Sunday, November 8, 2009

Q&A and a review of my day...

" you (or your sister and mother) wear crocheted ponchos or sweaters throughout the day?" *A.J.

Yes, I've bought a few crocheted sweaters/shawls, but my sister wears her handmade sweater she finished last year. She's currently working on another project now that her blanket is finished! I've crocheted scarves, but I'm not diligent like she is! Wearing shawls is a must during the winter months! :)

"Just found your blog...and Love it! Does your family watch tv? What's a typical evening for you?" Anonymous

Our family has chosen not to watch television, but we do watch movies together! We specifically review & choose our movies through Netflix and it's a delight to have them sent directly to our cottage! We used to go to the video store to rent dvd's, but as you know dear reader, the advertisements and selection are not family friendly! So they unofficially succeeded in scaring us away! Plus, we love BBC period drama's, vintage classics, and christian films which are most often in stock via Netflix.

A typical evening for us is usually spent in fellowship! When my father comes home, he works outside for a while, then we eat dinner together in the parlour. A variety of subjects are brought up, then we usually discuss for quite a while! Also, if a dvd happened to arrive that day, most often we'll bring in dessert, then watch the movie together. PS) We do stay up (moderately) late! :)

" question is how to stay warm and wear skirts/dresses i live in a very WINDY cold place I wear 2/3 layers of thermals and jeans over the top and still can be cold any ideas?" *Anonymous

Great question! Here's what helped me when I wore skirts during our *cold* trip to St.Louis, MO during the winter:

*A good pair of COTTON tights....those thin nylon/poly whatevers don't do a thing! The only problem is that cotton doesn't have alot of "stretch" so you often have to purchase larger sizes...but the warmth is great!

*A warm pair of flannel-like capri's...sweatpants are fine, but in public I wouldn't risk the chance of someone spying the pant leg! lol So I like capri's to wear under calf/ankle length skirts.

*Heavy Skirt--Corduroy, Wool or Denim are great types of heavy material. Even though I love cotton skirts, they just aren't heavy/warm enough (for me) during the months of January and February!

*100% Wool-Blend socks--They're expensive so I bought ours in bulk for a discount price from Ebay. They feel 10x warmer than traditional socks...Oh, make sure they're Men's socks..they're better!

*Get rid of the jeans--Jeans are much colder than skirts! I won't go into detail, but believe it or not, skirts keep in/circulate warmth, while jeans actually leave you exposed to the cold! I found that for my own experience, there wasn't any need for jeans under my skirt- however your preference may differ of course! :)

*Try petticoats (cotton slips) It's what women have done for years and it works great!

*A good pair of boots..(I found mine secondhand for $5) I put away my flats and wear nice boots instead! They're warm and I like the old-fashioned look.


" looks like you have the same texture hair is me. Do you do anything for frizziness? Or to calm to curl so they will lay flatter? Just wondering!" *Shani


Yes, I once heard someone say "Treat your hair like fine lace!" and so that often comes to mind when I style my hair--although it doesn't have to be taken literally, I try to take my time to preserve length (I decided to grow out my more hair cuts!). It's hard to tame frizziness because often it's determined by weather (from the windy city of Chicago, to the humidity of the South) But here's what I try to incorporate regularly:

*Deep Condition often. This strengthens the hair & 'calms the curl' for me. Normally I use natural or homemade products.

*Use heavy conditioner instead of gel/mousse--I'm sure this won't work for everyone, but this "weighs down" the hair for me, reduces "frizz" and defines curls. Great on dry or wet hair. Herbal Essence works best as a heavy conditioner. This is my only store bought product for hair I consistently use.

"What is your daily routine on a "normal" day..." *Rhonda Jean
Fun question! In response, I decided to document my day through pictures:
We do things by "homeschool time", so it's really relaxed here, no rigid schedule! :)

~Thursday, November 5th~

7:15 am
Good morning!

7:30 am

Run outside to feed the cats and dog, complete devotions, shower, iron clothes for the day.

Dew laden grass...


In response to those who asked about everyday feminine's what I wore:

*Ruffle long sleeved blouse w/ high collar folded down
*Dress & matching belt *Brown shawl *Black lace up boots


My Mother made french toast for breakfast, but on a whim I decided to invent a pumpkin pancake syrup! It was scrumptious!!

Heat in a small saucepan:
1/2 cup milk till very hot
1/4 cup plus 1 TBsp Pumpkin puree
1 TBsp sugar
1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, ginger,cloves
Add 1/2 cup pumpkin mix to 1/2 cup pancake syrup.
Turned out wonderful, perfect for an Autumn breakfast!

