Sunday, June 27, 2010

Camping Trip {and a recipe!}

The above photo is the park registration office;
This stone cottage was hand-crafted in the 1930s and the interior is stunning!
My family has been on holiday for most of the week :)
We attended a 4 day conference, (sorry I don't have any photos to share!) and for lodging we camped out at the beautiful FDR State Park!
My brother, Mother, and Father leading the way across the stream..

On Friday, we spent the day hiking through the wilderness of Pine Mountain Trail, one of the 45 trails the park provides. The humidity was very high, but we didn't mind-- but considered it part of the experience :)
My sister and I enjoyed a nearby creek along the way.
To tell you the truth, I was halfway expecting to come across snakes or foxes on the trail, but the most we saw were a variety of birds, chipmunks, and squirrels.
My brother with his gear on. He kept pulling out his nature book as we came across specimens of interest and would say, "To KNOW nature, you must BE with nature!!"

This is a snapshot of the mountainous scenery--It was inspirational to be so thickly hidden in the density of the woods. We trekked about 6 miles, and I loved how we were all by ourselves, various topics and stories were discussed, and the singing was fun of course. lol
We visited the Little White House historic site's Museum, and enjoyed the exhibits!
The FDR state park has over 9,000 acres, and we had a picnic lunch at one of the highest peak areas :) The view overlooks the valley below, and it was a lovely sight.
Cucumber Sandwiches

Our homegrown cucumbers are really at their peak! We've eaten them fresh with our meals, but I hope to start canning pickles soon :) Here's an easy recipe I created for sandwiches.

In a blender, combine:

*1/2 cup softened Cream Cheese, *1/2 cup Mayo, *1 TBsp sugar (or less to your taste).

Blend until creamy.

Use the spread on your bread slices as you would regular mayo :)

Serve and enjoy!


Now that we're home from our trip, we're a little tired,

but its good to be back...

To Cottage Life.

Laundry to wash, Weeds to uproot, Meals to prepare, Grass to mow, Rooms to tidy, Fresh food to pick....


Amy said...

Sweet post...I do love reading about your life and times. You make simple living seem so easy. My husband and I are about to transition from a 1400 sq ft place in town (albeit a small town) to a 900 sq ft place out in the sticks. Literally, the wild hill country.

The house we're going to be in is my dads, and not very nice (because it's an 20 year old double-wide home), not anything I'd ever hoped of living in, and not very I'm hoping to get many ideas from you and other bloggers on how to make this little not-so-homey place feel a little more like home.

Thanks for the wonderful posts.


Stephanie Ann said...

That looks like so much fun. I was like your brother when I was little. Perusing nature books is still a lot of fun!

Julian said...

so happy youre home! Maybe this means a bit more bloggin:)
miss christina

Mia said...

Dear Ms. Amy,
Thank you so much! We can relate to down-sizing(when we moved here we had to get rid of alot of extra storage--there simply isn't enough room! Plus, we also don't have closets) Sometimes it can seem discouraging when things aren't ideal at first, but look at it like a blank canvas. Anything you add to it will make it better and better, more and more like Home!
I believe The most inspirational homes most likely did not start out that way! Make sure to take pictures as y'all spruce up your new home, even if the changes are small (new room color etc.)

Just knowing that every change and update to the house was done yourselves--will be such a good feeling!
As the family moves in, Your new house will quickly become a home-y cottage!

Mia said...

Dear Stephanie Ann,

Yes, we did have alot of fun, nature books are definitely a favorite :)

Dear Ms. Christina,
It's good to be back! Yes, I'll try to blog more often! :)

Ashley said...

YUM! I love cucumber sandwiches; I definitely want to try your recipe!

And there's something so incredibly wonderful about spending time in God's untainted creation. He's so amazing!

Mia said...

Dear Ashley,
I'm glad you enjoy cucumber sandwiches too!
I agree, when we were out there it was awe-inspiring to literally be surrounded by his creation, what a blessing!
Even in the big city, a bird can land on your car, its vibrant colors glimmering in the wind---even in such different surroundings, I love to take a moment to dwell on the beauty of God's creation!
ps) Happy 21st birthday, Ashley!!


rebecca said...

Thank you for such an inspirational blog and the importance of simplicity. Too often we are caught up in "stuff" that we lose focus of what really matters, Christ and family.
I've never had a cucumber sandwich before but I must say I am going to try yours.
God Bless,
Mrs. Shepard

Joanne said...

Hello! I ran into your blog looking for a picture. I will have to check it out further when I have time, but I wanted to say I really enjoy camping. We used to do it nearly every weekend when I was growing up ... this really fostered a love for God's creation (although at the time I did not know or understand it).

Lord bless you.

In Christ,
Joanne in MO

asnipofgoodness said...

