of your thoughts on the subject:)


Stephanie Ann said...

I love wearing my period stuff (even to not period events.) Most times I don’t have much of a choice, like you. Sometimes it’s just for fun. Why shouldn’t you wear beautiful clothing? There is something to be said about wearing clothing that you love, maybe a future post? :D

Anonymous said...

The cotton blossom looks absolutely beautiful! It is kind of weird, but I've always wanted to see one myself lol. You are a very strong young lady to be able to stand the heat in many layers of clothing! Here in Florida I cover up for modesty's sake, but walking around campus in extreme humidity with more than 2 layers of clothing on is enough to give you heat stroke! Lol

Hope all is well,


Caroline said...

Beautiful post, as always! I gave you an award.

Anonymous said...

Great post and amazing pictures! We went to a renactment like this that was set in a different time period, I loved it! Looks like you had alot of fun! I really, really like your pictures too!

Emily said...

What a wonderful trip! I love how simply decorated the room were - Very inspiring! I would love to decorate like that~ I love your outfit too - and I know what you mean about wearing several layers! lol I have begun wearing petticoats under my dresses and skirts and on hot days the cotton does not breathe! lol But it's worth it!!!

Have a glorious Sabbath! :)

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

What a fun day! I really enjoyed the pictures (as always:)!

Thanks again for another beautiful post...


Miss Jen said...

what a lovely post!
Thank you for taking us along on
your amazing day trip!

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

Kate said...

The courthouse looks a lot like Johnson Hall up here in New York State.
95 degrees!!?? It barely made it into the 60's today. :) As a re-enactor, I prefer linen in the hotter weather over cotton.
Today, I wore a vintage 1950's skirt, a white blouse (with vintage 40's camisole underneathe) and a 40's style jacket to church today. I always feel a little out of place, but I always get so many compliments when I wear my vintage clothing! I go to a church that was built in the early 19th century. Sometimes before church starts I look around and try to picture the pew full of women in empire waist dresses or with leg o' mutton sleeves or big hoop skirts or bustles. said...

Lovely post! We so enjoyed your family's visit tonight! Can you tell? We didn't want y'all to leave!!! So glad you were able to get the reenactment clothing from Jana. We will look forward to future pics!
We were so blessed by the singing. Thanks for being you & the wonderful example that you & your sister are to so many.
Your Friends,

The Creaths

AJ from Texas said...

Hi Mia ~ Nice pictures! Looks like you and your family had a good time. As Jenna said, I too look forward to seeing your thoughts on the subject of "wearing what you want". I like to wear long, ankle length skirts. I never know how to respond to certain comments. Thanks for being such a good inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Please share where these places are so that we may visit, or at leat put the name and the city, state so that we may google. They are so wonderful in these pictures but I would love to visit too.
Thanks you are such a blessing and a true role model for all women!

Dawn said...

What a lovely day you had with your family.
What great pictures too! =) I'd be right at home in that re-enactment, that's for sure.

I am glad you had such a blessed weekend full of wonderful memories!

~ Dawn in TX ~

jannza said...

Your posts are always so lovely and I make it a point to set aside some quiet time to enjoy them. The photographs are beautiful and your insight is keen. I truly love the Bible verses with pictures. Thanks for the inspiration....again!

Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing your trip! My family just took a few day trips as well, so much fun! :D I love all the old buildings and interiors! Old things are my favorite!

I love your conviction to not change your attire to please others. That's wonderful! I know how you must have felt in the heat and in your period outfit, as I have done the same when I was doing a bit of reenacting...even went into a grocery store that way! Boy, was that embarrassing! I wasn't wearing dresses and things at the time, so I had quite a different opinion about it than I would now. :) I was very encouraged to read your feelings about it. :)

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Nancy said...

We went to a friend's farm day Sat. and he had his great-great grandmother's loom set up and it looked very much like the one in the picture. Thankyou for the post!

Paulina said...

What beautiful pictures!

I admire the fact that you wear what you believe is right even if no one else shares your same convictions. I'm trying to do the same, but I'll admit it's hard when I walk through the halls of my local community college in an ankle length skirt. It feels like all eyes are on me! During this time, I always ask the Lord to strengthen me and not let me loosen up my standards for the purpose of going unnoticed.

You are an inspiration!