9:15 am Finished Breakfast, read a chapter from the Word


9:45 am Homeschool Lessons

We laid out a blanket, and I taught my brother's lessons outdoors. Here's how we do the nature studies:

At the library, I asked my brother what new subject he'd like to learn about, and he chose the Rainforest! So we looked through multiple books on the subject, and chose the most interesting (with best photo's!) I then learn about Rainforest's myself, then choose what I'd like to focus on. I like to have a measuring tape nearby, so he can visualize how big the creatures are.

I read some, then ask him questions...He reads, then does copy-work in his notebook.

While he was writing, my sister joined us outside, and the two of us had a bible study. We simply picked Psalm 119 and read 5 verses each until the chapter was done. Wow, it's beautiful, long, and full of good truths to ponder on! By the time we were done, my brother completely finished his work.


11:00 am Bike riding

After lessons, the three of us went bike-riding through the neighborhood. Even though this morning was chilly, it did warm up!


11:30 am

When we came back, my brother had received his package in the mail--The Chronicles of Narnia dvd! He placed a bid on Ebay for the first time, and won! It was a great deal: $1.98 with Free Shipping!

11:35 am

Usually during this time I sew or play piano, so I decided to practice piano...

12 pm: Lunch! We usually sit on the front porch to eat and talk for a while

12:30-2 pm: My Blog, e-mail, and research :)


I set aside time to do photography:

My blonde cat, Jessie

He is Exalted
The king is exalted on high
I will praise Him

He is exalted forever exalted
I will praise His Name!
I walked up to the back of the property and started singing this as loud as I possibly could! I started to raise my hands, and at that vulnerable moment, everything seemed to just fade away... and all I could hear was praise ringing through the trees!

Texture of the overlooked

Sunlight pouring through the barn...

Last of the roses....


3 pm: Homeschool Lessons with Mother

My Mother teaches spelling, reading, writing, & math to my brother. He uses the revised McGuffey readers.

During this time, I'm overseeing my sisters' work.
She's working out of the Far above Rubies unit study.
Feminine Hairstyle

4:30 pm

Here's a favorite style of mine, that I usually use for re-enacting.
The previous night, I twist many sections of damp hair, then put up in a bun.
In the morning, I take out the twists so that my hair is now wavy.
Roll up hair ends, then pin directly in the back.Take pieces of hair from the sides to pin in the middle.
Here's what I base it upon:

4:45-6 pm We used this time to eat supper & prepare for the Little Women production at 7 pm. My sister and I dressed in our 1860's style dresses and also wore our shawls. It was at a Historic Church, and it was delightful to come as a spectator completely in costume!


7:00 pm

The audience of family and friends were really engaged and in-tune to the flow of the story, and the 1 act play was well done by the students!


A snapshot: 'Jo' March and 'Laurie' Laurence

8:45 pm- Arrived home

9:00 pm- I made some homemade Kettle Corn and my Mother, Sister and I watched a bit of BBC's Wives and Daughters before retiring for the night!

That was our day!


. said...

Very nice pictures - and good advice too, even if here it's not so cold.

Jenna said...

Dear Mia,
My brother, sisters and I often belt out hymns in the barn during barn chores. And to my humiliation (lol!) milk customers often "catch" us during our little barn chore concert...nope, we don't do it for people but for the Lord! And while it doesn't frighten my twin, it sure does to me:)


AJ from TX said...

~*~ Wonderful Post ~*~
Thanks for answering our questions and sharing so much with us. Your dress is so pretty. I love the colors. And it IS a beautiful example of feminine dress. Just this past weekend I rented a movie called "An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving". I recommend it for you all to watch. It's based in New England in 1890's...and the costumes!...very inspiring. I believe this is a Hallmark movie and is suitable for all ages. Mia, thanks so much for your blog. I come to your website first when I get on the internet. It is so inspiring, beautiful, and encouraging. *Bless You*

Rachel said...

I so enjoyed reading your replies to their questions and seeing your day through pictures! :D Thank you for sharing! :D

I LOVE that hairstyle Mia!` You look so beautiful in it! :D Thanks for the tips on how to do it, I might have to try that! ;) And I love your dress to! That colors are so lovely! :)

It's so special to see how your family works together. I love how you teach your brother and sister and spend so much time together with your family! :D It's such a nice thing to see! :)

God Bless dear sister in the Lord!

