Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Crisp, Fall day for an Old Fashioned Picnic

The picnic was a small gathering of families whom we knew, and it was a delightful day--we had so much fun! Here are a few snapshots:
Table setting

A young lady dressed for the occasion

We had simple decor--everyday things from the cottage. One family brought a CD player & so Mozart was played as delightful background music the entire time :)

I don't have an upclose picture, but this blouse is an Original shirtwaist from the late 1890's! I bought it off Ebay for a bargain price, and *love* the authentic look! It's interesting--The cotton material seems to have a firm/tighter weave and has a unique feel compared to modern cotton blouses. I'll be washing it by hand only.


The ground was dry (it had rained the night before) so we decided to spread out the blankets/quilts and picnic the old fashioned way! After the prayer, we ate together and had really good fellowship...At one point my dad asked us, "what event or invention can you share about that happened in the 1800's?" This sparked fun conversation :)

Beautiful Bonnet

(Her grandmother made it for her)

Another Badminton game :)

These two went exploring for Mica rocks

My Mother and I

Nearby Woodlands

My sister knitting--Her hands are always busy!


The weather stayed at around 70 degrees & was partially cloudy--perfect for today! I didn't capture everything we did at the picnic, as we also had other fun games and even bubbles for the younger ones {ok, I'll admit I loved the bubbles too! } There was a wedding at the stone pavilion, and a few curious guests seem to enjoy the picnic scene/music/us running around in hats swinging badminton rackets lol. They even tried to discreetly take pictures from their cars!


After we packed up everything to make the journey home, my Mother commented saying, "What made this unique is that its something we've always wanted to do, and done in a way we always pictured an old fashioned picnic to be like (compared to old-fashioned=grilling out, BBQ potluck etc.)" And for me, I really appreciated that everyone took the extra step to dress in attire that reflected the theme!!


Last Thursday


About a week ago, our family was out shopping, and stopped in an antique mall. We really enjoyed ourselves, and before we left, we were approached by an older gentleman. He said he was encouraged by our family because we were all modestly dressed and could tell we were Christians! He talked with my dad for a while, then invited us to his home & exchanged contact info before we all parted. So on Thursday, we visited their homestead! They live way out in the country, and it was so beautiful!
Their sons are in the Dairy business, so there were dozens of cows, one of which gave birth right before we came! They showed us the garden and orchard, and offered collard/lettuce plants for us to take home!


Butter crunch & Red leaf Lettuce

They've been homesteading there for over 30 years and own many acres of land, so it was simply inspiring to ask questions on self sufficiency and fellowship with the family!

A Trip to Town

On Friday, my dad had the day off, so we all got ready to plant the lettuce & collards. Well, to make room, we'd have to dig up a few sweet potatoes...and we didn't have a pitchfork! So we spontaneously jumped in the car, even took the dog with us, and drove to "town" to visit the local hardware stores. We drove into the super small town 20 mins away, compared prices, then purchased the tool needed. Dad took long, scenic roads back to the cottage! What made it fun is how focused/purposeful the trip to town was-- we drove all that way for one tool!

Here's one of the potatoes we uprooted...Most of the potato plants we'll leave alone until mid-November.

These are ready to be planted!

Dew drops


"Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one: and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour" 1 Corinthians 3:8


Marcia said...

What wonderful photos of the picnic. I'm sure everyone had a wonderful time. I'd loved to have seen everyone dressed for the occasion. I finally started a blog myself, and have you listed on my blogroll because I'm sure others will enjoy it as much as I do.

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad that the picnic was such a success, Mia! I bet everyone had a wonderful time. :) What a fun week you all had! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. :)

~ Blessings,

Kate said...

I was at a Battle of Culloden (Scotland, 1740's) event that was held on a hill top next to a cemetary. We were informed that a funeral was going to take place at a certain time and we were not allowed to fire any weapons or be a disruption in other ways. We did our best to be low-key and discreet, but it was a clear view from the burial site to the re-enactment. I had to walk by at one point and looked up briefly to see that many of the mourners were watching the re-enactors rather than the funeral. They weren't upset, but seemed rather pleased to catch as glimpse into the past as they put a family member to rest.

