Monday, April 26, 2010

Harvesting Edible blossoms

For lunch, I thought it would be nice to incorporate flowers in the meal...So I went out to the garden and harvested a few of the blossoms from our Collard greens.

We're allowing the Collards to go on ahead and bloom so that we can save the seeds and re-plant them later! However, I didn't expect the "bolting" to be so pleasant, the yellow color really is a nice sight. The blossoms have a sweet fragrance, and mild/green flavor.

I've been able to harvest a handful of Strawberries everyday, and to use these up I thought I'd incorporate the berries into the floral salad.

Strawberry Dressing
1 cup of Oil (light oils are best)
3 TBsp red wine vinegar & 3 TBsp balsamic vinegar

3 TBsp Strawberry jam, 1 TBsp sugar

Fresh strawberries...
I crush the berries in a separate bowl...
It measured out to 1 cup of crushed Strawberries,
add this to mixture.
Whisk until combined!
It's quite a tangy dressing, and it makes approx. 2 cups
(organic Rose petals are also edible, so I sprinkled petals
with the collard blossoms over the salad leaves)
Pour the dressing over the greens (I had some fresh fruit salad on the side)

We all ate lunch on the front porch; I sat on the steps to enjoy the "tastes" of Spring! ps) I was wearing a bonnet while outside, so that's the dark blue fabric you see :)

A few more photo's:

Mother's climbing "Cecile Brunner" rose is filled with tiny, perfect blooms!


My brother showing Mother his Pumpkin patch...

"All the birds of the heavens made their nests in its boughs; under its branches all the beasts of the field gave birth to their young, and under its shadow lived all great nations." Ezekiel 31:6


Atlanta said...

Excellent pictures! The strawberry dressing looks delish! I'm must try that for the next salad...

Mia said...

Thank you, Atlanta!

Angie said...

Wow! Didn't know you could eat rose did you all find that out? Never knew you could make dressing from strawberries! Yum! Gonna try that. Thought I was clever with making my dressing with mayo, ketchup, and celery seeds. Guess I should try making things from scratch more often. Great photos!

Mia said...

Thanks for the comment, Ms. Angie!
Yes, rose petals are a fun touch to salads, and there's even Rose petal jelly!
I enjoyed adding a fun twist to the dressing by using strawberries :)
Thanks again,


Chaos Cottage said...

When I was growing up my dad would fry pumpkin blooms. He would pick them early in the morning and keep them in a bread bag in the fridge until he had a good batch. He would wash them and then dip them in egg and then in cracker crumbs and fry them in oil. They were so good. I think they are the only flowers I have ever ate.

FoundinFlowers said...

I love the dress you are wearing!

Lindsay said...

Wow... you're so creative with your meals, Mia! Lovely pictures, as always. Thanks for sharing!! :)

~ Love & Blessings,
Lindsay <3

Cinnamon said...

Yum! What a lovely flow of hours you've pictured here.

Always nice to visit~ Cinnamon

Bonnie said...

That picture of your mother and brother is just too sweet- it made my day (at just after 6 in the morning ;0> )

Lucy said...

What a splendid dress!Did you make it yourself?

I do so think modern dress is not as good as "olden" dress(minus the corsets of course).

Suzanne said...

What a delicious looking salad, I do love citrus and fruit dressings. We don't have the roses blooming yet at our cottage, but it sure is nice to see them at your cottage!

Sarah Jane said...

I love your photos; they are so sweet and old fashioned. The salad dressing looks wonderful! I can't wait til our lettuces are large enough to begin harvesting from. I will definitely need to make your beautiful dressing when we have salad again! A feast for the eyes as well as the body, truly. Your dress is beautiful.

Erika said...

Love your dress! The picture with the eggs is precious.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Your dress is beautiful, but why do you always cut everyone's heads off? LOL!

The strawberry salad looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

I just love your blog, Mia! I always look forward to new posts from you. :)

Stephanie Ann said...

Your dress is so pretty. It looks great on you. Did you draft the pattern yourself or did you use a manufactured one?

Christine Ericson said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I love your flowers and those strawberries look delicious!

Allison said...

Hello Mia!
That dressing looks delicious! Your salad too! I can't wait to make some of my own!
God Bless,

Mrs.Rabe said...

We are growing nasturtiums in the garden to not only repel pests but to add to salads! The flowers and the leaves are edible.

One note of caution to your readers is that while the roses and some other flowers are edible, they shouldn't eat them unless they know for sure that they haven't been sprayed with pesticides!

Marqueta said...

Dear Mia,

Such a lovely feast for the eyes! How wonderful to have things in bloom to add to your salads already (our mints and chives are just peeking up, but we're sneaking them now ;) ).

Did you know that strawberry leaves, well-chopped, are good in salad, too? Plus, they are super-high in vitamin C!

I love your wonderful photography skills and subjects.



Kate Scott said...

Squash blossoms and those orange native daylily blossoms are edible, too! Although with squash blossoms, it's best to know which are the male non-producers and eat those so you don't lose all your beautiful squashes! Native violets and marigold blooms are edible, too!

Thanks for sharing all this, Mia! I'm bound inside today wondering if we're going to get snow tonight. I hope not. Thankfully, it'll be in the 70's this weekend!

Ginny said...

Oh Mia,
Serving food with edible flowers is one of my favorite things to do in season. I decorate birthday cakes, salads and other uses whenever I can. Thanks for sharing your moments with us. Your blogs are a delight to me and so many others.

Lydia said...

Hello Mia!

