Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An Update

We recently returned from a 4-day family conference here in GA...It was very inspiring to meet w/ other individuals from all over the country, and I even met more blog readers, which was a delight, as always!

It was absolutely refreshing to be surrounded w/ young men and women proudly living a Christ-centered lifestyle! The comaraderie of knowing "you're not alone in this" was amazing. On the last day I even had a chance to bring out my guitar and sing before we parted. I look forward to sharing my thoughts/notes soon :)

We're continuing to work on projects around the Cottage--
replacing old doors, painting the trim etc.
Ah, don't you just love this warm weather ?
Getting out into the garden before the "heat of the day" has been challenging. I've been sowing seeds, and preparing beds. The weeding can be so tedious!
Whenever someone walks by and asks what I'm doing, I reply dryly, "Picking grass...blade by blade." lol! I told my dad we should just get into the sod business :)
Don't worry, I've got the solution to all these weeds (heh.) I need more layers of Mulch!
hmm, easier said than done.
"Ode to Organic Gardening..."
Red potatoes
Well, I dug a few rows, mixed in wood ash, then planted my seed potato pieces. I planted almost all Red potatoes, and a few Russet. They seem to be doing well :)
My Pole beans and Okra are finally coming up!
I planted them directly outside last week.
After we finished working outside, and it was time for Dinner, we spontaneously decided to eat up at the top of the property, to "catch the Sunset".
Mother grabbed her pot of soup, My dad & brother brought the blankets, My sister and I brought up the drinks, dishes & silverware. And we started running up to the back-- we didn't want to miss it!

It was lovely to eat out-of-doors, as the sun was setting.
The animals (Dog and cats) followed us, and entertained us with their antics! When dinner was finished, we walked around the property before going inside. Ah, nothing beats eating together outside on a warm evening :)

Today my Mother started her Spring/Summer menu planning. During the warmer months, we try to keep meals simple and fresh, and baking is minimal. (Our stove *heats up* our kitchen!) We had wonderful conversation about eating organic/local foods. All year we've used local raw honey on a daily basis, and I believe it's really prevented many potential sick days or serious allergy flare-ups :)
Floral pathway at the entrance of the Woods...
New Project

My dear readers, I'm going to be "running a household" for the next four days. I'll be caring for four children, planning & cooking all the meals, cleaning, wearing aprons and all that good stuff :) This will be a new experience for me, as her youngest is under 3 and I'll be doing all this myself!

I'll try to update every evening. Although the next few days may be challenging, I'm looking forward to it, because THIS is what I hope to be and do one day. There are some areas in homemaking I feel I need to grow in, so this should get interesting. :)
Any tips or advice?

23 comments: said...

I will be praying for you as you care for THE family! I'm sure all will go well!

On a side note, have y'all ever heard/watched on YouTube Ruth Stout re: gardening?

Carolyn said...

Hey Mia,
I am a SAHM to three children aged 9, 7 and 4 from England and I love your blog!

My advice is pray a lot and don't try and do too much. Your priority will be keeping the kids safe and happily occupied so don't worry about too much else. Good luck!


Bonnie said...

Let the children work along side you as much as possible, but make it fun, let them set the table, clear the table , wash breakfast dishes, etc. My littles absolutely LOVE to help, but alas, I struggle with wanting to do it all myself, so its done faster.

Don't burn your self out with activities for them. Have a fun project or 2 planned (maybe a big welcome home sign for Mama and Daddy), it always seems like a grand idea to have projects/ crafts/ etc. but speaking from experience, they don't always fly with the children.

My husband *swears* by local honey for allergies! He really only has trouble after he mows, but just a bit of honey in some tea everyday seems to bring the itchy eyes under control. I found some local to our state last summer, and just replenished Monday, but even the honey bought at the Amish bulk foods store helps him, though its shipped from a few states away. We must have enough of the same flowers to make it beneficial.

Oh my, I didn't mean to write such a book! O well, have fun "playing house", I look forward to any updates you might be able to do!

The Working Home Keeper said...

We use local honey as well. I've noticed this Spring I have not had any trouble with the pollen as in years past. I didn't even think about the honey playing a role in that until reading your post!


Mary Ellen

Erika said...

Mia, I think you will do well!

We planted Irish Potatoes (Reds) and a few russets as well. Ours so I big now the nice warm sunny days have really popped them up.

We mulch quite a bit. We use old moldy hay and oak leaves lots of oak leaves. I bag them up with the lawnmower bagger and use what I can and then pile up leftovers for later season uses. Thick mulch works wonderfully. Most of our friends look at us like we are nuts. We are trying no till method this year but my mind is still drifting back to tilling so I am having to constantly mentally shake myself out of it :0)


Suzanne said...