As for the CD of Mozart music playing at your picnic, life should have a soundtrack. :) When I visited Scotland, there were remote places I hiked to that just BEGGED for a bagpiper to be playing. In some cases, there really was a fellow piping away. It was also neat to wander the nighttime streets of Edinburgh and hear hearty, merry celtic music coming from a warm, cheerful pub.

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

How beautiful Mia!
I prayed that everything would go wonderfuly for you all!! Everyone looked so pretty!:)
Our family had planned on being there but father's parents decided to come down and see the baby. They don't get to come often because of the distance between our houses.

I love you!
~Much love & Many Blessings~
McKenzie Elizabeth

Tracy said...

Hi Mia - I am new to your lovely blog. I enjoyed seeing all of the pretty picnic pictures. Looks like an enjoyable day was had by all. Thanks for sharing!

Caroline said...

It looks like your picnic was beautiful! I love your outfit and your sister's skirt is lovely!

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

It looks like the picnic was so mkuch fun! Thank-you for sharing all the photo's. :)
Your garden looks like it's thriving! Great job!
Ours didn't do so well this year... :(
God Bless,


Amber said...

Wow! What a lovely picnic you had!

Hosanna said...

Mia - this looks like it was SUCH a lovely and fun event!
When I was in home school, once a year we held a "Patriot Ball" or a "Colonial Dance". Everyone came dressed in colonial fashions or War Between the States era fashions. We hired a live band that played old-time tunes and a "caller" that taught the contra dances of the time. Such fun! We loved it so much, a few of us formed a group and learned the more difficult dances of the era and performed at a local historic town's Independence Day festivities, as well as at local nursing homes to entertain the folk there.
IT has been many years since I did that, but I remember what fun it was to research making ball gowns and other clothing. We still have the gowns, but they are packed away.
One thing I am getting excited about it sidesaddle horseback riding! I want to get a sidesaddle for my horses and make a riding habit. *sigh*
By the way, I love browsing through the photos in your sidebar. Wonderful!

Julian said...

how neat! Wish i could of been there!
Miss hearing from you, but understand the home business,
blessings, christina

Mia said...

Thank you for your comments this morning, ladies! Indeed, we had a great time, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures!

Ms. Marcia,
Your blog is delightful! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll :)
You're welcome! It was indeed a blessing, hopefully we'll do something similar again!
Dear Kate,
I can relate! When we're dressed up in 1860s attire, we get a response like that as well! I agree, life should have a soundtrack! I'm actually really glad we had the background music, as it added wonderful atmosphere--especially since it's a public place, it was unexpected :)
Thanks McKenzie!
I've been thinking about y'all--your family are in my prayers! I'll be talking to you soon!
Dear Tracy,
Thank you for stopping by! You're welcome, I'm glad you liked the pictures!
Dear Caroline,
Thank you! I'm really enjoying the edwardian era :)lol
Dear Kelsey,
Thank you! I'm glad you liked the photos! Actually, our garden isn't doing too great either--we're still working on enriching the soil with compost etc. But we're excited about the new plants, and hopefully we'll get a good harvest of sweet potatoes!
Thank you Ms. Amber!!
Dear Hosanna,
How nice! A local homeschool group nearby has a prairie party/dance where everyone dresses in frontier style clothing--we didn't go last year, but dressing up with everyone seems like alot of fun! Thanks for sharing about your group, I'm sure you were such an encouragement at the festival& nursing home!
I love riding habits as well! I actually have a hat, that would be perfect in an 1800s riding outfit :) I'm so glad you like the sidebar pictures..I have fun searching and updating with new ones! Thanks for commenting!!


Shelley said...

This post was wonderful...I would have loved to take part in your picnic...when we get together as a family for a picnic I always try and make it as vintage as possible with table cloths ,quilts,dishes and games for the kiddos...of course bubbles are a favorite and yes,I love blowing them for my grands....who chase them about popping them....its always a grand family time for us.....have a blessed week dear Mia. I loved seeing the picture of your mama and you......

Mia said...

Dear Ms. Christina,
I'll be contacting you soon!
Your friend,

Mia said...

Dear Ms. Shelly,
Thank you :) Ah yes, I agree! How delightful; I'm pleased you liked the photo of my Mother&I :)


Erika said...

Aw, how lovely!!!! What a wonderful idea! You and your family are very beautiful. I wish SO much that I had family/friends who were interested in throwing an old-fashioned picnic. It looks like such a grand time!