I have been enjoying your blog for some time now! Yours is so inspiring and I am so thankful there are still people like yourself around! Keep up the fabulous work. Your blog is so refreshing in our day and I too seek simplicity and an agrarian lifestyle. Where we live it is a bit difficult, but we keep trying. Thank you for your seet blog!!
Feel free to look at and comment on my blog.
God Bless you.
In Jesus,
Lydia Hoppman

Miss Jen said...

Beautiful pictures, Mia! :)
I love your dress... *happy sigh*

Blessings~ Miss Jen

Pen Pen said...

Your salad looks so yummy... you are so creative. Love your dress and bonnet too!

Persuaded said...

This is my first time here, and I am delighted! Love your photos, love your spirit, and that strawberry salad dressing looks pretty sweet too.

I shall return☺

Goose Hill Farm said...

Good afternoon, Mia~

What a great post! It is amazing how many different flowers we can actually eat! Nastartiums are one and they are BEAUTIFUL to add to salads, pansies as well!

I am very excited about your salad and can't wait to try it!


Nancy said...

I love your dress! What pattern did you use? Your blog is so very encouraging to me. I am glad their are other young lady's out there serving their family's and their Savior!

Your sister in Christ,

P.S. Your salad dressing was wonderful thanks so much!

Aunt B said...

Your blog is beautiful. Could you tell us what you do to help your strawberries do so well? I just bought a few and would like to know how to care for them.
Aunt B

Aunt B said...

Your blog is beautiful. I would like to know more about growing strawberries. Could you tell us how to grow sb?

Anonymous said...

Love your dress. Did I miss it? What pattern did you use?

Angela said...

Will definitely try the strawberry dressing. I am sooo happy that the spring and summer fruits are here. Though I live in an urban area in a condo, I love using local groceries and food stuffs to make good meals. Your work is inspirational, Mia!

Nicole said...

I just stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago via the Down to Earth blog and i've gone back and read all of your old posts to the present. I love your blog. Its nice to see a young lady conducting herself so decently. I am 26 and recently married and trying to be the best wife and daughter I can be. Your posts provide me with much inspiration. Please keep up the good work!

Michelle said...


Thank you so much for visiting our blog and leaving a comment! As an aspiring photographer, I almost gasped as the pictures on your blog started loading!!! They are truly lovely.

Yes, seeing homeschoolers spread all across the country is heartening, but also sad... because they seem so far away from wherever you are.

This post makes me wait with longing for when our garden starts producing (alas, another few weeks yet) - it all looks so delicious! Your blog is a gem, that's for sure, and I'll be coming back. The old-fashioned feel is calming, especially since we live in the modern hustle and bustle of NJ.


P.S. If you don't mind me asking, where did you find the link to our blog? Was it Kayla's blog? We don't have many visitors, and I would love to know how they are coming!

WesternWoodburner said...

The pictures are so pretty! I especially like the first one of you picking blossoms. It would be so nice if it was still the style for girls to dress as the nice dress you are wearing. The cat looks just like our Foxy did!
- Nicole the "Goatgirl"

Kayla said...

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! I do love your blog, and the pictures are lovely! This salad dressing recipe looks really yummy! I'm going to add your blog to my favorites list!


Mrs. Skelton said...

Wow!!! You have a beautiful dress on! Did you make it? If so do you share the pattern at all? :-) Beautiful strawberries also! :-) I just found your blog off of HSA and I'm really enjoying it!! Blessings on you!

Mia said...

Dear Readers!

Oh I apologize for not replying to your questions sooner! I'll try to answer them all, and if you have more, I'm more than willing to reply!

The pattern for this dress is : Simplicity 4551. It's handmade, however, I did not make this one though.
Aunt B:
While it was still winter, I heavily mulched the strawberries w/ aged horse manure. Other than that, I just leave 'em be..I don't even routinely water them. They seem to get along fine. I do occasionally lose strawberries to the birds or other pests, but I don't mind.
This is my second year with strawberries, so they're producing way more than they did last year. I get almost a lb. every day.
Thank you!! I did indeed find your blog through Kayla's :) I love "blog-hopping!"
It's so good to hear from you! I so enjoyed meeting y'all last week.
Thanks! :)
Mrs Skelton,
So glad you found my blog!! Yes, I shared the pattern etc. in the above comment :)
Thank you all!!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Mia, I am so pleased to meet you. You have an absolutely beautiful and wonderful blog and I have had the most lovely time tarrying here.
I am coming back to visit and be your new friend. I am your newest follower!

Elizabeth said...

I only just happened upon your blog today, I am glad I did!

That looks like a beautiful and delicious salad!I will have to try making the salad dressing.

I love your pictures! They look vintage, almost like taken with a film camera. I am a photographer too. :-)

In Christ,

FaithAnn said...

Dear Mia,

I have just recently discovered your blog, and am enjoying looking back through your archives. Your photography is simply lovely! I adore the dresses you wear, especially in this post. I am very sad that simplicity 4551 is out of print. :-( It is just the type of every-day dress pattern I was looking for. Perhaps I will find a used one for sale somewhere.

Your blog is a blessing!


Mia said...

Ms. Yvonne,
How nice! Thank you so much for becoming a follower, and I'm so glad you enjoy my blog!!
Hello Elizabeth!
I'm so glad you found my blog! Thank you; It's fun to hear from a fellow photographer :)
Ms. FaithAnn,
Thank you, I had forgotten that the pattern was out of print...however, you may be able to find a used dress off Ebay or Etsy.
Aww, I appreciate it..thank you!!!

In Christ,

Cheyenne said...


I love your blog! :)

I think I've found a like minded sister out there!

Enjoy your day!

Prairie blessings to you...

Mia said...

Thank you Cheyenne!!

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