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Thank-you for sharing all of the fun pictures. I had great fun learning more about your day!
God Bless Mia,


Julian said...

thanks so much for showing us your day, especially in pics, which made it oh so much nicer! It is so wonderful you are helping to teach your brother lessons, I think that is great! Would like to know where to get the Far Above Rubies lessons sister is taking for my daughter... Would of loved to see the Little Women play, for that is my very favorite story!
Blessings to you and family this day, I truly hope to hear from you soon,

sarah said...

We don't have a tv ether. We used to get movies from the libray, but they didn't have a very good selection. Now we have Netflix and I love it! They really have some great movies :).

Kendra Logan said...

Thanks for posting! I loved learning about a "typical" day for you! The way you do home schooling sounds like a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mia,
Thank you so much for sharing ya'lls day. Neat pics to. The play looked like fun!

Cute hair style!!!!!! Thank you so much for showing it! Do you do hair style's like that often? I would love to see more hair style's like that as I do not know many like that!:)
By the way your dress was lovley!!!! Did you make it? I really liked the color but I just like pink!!!!!! Oh, I made your honey butter spread on one of my poppa's whole wheat bisquit with a cup of hot tea. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! :0
God bless you and your family!
In christ,
P.s does your sister have a blog?

Summer :) said...

Your dress is beautiful! :)

Miss Emily said...

I always enjoy coming over to your blog to read new posts! I just wanted to comment that cotton tights are a very much must have! I really don't know what I would do without them! And also since our sewing machine is broken a dear friend of my mothers offered to make me a few heavy, winter skirts and I got them yesterday! Heavy skirts matched with cotton tights and boots are a must have especially starting in autumn and into spring for me since I live in the mountains! I also would like to say I too learned from personal experience jeans do not help at all! I always wondered why I was freezing when all I use to wear was jeans, and now I'm comfortably warm in my heavy skirts and cotton tights! God bless!

...they call me mommy... said...

How neat to read about your day! :) Just delightful! Where can one get the revised readers? Amazon?

Thank you for sharing!

Sarah said...

I loved the post, Mia! It's always so much fun to see what others do throughout the day.
I just wanted to encourage you to keep up the blogging... My mum and I gain so much inspiration every time we read one of your posts. We would love one day to have a farm and a little cottage like you guys *happy sigh* Thanks so much for your example of a godly young lady who truly desires to serve the Lord. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mia,
(By the way - how do you pronounce your name? M-y-a or M-e-a?)

This is a great post! It's perfect and just right and what I have been hoping you'd post!
I can tell your family really loves each other and would love to meet you one day!

Sarah G.

Erika said...

I am simply captivated by your blog! I find myself so excited whenever you make a new post about your life. Your life is something I have wished so often to live, but the Lord has me in a very different place at this time in my life. But I am so inspired by your simple living and long to be able to incorporate those things into my own life.
Thank you so much for your posts. I love reading them. Your family is truly blessed. :)
In His grace,

Mia said...

Thank you for the encouraging comments!!

We enjoyed visiting with your family!! Yes, I like to try different styles every so often! I didn't sew the dress, although I wish I did--I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe :)
No, my sister doesn't have a blog yet..maybe one day!
(they call me mommy)Amy,
Yes, the readers are avaliable on Amazon, although I think we purchase ours through Homeschool book sales!
Sarah G,
lol! I never thought about that :) My name is pronounced "Mee-ya" or "M-e-a" That was a great question :) Thanks for commenting!


Shelley said...

Another wonderful post from you dear mia.....God bless you dear....

Aunt B said...


What an excellent blog. Thank you for sharing a day of your life with us.
What excellent advice.

God bless you.

Aunt B

Ginny said...


Loved the post as usual. I look forward to your posts. I really enjoy reading them and enjoy hearing about your lovely family.
May God Bless you. Always looking forward to your next post.

Caitlyn Mae said...

I simply adore your blog! It is so amazing! Not only do I love your stories, I absolutley have fallen in love with your photography. It is so simple, but it highlites your life Georgia (my favorite state hehe) perfectly! Such amazing photos. I have a question: What exactly made your family desire the life that you have? I love the way you live, and it has encouraged me to do things that people in our society don't want to take the time to do. Your blog has showed me that even just taking a little bit of extra time of bake something from scratch (instead of store bought of from a mix) just makes life so much more enjoyable! God bless you and your family!

Jenni said...

Did you make the dress you were wearing. It was very beautiful. If you have a pattern you used I would really appreciate it.

Thank you. I am a homeschool mom and I love to read your posts. I think it is really neat what your family is doing. I might be older than you but I really do admire the way you follow the old paths.

Jenni in Michigan

Anonymous said...

I too wish to know if you made your dress and what pattern you might have used. Thanks!!

