Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What we've been up to...

Thanks to many of my readers' interest, we're going to try and have the 2010 Old fashioned Picnic on Saturday October 2nd!! It will be held in the same location, click here for last years details.

If you're planning on attending, please email me with the following info:

Family name, number of individuals, and where you're from. Within the next week or two I will personally email you the invitation w/ more detailed info.

My sister had been crocheting the hexagon shapes as a side project, and when she had enough to use, it took about two weeks to put this bag together.

She lined the tote using her worn denim skirt, which I thought was a fun idea! She used the pattern in the Crochet Today Mar/April 2009 magazine.
My Mother in the parlour sewing curtains...

I have so many projects going on (and not enough time!!) but I'm attempting to sew a skirt that will not easily snag when berry picking. I'm using a beige heavy denim.
My sister is also working on a skirt..her own pattern though :)

Perfect weather for doing lessons outside! As of late, my sister has been giving piano lessons to my brother-- so that's been a fun, new challenge for him!

Our latest Living History event was located in a small town...My goodness, the surrounding meadows and historic homes were beautiful!!
I assisted Mr. and Mrs. Greene at the Mercantile...
this original building dates back to 1811!


Down the lane, my sister helped out the ladies inside...

She prepared and wrapped bandages...

We had a delightful time, and it was a treat to fellowship with some of the re-enactors and meet new friends!
What I've been doing....

I have two 30 ft. rows of red potatoes--during this overcast weather we've had, I've been "earthing up" around them. All my family members have their own plants/gardens they're taking care of, so we've been busy! We keep saying "Why not?" everytime we find a packet of seeds, lol! Goodness, to say we'll have variety at the end of the season may be an understatement!

Talk to you soon :)


Stephanie Ann said...

Your family looks so relaxed and happy. The purse your sister made is beautiful. I wish I could attend the picnic, I'm just too far north. I hope everyone has fun.

Pen Pen said...

You guys have been very busy. I love your sister's purse, the hexagons are so pretty. I hope you take lots of pic's of the picnic in October!

Goose Hill Farm said...

Hi, Mia~

I love the pic of your mom sewing.....beautiful!

Your garden is coming along nicely. We just lost ALL our peppers and tomatoes this past week with an unexpected frost. :> (

Have a great day!


happy momma said...

Mia, the photos were lovely as always. It's nice to peek into the life of your family. It would be nice to see how all your gardens are laid out, also do you have acreage or a small plot(if you have already told this, I'm sorry I have forgotten) I find it difficult sometimes to know where and how to place everything so it looks nice and not overgrown by the end of the season. God Bless.

M said...

Weve been doing the same with our Taters', nice work! :)

Blessings, M

Lucy said...

I'm amused that you view a building built in 1811 as old.My secondary school had buildings that were built in the 1700's, my home town has a Norman built church still in use which dates back to the 12th/13th century and my home village has an early medieval church which dates back to the 8th/9th century.So pah! an 1811 building is but a toddler! ^_^

The prayercoverings in the photos are great.

Mia said...

Dear Lucy,
Ok; 1811 is not old.


Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments!!

Janelle said...

I wish we could come to the picnic, but who would tend the animals? Not to mention, what would I wear, lol ;) Your potato row looks wonderful, I hope my do well, this is our 1st year trying. You all are such an inspiration :)

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Dear Mia,
Fun post! I love the pictures from the Living History event.
Though I have to say my favorite picture is the one of you(I am guessing it is you) gardening with bare feet:) I never wear shoes unless I absolutely have to:)

I know my family will want to attend the picnic if possible. I will e-mail and let you know for sure soon.

Love you dearly...

McKenzie Elizabeth~

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been busy! I just love those 19th century costumes... simply lovely! = )

Aunt B said...

I want to start a strawberry bed. Could you recommend a strawberry that would be good?
I love growing potatoes and have several rows planted.
Show us more of your garden.
Aunt B

Mia said...

Ms. Janelle,
Thank you for commenting!! I'm really enjoying seeing the progress of the potatoes!
I was hoping y'all would be able to come! Yes, that's me, bare-foot 'n all :) The soil was so inviting I couldn't help myself!lol
Thank you, Kate!
Aunt B...I'd recommend Seascape and Albion.Those are my best performers this year. I have about 5 varieties. I so appreciate your encouragement...I'll definitely show more photos of the garden soon!

In Christ,

Southern Maiden said...

Mia, I awarded you! You're a BIG blessing and your blog brightens up my day!

Rhonda said...

Just lovely as always!
I like the photo of you and your bare feet too.... we are always bare foot in the garden too! what is it about dirt between the toes?

Mia said...

Thank you for the award,
Southern Maiden!
Ms. Rhonda,
I know, the cool earth beneath bare feet is indeed wonderful!

In Christ,