Friday, November 20, 2009

Serving at Home

(Dad and I )

I'm so grateful that I'm able to use this time to be a stay-at-home daughter. I sincerely do feel like I've been given a great opportunity, and my relationship with my parents is continuing to grow closer, as I strive to honor them.

Today's society seems to see this as a step-backward, but if my goal is not to be a fast paced career woman, wouldn't it be more prudent for me to spend my time doing what will benefit me in the future? There is so much I desire and need to learn, so this bit of time is spent growing in character, convictions, home skills and ((gathering)) wisdom from the older generation!

The question of, "What will you do now that you've graduated?" has been brought up many times, but what concerns me is that 'serving at home until marriage' isn't viewed as a respectable option anymore. How unfortunate! Using my time at home is something I chose to do, and desire to do as a career--I personally believe it to be a noble calling!


Media Review

I watched this dvd, "To be One" a few months ago, and I'd definitely recommend it for those who want to learn more about courtship! I think many have a misconception of what courtship/betrothal means, but this dvd really highlights the differences. The beauty was showing all three each, you could tell the atmosphere was so sweet :) I also enjoyed the interviewing before and after marriage. They all stayed true to guarding their hearts, and I learned more about the symbolic parallel of Christ and His Bride. Link to website: HERE

~ I just discovered a new magazine called "SALT" and it's such a delightful read! It's run by a family (now expecting 13th child!) with great articles on Homemaking, Courtship, Family, Education and more. I really like the humor throughout, and they offer a *free* magazine HERE if you're interested! We're planning on supporting the ministry, please join us! It encourages me so much to see and hear of families who are training their young men to be providers and their young women to be homemakers.
Hmm, We all seem to be S P R E A D apart (location-wise) though!
Visiting Friends

A fortnight ago, we traveled up to spend the day with a dear family (who follow my blog) whom we'd met through other blog readers, and it was a delight!

~We had wonderful fellowship at their home, then we walked through the historic town for a local festival!We enjoyed ourselves so much! We hope it won't be too long before we get-together again :)

The above photo is of an older woman churning butter *sigh* I love her classic hairstyle and dress...I hardly ever see older women dressed modestly/femininely anymore....

I decided to make butter yesterday!

1. Pour 32 oz room-temperature heavy-whipping cream in 2 jars (half-full)
2. Shake! I shook the jars for about an hour
3. Start pressing & 'rinsing' the butter with ice cold water...this removes the buttermilk.
4. I added: 1/2 tsp salt, 1 TBsp raw honey, and 1 tsp dried rosemary. Wrapped the butter up until use.

Done! I made 1 lb. butter using 32 oz of cream.
It's *delicious*
In the Garden

I remove the old (lettuce) leaves so that the nutrients focus on new growth.

Lettuce and tomato plant...

Bell peppers..
They're small, but packed with flavor!
I guess that's the story with organic gardening....

I'm really excited about next years garden because we're going to do alot more...
I've been doing alot of research on what will grow best for our area, and how much we'd need to be self-sufficient, so that's exciting :)

Don't let the pictures fool you, the temperature is dropping, and it's starting to get cold!

So much to do!!


Jenna said...

Someday soon I would love to see the DVD "To Be One"...and I'm going to check out the magazine too, it sounds so encouraging!

Your butter looks fantastic! I have to tell you (because I'm so excited!) that when our cow freshens, we have an old butter churn that we're going to use to make butter....I can't wait lol!


Kateri Scott said...

Their 13th child?! I want to know how she does it with morning sickness and all! I'm pregnant with our 6th (3rd earthly) child and it is HARD. Oh, how I long for the help of a young stay-at-home lady. Most of the women in my circle work. My mom and MIL both work. My sister is in college 3 hours away. The young homeschooled girls I know are already occupied babysitting for single moms (who's supposidly godly husbands weren't so godly and left them with children to raise.)

It's a plague in our society. I pray that when I am older I will be able to not only pass on the importance of this ministry to my daughter, but fulfill it myself.

sarah in the woods said...

Thanks for the link to the magazine. Your butter looks delicious. I just made cheese for the first time. The recipes are on my blog.

Bonnie said...

I just have to thank-you for your blog, I am so blessed by it every time I visit! I have been working my way through your archives, and it is beautiful, seeing the closeness and comradery of your family.
Have a joyful weekend!

Julian said...

Ok, visiting other bloggers? How about coming to Texas to see your! Anyhow, I think you ha the question of what you are doing after graduating... most girls do not learn to keep house at all, and cannot cook. Well, Thats one of my goals. And my boys will learn to cook too. I think you are so on the right track for what your goals for the future are. I am proud of you friend! Without the love of family, and their guiding hands, our world has become a sad place to live. You will make a great wife and mother someday, I just know it!
Many blessings and a box coming your way,

The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

Lovely post today! I also love more feminine dress and hairstyles- those old victorian updo's are my favorite, as well as long skirts. For a couple years they were "in style" up here, but now I just cannot find them anywhere. However, I went to a value village last week and found a lovely, floor length jean skirt just my size for 5 dollars! Days like that are great.
You've made a wise choice to be a stay at home daughter! My mother is a feminist, so I didn't know anything when I got married! It was hard in the beginning, but I learned. It's wonderful that your being prepared before hand; older people are so interesting and have so much wisdom to offer. Loved your post today!
The Girl in the Pink Dress

Miss Jen said...