We like to keep our meals simple in summertime too--lots of grilled chicken atop fresh greens, Ceasar Salad:-) We grill steak too and put that into salads with citrus dressings. Easy during gardening season is a must! I am sure you will be quite well with the littles. Just always keep the upper hand...LOL!

Lisa Deal said...

I have kept children for many families, and have found that if you over plan things then it get very overwhelming and you find yourself exhausted by the end of the day! So, my advice would be to have a plan for meals and a tentative time frame for nap time and bedtime... But leave room to just have good play time with the children!

Mia said...

Thank you all for commenting :)
Your suggestions are so helpful!
I'm glad to hear others have had success w/ honey as well!


Anonymous said...

God bless you (and give you tons of energy) as you take care of three little ones for the next few days! I'll say a prayer for you. = )

Mrs. Burnsed said...

HAVE FUN!! No seriously, have fun with the children! I agree with the others, it doesn't take a lot of "activities" takes a merry heart and a cheerful countenance :)
Enjoy this blessed opportunity and look for the Lord in every laugh (and cry)...He will be there with you.

"Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger."

Big fan of your blog! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Humbly in Christ,

daydreamer81 said...

Just remember, kids love to help with everything are doing, and letting them help and be involved makes them so happy! I will pray for you!

Trish said...

I agree with daydreamer81, keep the little darlings busy doing all kinds of things and smile lots, children love to be approved of! It also helps to keep a good meal/snack schedule, if they little ones get hungry they get crabby. At our house we have a small meal or snack about every three hours. I'll say a prayer for you. I am sure you'll do just great and what a blessing to have the chance to "practice" being the lady of the house :) I hope you'll post all about it


*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

Your blog is really sweet, I enjoy reading it. :)

Rhonda said...

Hello Miss Mia!
I enjoyed reading your blog, as always!
Well after today with my little Maria spilling her cottage cheese three times in a row! Just laugh!
Things I have learned to make life a little easier with children.

1.Children like to have a routine.
a. Regularly eating family meals
b. Getting adequate sleep
c. Limiting TV time/ screen veiwing...videos
d. A fun project to do with the children is always fun!
e. Read Read Read to them!

Keep meals simple a sandwich and soup make a quick meal!

You do just fine Mia!

Have fun with the children!
Many blessings to you!
In Christ's Love,

Anonymous said...

thanks for your post. andrew

Miss RJ said...

Hello Miss Mia,

I don't know if you remember me or not, I am RJ the oldest daughter of a family of soon to be 10, I have a blog Ring a bell? Well I was just wondering if you would like to do an interview? I would e-mail you the questions.. Please leave a comment on my blog and I'll e-mail you! (Sorry if that sounds kinda weird but, I really don't want my personal e-mail out there!)

In Christ,

A Victorian Cowgirl said...


My advice is this.. Pray for lots of patience, and to be able to make it fun for them, as well as for yourself.. turn things into games, whether it be cleaning, or setting the table, or letting them help you bake :-) They'll love it!!

You are an inspiration to many dear blog-world friend!!

Much respect, and love..
Your Sister in Christ,
Victoria Elyse

gail said...

Hello Mia, All I can see is very sound advise from the previous comments, so I wish you well and enjoy this little challenge.

Blessings Gail

Anonymous said...


How exciting for you to get to practice at being a mommy. I will keep you in my prayers.

As always, I enjoy reading your blog.


Aunt B said...

What wonderful advice you have received. You are in for a treat, this is going to be so much fun.
My advice is to get up earlier then the children, spend time with the Lord, in reading and prayer. Put a smile on your face. Remember nothing is too hard for the Lord to do. He will help you.
Find out what the children like to eat, and try to fix some of the food they like, as far as possible. Play with them and they won't for get you.
I love your garden, keep us posted.
Aunt B

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Mia,Your al fresco meal was in such a lovely setting! We love to eat outdoors, too! I hope my girls grow up with fond memories of this.

I saw you're growing okra! I grew up eating this every way you can imagine - I love it! Must plant some, too!

Mia said...

Thank you all for your encouragement!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mia
I am also clearing grass blade by blade! LOL! But I had a conversation about it with an Amish farmer after hearing from the "English" about how futile our work will be without the use of pesticides which I will simply not use. The farmer told me that it was not at all impossible and that the key is to nourish the soil by using things like lime. This depends on what your soil actually needs of course. Can you get testing?
The farmer told me all his fields were once grass and that not once has he sprayed but always has added lime for starters.
I hope this helps you.
I just introduced my own 17year old daughter to your blog and while she is shy about commenting, she just loves it here.
Take care of yourself