Very well thought out blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hello :) I came to your blog via DtE forum, taking up your most welcoming offer to stop by. A lovely post, thanks for sharing.

Mara x

Sara said...

Oh how I loved hearing about your day! I will have to try the pancake syrup but I might try butternut squash. Thank you so much for this encouraging glimpse into a life set apart for the Lord. I love how you enjoy serving your family and pursue a modest lifestyle. There are so few of out there. May the Lord bless you as you strive to serve Him. -Sara White
p.s. Would you be (or anyone you know) interested in corresponding the old fashioned way?

Jeannie B. said...

Mia, I have enjoyed reading about a day in your life. It sounds so restive and you certainly seem to get alot done! You are really a well centered girl.

Costume Queen said...

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If you personally cannot participate, I would appreciate it if you would spread the word about the event! =)

Anonymous said...

I loved your post and seeing what a typical day looks like for you, Mia! The hairstyle is beautiful! So lovely!
Love a sister in Christ,

sarah in the woods said...

The pumpkin syrup sounds delicious. I think I'll try it. Thanks for sharing about the way you all do homeschool. It seems very enjoyable and peaceful.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration. You know that, don't you?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I've noticed from pictures you've shared of your mom that she wears a head-covering in most, if not all, the pictures...yet you and your sister don't. Is it something she does just to keep her hair tidy or is it a head-covering?

How is the sewing machine working out for you? The one you got from a second hand store a while back (for free)! I tried to imagine doing all the sewing we do by hand...everything from dresses, suits, curtains, bedding, much!! I would cry if I had to do all that by hand. Right now I'm tackling (re-upholstering) a vintage chair I picked up for $5 at a garage sale. I hope to post pictures on my blog when I'm done...I'm doing it mostly in the evenings (I teach in our private, Hutterite school during the day)...

Good night and may the Lord keep you and yours!


Jennifer PrairieHome said...

This is Jen or "FlowerChild" on DTEF. ;)

Your blog is lovely! I wore dresses for years, but slowly faded away from them.
Your style and dresses are so beautifuly feminine.
I can only pray that I am able to live in such a beautiful country home one day.
Lovely post - thank you for sharing!

- Jenny

Mia said...

Ms. Jenni,
Unfortunately, I didn't sew this dress I'm wearing in the photo--I bought it second-hand. However, I will be studying it to see if I can come up with a basic pattern for a dress like it!
Costume queen,
Thank you for the invite, what a great idea! Hmm, I'm not sure though...I'll think about it!!
Lisa(remnant reminscences),
Thank you!!
Yes--my Mother does wear a head-covering :) The sewing machine was working great for a while, but we ran into some "snags" so it may be a while before we have a project going again!! :(
I've never re-upholstered furniture, but it looks so rewarding!
Dear Jenny,
I'm so glad you stopped by! I'm enjoying the forum--wonderful discussions!!
Thank you :)


Karen said...

Mia, I just found your blog today, and I love it. I've often said I was born in the wrong era, but knowing Him the way I do, I know that's not true. I'm right where He wants me to be. But how I would love to wear the long skirts and feminine clothes of the past. Maybe I can anyway. Thank you for giving me that idea.

I'll continue to enjoy your blog. :) Karen

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful lifestyle!

The Cherry Tree Farm said...

Mia, I enjoy your blog so much (usually silently). The pictures, your quiet (but lively and sparkling) Christian spirit, and the peaceful tenor of your family's life bring a lovely quietness to my heart just reading about them. Your photographs are lovely, as well. You definitely have an artistic and gifted eye.

I very much admire the determination of you & your family to live as you believe you are called to. My family and I are Seventh-day Adventists, and I know what it is like from personal experience to see that cross-eyed look from someone new who is thinking, "They do WHAT?" -- or conversely, "They don't do WHAT? The courage to live out your convictions is a special one -- you, my dear, have wisdom beyond your years.

Blessings, kristin

p.s., When you or your sister wear Edwardian-style clothing, it always reminds me of Anne-with-an-e!

MagnoliaWhisper said...

I loved your question and answer. It's so refreshing to find a African American woman's blog on such a life. My family and I just moved to the country side ourselves (from NYC!). We are loving it.

I wanted to add about the hair.....I also use the conditioner on my dd's hair instead of gels and the like it works great. You may also try apple cider vinegar we find that works great as a conditioner as well.

I'm loving your blog, we are going to be homeschooling our girls, and teaching them to sew, can, garden and such, and so far you are the first african american woman I have found that is interested in the same things. So I will be watching your blog with interest!