Thank you for this sweet
encouragement, Mia!
I will have to look into
that beautiful magazine!
I always get excited when
I see my "Above Rubies" issue
in the mail! Awww~ glorious
homemade butter I will have to
give this a try!! Thank you for sharing your recipe with all of us.

Many Blessings~ dearest friend!

Love Your Sister in Christ~
Miss Jen

Paulina said...

I really enjoyed "To Be One" as well. And thanks for recommending that magazine and for letting us know about the free issue - I ordered one right away!

How lovely it would be to meet other bloggers. I'm sure it was a blessing to you to be able to do just that!

Aunt B said...


What a lovey blog. I especially loved the picture of you and your father together.

No doubt about it you are on the right track. Now is the time to learn how to keep a home, so that you can teach your daughters.

Have you ever made tofue? Very interestsing and delicious. You should try it. If you like I can send you a recipe.

Will check into the magazine. Thank you for sharing all the lovely things that you find.

God bless,

Aunt B

Hos Bestemor said...

I think you are doing the right thing, Mia! I wish all young women was as wise as you are :)

And what a beautiful old lady at that picture! I want to look like that when I (hopefully)get old! A good picture of you and your dad also!

Best wishes to you from Norway.

Mia said...

Thank you for your dear comments, You've encouraged me so much!!


Laurie Rogers said...

We (my 7 daughters and I) tried our hand at making butter a few days ago... My 2nd had been shaking the jar for quite a while and asked when it would be done. I took the jar and, starting to shake it, said "When it makes a sloshing sound...oh, like's done!" She was both pleased and disappointed! All of that work and Momma turned it into butter! It was tasty!
We all love your blog!

Stephanie Ann said...

The butter looks absolutely delicious! I love the fact that you added honey. The butter sounds like an extra special treat. Keep up the good posts!

Stephanie Ann

Heather said...

I'm really thankful for the link about courtship. My 13 year old daughter is very interested in this concept, but it seems that many around us...if at all don't practice this. Maybe this we be of help in her decision making!

The B's said...

What a fun post! I'm aching to try making some homemade butter. My mom has a butter churn just like the one in your picture, so I guess I'll be trying out your yummy recipe soon. Can't wait! Thank you, too, for the tip on the dvd and magazine!

Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet picture of you and your Dad! I loved your post and the butter looks delicious!
Love, Natalie

hannah | honey & jam said...

Mia, your blog is an inspiration. I love how committed you are to being a stay at home daughter, when that is so unpopular these days! Your testimony shines through. :)

I made my own butter not too long ago, it's so much fun, and tastes so much better!


Clara Van Nattan said...

Love the pictures :) I've been thinking I'd like to try my hand at making butter for awhile now, but I was under the impression it would take longer than an hour to shake it!! If it's only an hour, I better get busy - I'd LOVE to make my own butter rather than buying it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Mia, good for you for your values. I am always so saddened when I see "theme weddings" where the focus is not on the real meaning of marriage, but on the huge display of so much that is not important for the ceremony. I'm sure you know what I mean. The sacredness of the marriage is not celebrated, only the outward trappings to show off for a day. Sad. I know many would criticize me for this but I've been married for 44 years so I guess I have qualified my feelings. :-)

Blessings to you and your choices.

Amy said...

I just found your blog through a bloggy friend. This is a lovely blog and can't wait to read more. I was taught these things but hope to instill this things to my two daughters and the opposite to my 6 boys. This is a very difficult task with the world the way it is but can be done by the grace of our Lord. The picture with you and your father is truly a treasure and would make a great painting!!
By His grace,
Amy said...

You are such a blessing to all. What an encouragement you are to my daughters and myself.

...they call me mommy... said...

Great post! I made butter the same way with my little Annie (minus the yummy add-ins) last year! She loved it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mia! ^_^
We do seem to be S P R E A D apart do we.
Good for you! I'm glad you are so committed to being a home maker. I only know about two other girls around my age committed to become a home maker and live all the way over in another state.
I'd found your blog a little while ago but hadn't had time to read it until now. *grins* I love it!
I love the pictures of your garden.
The garden is my most favorite place to be. I love the feeling of the ground and pebbles pushing on the soles of my feet and the prickly grass in between my toes as I check the pumpkins and stuff.
But now I have to tip toe around, now that it is getting so cold you can feel it practically rub against your skin. (It's gotten down around 60 degrease! *gasps* It's freezing!) LOL ;)
I hope I don't have to wear shoos soon. I hate them.

God bless
Anna Katherine M.

I forgot to say thank you! I hope you have a wonderful, productive day! ^_^

Anonymous said...