Thandi said...

I used to watch TV and wish I could go back to that era-so I could dress like that.Then realised I'd have been a slave. Isn't God wonderful for having allowed His children to be released from bondage. And now we can picnic together...What a blessing.Beautiful clothing.So ME!!

AJ from Texas said...

Hi Mia ~ I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time and with beautiful weather...and the clothes! :) Yes, the picture of you and your mother is quite cute. (awww) That was so nice of that man to complement your family and have you all over. Best of luck on your garden. Blessings!

Manuela said...

Hello Mia!
I just want to tell you that I LOVE your blog! It's amazing!

I left you an Award in my blog!


Christa said...

It's always such a joy to visit your blog. I love the pictures of the picnic.


Clara Van Nattan said...

It looks like a lovely time, I really wish we weren't so far away! My children love dressing up 'old-fashioned' and would have so enjoyed it... I think all kids love picnics (maybe I'm still a child at heart too, because I LOVE picnics!). Thank you for the comment you wrote on my blog a couple weeks ago - I've posted a few times since with more 1800s pictures I think you will enjoy if you get a chance to come over and look :)

Miss Jen said...

It looks like you had a delightful
picnic~ Mia and what a lovely garden!

Blessings~ Miss Jen

Paulina said...

How fun! I'm so glad to hear that your picnic was a success :)

I really like the skirt you're wearing in the picture with your mother. Where did you get it?

How nice that someone was inspired by your family's outward testimony!

Mia said...

Dear Paulina,
Thank you! I actually hand-sewed this skirt a few months ago! It took awhile, but I really like it :)
Yes, it was very encouraging!

Ginny said...

I finally got on your blog today.
I am sorry I hadn't before because I was waiting for this. It was certainly worth waiting for. What a delightful family you have. I would love to have this type of relationship with my grandkids.
I just loved the picture of you and your mother. how lovely.
I think of Phil 4:8 when I think of all of this.

thanks for sharing.

Tom Michigander said...

Mia, I only wish that I could be planting collards now! Here in Michigan gardening is over except for a few lingering plants that excaped the frosts.
I see that your ground is sandy! I thought that Georgia was famous for red clay? Will your lettuce and collards grow before frost? Do you get a killing frost there? Just curious. Great site and you have a great eye for photos.

Mia said...

Mr. Tom,
Thanks for stopping by!
When we were living near Atlanta all we had was pure clay! Our Tomatoes did really well, though.
You're right, we do have sandy soil! We're trying to enrich it using manure/compost, so hopefully next year will be better!
I think they'll grow through the frost--yes, we do get a cold snap that comes out of no-where though! We usually prepare for that by covering the plants :)
Thank you!

sarah in the woods said...

How nice that your picnic turned out so well. Lovely pictures. I'd like to see posts about homeschooling - your past experience and your brothers' now.

Aunt B said...


Thank you for the pictures of the beautiful garden, it is such an encouragement to see how other people do their gardens. We can get many good ideas.

I have decided to get something to cover my garden during the cold spell and just see how long I can keep my garden growing.

If you have any ideas on a winter garden please share them with us.

I have a cold frame. I thought that it would keep me greens through the winter but it worked out that I had lovely plants for spring.

Thank you for sharing

Love you,
Aunt B

jannza said...

Dear Mia,

How lovely your posts always are! I read them and consistently wish I were at your family outings. Everything is so beautiful. The clothing choices are becoming and much more than the common clothing of today.

I loved the picture of you and your mother most. It is good to see such a sweet bond between mother and daughter.

Thank you for the dear writings. And I was so happy to see your family blessed in the spur-of-the-moment meeting with the homesteading family. : )

Elizabeth said...

I just found your lovely bog from Jordan and Melissa Niednagel's blog.

I like your sister's skirt (in the picture of her knitting) Where did she find it, or did she sew it herself?

I like all the antique pictures on the right sidebar too. :-)

glendale parks and recreation said...

Mia, indeed a very unique picnic. The 1800 represents a distinct character. I'm glad that you we're able to relieve that time through the clothes and your traditional picnic.

Our family usually goes to parks to play games and have lunch. Wish we could also do something as unique as what you did.

Thanks for sharing!

*Katia* said...

how beautiful!!! it seemed to be very fun and your outfit was so cute!!