Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A lovely Monday

Now is the time for preserving Sweet potatoes! They're now 25-30 cents a pound, so we definitely took advantage of the sales and bought quite a bit! I'm really surprised at how easy it is to freeze potatoes:
The first thing I did was fill a large kettle/pot with water to boil.
I peeled & chopped each potato into about 6 pieces


When the water is at a rolling boil, pour in raw potato slices
(I put in enough potatoes to fill 1/3 of pot)
Keep potatoes in water for 3 mins, then remove and place in a sink/bucket of clean, icy water
(Blanching cleanses the surface of dirt and organisms, brightens the color and helps prevent loss of vitamins. It also softens vegetables and makes them easier to pack.)

Then I finish up by packing into freezer bags, then storing in freezer until needed!
After freezing the potatoes, we all got ready for a Candlelit get-together with friends.


My sister and I are working on a new project together...I'm really excited. I'll keep you in suspense until the 19th :) Ok, a hint is that it's an item of clothing.


Beautiful table of 19th century confections.



Everyone dressed in 19th century style attire, so that made it extra special!!

After the meal and delightful fellowship, we were invited to play an old-fashioned parlour game called "Questions and Answers". It was soo much fun! We also sang together...

Ladies watching...

Home crafts

Everyone learned how to make paper stars out of 4 strips of paper...



What a great project! It was fun to try Moravian stars for the first time :)


Heartfelt testimonies were shared, and mutual gratefulness for each others friendship was a lovely feeling we parted with. There's just something special to come together as brothers and sisters in Christ, and delight in His blessings.

'And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.' Colossians 3:15


Anonymous said...

Dearest Mia,

What a pleasure it is to visit you again!

The Lord has blessed your family with friends that you could enjoy like-minded interest.

Here in the North, sweet potatoes are also quite low in price - I never thought of freezing them, but that is a good idea.

I was wondering, what kind of flower are you using when you bake - is it all purpose white or whole wheat?

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely days - what a blessing you are to your mother and father and your younger siblings.



Mia said...

Dear Maria,
Thank you for the sweet comment!
Right now, instead of all-purpose flour, I'm using bread flour (It seems to rise better) We usually use whole wheat flour too, especially in breads.
If I'm using white flour only in a recipe, I try to add wheat germ/bran or flax seed in it to make it healthier..lol!
Thank you again :)

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

It looks like you all had some good, old-fashioned fun!
Thank-you for sharing some of it Mia!

Regan Family Farm said...

Sweet fellowship is such a blessing...your dear family is always welcome on the farm! Did you sew the dress you are wearing in the picture where you are preparing sweet potatoes? If so, can you share the pattern?
Blessings to you and your family~

Cinnamon said...

I agree with Regan Family Farm.....a sweet family.

Thank you for posting about the sweet potatoes. Now I can dig mine up and do that too :-)

Yes, please share, I'd love the pattern too~

~Mrs. Kerschner

Stephanie Ann said...

That looks like so much fun. Everyone looks so beautiful, I especially love your apron. It looks like you had such a fun evening. I would love to see you write a post on playing guitar. Seeing as you may be playing a bit of it in the next few weeks, you could give us guitar playing fans a treat. :D

Paulina said...

How lovely!

Becky said...

How do you play the game, Questions and Answers?

The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

Sounds a simply wonderful time.
I might have said this before, but I just love your clothes! Beautiful.
My upcoming project is a shawl- one of my favorite things. I'm an old fashioned girl as well. Where do you get the patterns for all of your dresses and skirts?
The Girl in the Pink Dress

Julian said...

Oh Mia,
how truly delightful, and truly a blessing when time is spent with other kindred spirits! Sounds like such a wonderful time! Thanks for showing us about the sweet potatoes, i had no earthly idea! I must try this myself this week!
Would love to know what you are making with your Christmas, so Ill be looking closely when it appears on your blog!

Leigh said...

This looks like SO much fun!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!


AJ said...

Oh, looks like you had a wonderful time...how beautiful...like a scene from a movie! :) You, your family, and your friends inspire me so.
~*~Blessing to you~*~

P.S. I wish we were neighbors. ha ha

Fruitful Vine2 said...

Thanks for sharing your method of preserving sweet potatoes. The gathering sounds lovely.

Aunt B said...


Thanks for sharing with us how you freeze your sweet potatoes. I shall freeze some of my sweet potatoes, too. I always bake them with the skins on and then freeze them, it's nice to know a different way.

May the Lord continue to bless you.

Aunt B