(It's me again)
Oops! I forgot to type the they in: (I only know about two other girls around my age committed to becoming a home maker but they live all the way in another state.) That makes much more sense.
LOL ^_^ Sorry about that!

I'm glad you have such a nice relationship with your dad. That picture sort of reminds me about the times my dad would sit out on the porch with my brother when my brother needed a smoke (I wish he wouldn't). I would sit with them and we would all talk as if we were the best of friends.
When I was little my father would call me his brown footed little Indian (I'm part Cherokee).

Your sister has asthma? Has she ever been checked for food allergies? My brother had asthma but it went away when he got treated for his food allergies.


Sorry for all the words but I love to type and meet like-minded sisters that I never know I even had! We'll be praying for your sister with asthma.

Mia said...

Thank you for all the delightful comments! :)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Mia,
Praise God for His graciousness to us!!! Great post, and thank you for the review of the dvd and magazine!!! We so need encouragemnent on our walk with Him. Homemade butter, lovin time with your family, adventures with friends :-), and yummy garden goodies. Thank you for sharin Mia!!! With love and lookin forward to the next time too, tammyp.

Jeanne said...

I agree with your comment about bringing up boys to men for the Home life. I have a son who is Twenty as of September he had a job for a year after he graduated and saved all of his money to afford a home, He wanted to settle down with a good christain girl, but these days they are had to find. He stays at home and helps us out quite much. Jon says that he will stay until he finds the special someone and he wants to find a very special girl who is a homemaker we are in central NC and he wants to do a courtship but girls who want to court are just not readily available. What do you segest for him as looking for a special girl who has learned to be a wife and mother? We only have two girls at our church so that is not even a factor for him. He can chop wood and we have taught him to be self suffecient, we have chickens and we have a large garden he just got his first deer on Sat, so know he is an official hunter to provide meat. But he is an old soul. He does not know where to look for a great gal to court.. Please offer any advice!
Mom of great boy!

Jeanne said...

oh Mia, WE make our own butter also. The key is to let the Cream get to room temperature. From there is only takes about 20/30 mins. And you are very correct at saying it's wonderful!!!
Thanks for being the role model that you are.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you for the " day in the life of post" I told you alot of us would like it." wink wink". I love the picture of you and your father. Is the skirt made from a christmas carol costume pattern? because its so full and pretty. I also want to tell you how i love all the diffrent headcoverings you wear. I also cover, and one day i might wear an old fashioned hat ( I gave some away) the next time I might wear triangle style or a headband i sew mine like " garlands of grace" check thm out they make the most beautiful and sstylish veils. I want to encourage you in this. taste and see that the lord is good!!! I hope to be able to meet yall soon. I have another request. do you think your mother would be willing to give a question and answer post. I know alot of us young moms would love that. I live here in
g.a. too and i have alot of homeschool,homemaking questions for her. until next time. God bless
Yolanda B.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mia,
I know about a lot to do! And with thanksgiving there's much to do also! I LOVE cold weather though it's so nice to curl up under my cover's after reading my bible knowing that I am safe and I have a God and family that love's me! Thank you on your post about 'staying at home' it really encouraged me. =)
God bless!
In Christ,

Donna said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you sweetie!!hughugs

~ Judy ~ said...

Mia, the photo of you and your father is SO beautiful...thank you for sharing that moment with us!
I'm so glad you enjoyed a visit with a blogging family...we are expecting a family that I met through blogging to visit us this winter! They hale from Texas but will be in New England and thought that a drive down to PA wouldn't be too far out of the way!!!! I can hardly WAIT to meet them in person!
Thank you for the free magazine!
I am off to order it right now!

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful post, Mia...and that picture of you and your dad is just deserves to be enlarged! blessings my friend!

Antoinette K. said...

Hello Miss. Mia!

I have been folowing your blog for about a month now, and I am enjoying it so much! Sounds like we have so much in common! I am a stay at home graduate daughter like yourself with a passion to follow my parents, and the Lord's will for my life to be a home maker and a keeper of the home, and I LOVE it!! Your blog has been so encouraging to me, and I cannot wait to continue reading for years to come!

God bless,

Miss. Antoinette K.

Sonya said...

Mia, thank you for sharing. The seed catalogs are starting to come in now. I always get excited this time of year with planning for the spring garden. Please consider posting what you've determined to be food necessities for a family of your size to be self-sufficient. I have garden charts and pantry storage lists that I've downloaded for free from various websites that I am tweaking to be sufficient for my family size of three and to provide enough for a small market garden.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mia!
I just wanted to thank-you for posting about the "Salt" magazine. I ordered it , and Now I am enjoying it! I will be ordering this magizine! It's lovely!
Thank-you again Mia!
Rhonda, from the Northland of Minnesota.

Miss Emily said...

Hey Mia, after reading about "Salt" I ordered it and it's amazing. I love it so much! I also wanted to let you know that you've been awarded over at my blog!

God bless!
Emily <3