Saturday, March 27, 2010

1860s Hospital Event

Today I participated in a Living History event focused on what a southern home-turned-into-a make-shift-hospital would've been like March 1864.
I was one of the laundresses working out-of-doors, and our jobs were to wash the bandages and linens of the wounded men inside. Keeping the fire going, chopping wood, & hauling fresh water were a few of our chores.
In the Outdoor kitchen,
a woman was sewing ticking fabric scraps to make a pillow case (to be later filled with cotton)
A peek inside the window...

Washed bandages being put up on the line to be dried...

1860s Medicine cabinet
A friend of ours {who is a Historian} put together this impressive collection of 19th century remedies. So much research goes into this; more than you'd think!

Laundresses would often wear wooden clogs since leather shoes couldn't handle getting wet so often. So yes, I clip-clopped around in them lol! It was an uncomfortable experience, but actually I got used to them :) ...heh, somewhat.

While I was in the Cookhouse with the older women, I was asked about what I do at home--It was a wonderful opportunity to share with them about my faith and lifestyle, especially using this time productively as a stay at home daughter until marriage. It was exciting to share that participating in these 19th century events (that incorporate open-hearth cooking, natural/local/homegrown foods, and back-to-basics skills) go perfectly with what I'd like to learn to do at our little homestead.
The yoke being used to haul water...
Inside, a young woman writes a letter to loved ones, as others pass by.

During this event, not only can I share facts and interact with the public, but gleaning wisdom from the older generation is always a blessing. As I washed the clothes, older couples would stand around, reminiscing to when they used to do these very things "back in the olden days".
I find that although they praised convenience, many still acknowledged that "things were simpler back then" and many of these skills just aren't a priority anymore.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this,
and hope you all are having a pleasant weekend!


Lucy said...

I 1st pic's cap and dress are beautiful and the dress is oddly quite Amish in appearance.

Mia said...

Hi Lucy!
Thanks for commenting :)

Abigail said...

Thanks for sharing this! I wish there were events liek this where I live and that I was brave enough to join such a great social setting!

Aoife said...

Is there an organization you belong to that hosts events like this one? I never hear about things like this in Indiana!

gail said...

Hello Mia,

This was a really lovely post. I love to hear about those times when life was simpler. In those days when there was no TV or Computers people had time to talk. Communication is what is sadly lacking these days. I feel sure there would be less marriage breakups if folk could just learn to talk to one another like our parents and grandparents did. When I was a young girl we would always visit my grandmother on Sundays. She prepared a lovely afternoon tea for us and then a roast meal for dinner. We would then stand round the pianola and sing. It was just wonderful . My other sadness is that we do not write letters anymore. So nice to receive a letter from a friend. Have a lovely week.

Blessings Gail

Rhonda said...

This was a very interesting read!
I really would like it if we had "Living history events around here where I live.
I collect wooden shoes! LOL I know "Why?" I dunno. I just like them!
Many blessings to you and your family!

Vanessa said...

That looks like it would have been so much fun! I am a nurse myself, and I have found that nurses today still spend a lot of time washing and cleaning things by hand - some things never change! :) I actually enjoy doing things by hand because it gives me time to relax and think.

Allison said...

Hello Mia! That looks like such a fun experience! I love your dress in the first picture! Where you participate in all of these reenactments?
God Bless,

Lori said...

My grandmother always talks about what she calls "the good ol' days". She remembers not having much so fondly. She always says things were simpler and better. People seemed to care more and women knew how to make something from what WE would call nothing. Quilts from old clothes, clothes from flour sacks, all kinds of preserving, the list goes on! ;0)
I loved your pictures. It looks like it was so much fun. Thanks for sharing. My daughter and I love your blog Mia! Blessings,

kpaints said...

Great photos and it looks like a great time was had by all. I love the simple things, like hanging my clothes out and sorry to say that we have lost a lot of those 'simple' skills from long ago.

Atlanta said...

thanks so much for posting pictures! I wish I could be involved in more 'living history' type events. (we live in an area that wasn't settled during the 60's, so there just isn't any events :^)

Looks like a great time!

Civil Folks said...

So glad you enjoyed the 1864 Hospital event. Did you get the AAR e-mail I sent? The day was a very stirring time for us, reflecting on the valor of our men, the harsh conditions of the war. No war is ever 'civil' but thanks be to God who brings civility to our lives. You may put folks in touch with Civil Folks anytime for info about current and future events.

Thanks for for your participation. It was needed, wanted and welcomed.

Love, Frank and Pam

Kathy said...

Thanks for posting this. It looks like it was a fun event to attend and participate in.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Again I'm floored by your pictures. It must have been fun! But i see no overcoats. Has the weather been pleasant by you?

Marqueta said...

Dear Mia,

What beautiful pictures, of a beautiful event! It is easy to forget the sacrifices that women of history made, when we focus on the great battles fought and won. Events like these serve to remind us that we have been created to serve others, and that in so doing, we are serving our Lord.



Autumn said...

I wish that there were living history events in my area. I would love to participate! I love all of the dresses you wear!

Beautifully Veiled said...

Mia, what fun! Your dress is beautiful, what a great pattern. Please let us know if there are any events close enough for us to come to from our neck of GA! We'd love to see one! Thanks for all the pictures too! What a sweet way for the Lord to use you with the ladies, I'm sure it was a blessing for them to get to meet you. Blessings from up north, GA that is!

Clara Van Nattan said...

What a fascinating experience! I agree that life was so much more simple back then. The problem with today is that we live in a world of technology, so if we are going to survive we really do have to learn technology, and yet if we love the old ways, we try to do things the old way... and it's almost impossible to successfully combine the two simply because the old ways WERE more time-consuming (eg using a washboard for laundry rather than letting the washing be automatically washed while taking care of other chores). I wish I could leave modern-ness behind and just live the simple old life... *sigh* It's just not practical! especially when you marry a computer technician, LOL!! The old-fashionedness of your blog inspires me, and fascinates me. :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like it was amazingly fun! What gorgeous costumes! = )

Jasmin Iola said...

Wow-you have an awesome blog! I love your pictures. It was really great meeting you and your family- come again sometime! :)

Stephanie Ann said...

Dear Mia,
Your dress looks very beautiful on you. Did you sew that yourself? If so what pattern did you use. I can't believe how nice it looks.

Miss Jen said...

Lovely post,
enjoyed every minute of
it dear Mia!

Bless you!!

Love~ Miss Jen

Brenda said...

Hi Mia! That was such a memorable day, wasn't it? You were so precious hauling the buckets of water on your back all the while leaving a trail due to a leaky bucket!
Love you,
Ms. Brenda

Anonymous said...

Hi Mia, i love all about your blog. which camera do you use fot your lovely photographs?

Homeschool Cowgirl said...

Hi Mia!
I love your blog!
My mom reads your blog all the time and said I would love it, and I do!
I hope we can be friends!


Angela said...

Dear Mia. Thanks for following my blog. I found yours and wow! Fantastic! I will spread the word ans share with like minded folks. Keep in touch.

Miss RJ said...

I love it! It's nice to see that other young woman like to dress up as well as me! :) And like historical re-enacting! ;)