Beautiful pictures Mia, love that stone house, so picture perfect, and you made simple cucumbers look fantastic.

Anna said...

Hi Mia!

I enjoy reading your blog although I am not a christian, nor a homekeeper...

Keep up the good work!

I was just wondering about a thing: If your husband gets in an accident one day and you would have to provide for your would you do it (as without having a further education)? Would you then rely on your family?

Greetings from Germany!

Anna said...

Hi Mia!

I enjoy reading your blog although I am not a christian, nor a homekeeper...

Keep up the good work!

I was just wondering about a thing: If your husband gets in an accident one day and you would have to provide for your would you do it (as without having a further education)? Would you then rely on your family?

Greetings from Germany!

Anonymous said...

Mia,lovely photos, thanks for sharing your camping trip with us, as well as the spread recipe for the cucumber sandwiches.

Amy, Mia gave you some great advice. I might add a good scrubb'in and some paint will go along way to turning your new place into a cozy home.


Cricket said...

Beautiful photos as always! Camping is such a wonderful way to spend quality time with family.

Mia said...

Dear Anna,

If such a tragic incident were to happen, I'm confident that my husband's family, My family, and our church family would be there for us in that time.
I've decided not to worry about worst-case scenarios right now, and just focus on what I need to do today. Again, I don't know what the future holds for my life, so I strive to be faithful and hopeful, not worrying about tomorrow!
ps) I'm guessing that you're wondering whether I'd go into the workplace...Ideally I'd work from home, but all options would be prayfully considered during that grievious time.


AJ said...

Wonderful pictures, Mia! Looks like y'all had a great time. We like to hike too, and go camping, in the various Texas state parks. Although, I admit, I haven't tried hiking in a skirt yet. ;) It's good to be outside (where ever you are) and enjoy nature. "Wonder at the creation, Worship the Creator." :) Your sandwiches look good...we like to add tomatoes and sweet onions to ours. Glad you're home safe and sound. Take Care.

Deb said...

The scenery is beautiful. I have never heard of that park. The cucumber sandwiches look tasty too.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, I love museums like that as well.


Sophia said...

How fun! Looks like y'all had an awesome time!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mia,

How wonderful to spend such lovely days with your family amidst such beauty! The time to just walk around the splendor of the forest is enough to make you believe...yes, there is a God!

I agree with your answer to the young lady from Germany...Why is it that we need to rely on ourselves? Our Lord has created us to be in communion and in fellowship with others. To help others is such a blessing!

simply, maria.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

what a lovely post and thanks for sharing those photos. Some of those pics remind me so much of my home in Oregon. Now I don't live in the mountains..BUT I'm surrounded by lots of them..I have the privilege of seeing them every day :) :) Thanks for sharing that easy recipe for a sandwich spread. I'll have to try that when I do my next grocery shopping trip on Thursday.
Oh, I found some really cute vintage items at some yard sales last weekend. One of them was an old vintage cotton/lace runner that went across the top of a piano. the lady who was selling it was in her late 40s/early 50s...She said it belonged to her great-grandmother and lay across the top of her piano. She sold it to me for only $1. What made it unique was the fact that I could tell it was all handmade..and the crochet lace around the edge was handmade too!!! She knew I'd treasure this...and I will. I don't have a piano..but I have a lovely window sill this will look nice laying on!!! Have a lovely week, Mia...Hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but is there a NAME or something for the lifestyle you guys live? i want to learn more and find more people like you and your family but its a bit difficult, any terms i can search to make things easier?

Jeanne said...

Try adding Dill to this recipe' It is to die for Eso with cucumber sandwiches1

Mia said...

Thank you all for the encouraging comments!!
Ms Heather, I'm so excited for you--what a find, an heirloom for only $1!
As far as a name for the lifestyle, no, not that we know of. We just try to live simply and frugally and love old-fashioned things. We're not apart of any groups/organizations.


Rhonda said...

Hello Mia!
It's been awhile since I've peeked into your lovely blog.
What a beautiful time you and your family must of had! Photos are so lovely,as always!
I am going to try your cucumber snadwich, sounds so tasty! (Anything with cream cheese has got to be right? LOL)

I just have to say that I love the answer you gave to the woman from Germany. The Lord will provide when we trust in Him. This could happend to any of us "Stay at home Mums" I, like you, do not worry over such things. There are many things one can do working from home and still take care of the family. Higher education isn't everything it's cracked up to be. I know people who have masters and can not find jobs, and are working as janitors at hospital. Ok I'm getting off my soapbox now...sorry for rambling on and on.
Many Blessings to you and your lovely family!

Shan said...

Miss Mia,

I always enjoy visiting your blog! Those cucumber sandwiches look so delicious...I will have to try the recipe.

Yours so kindredly,
Honey Hill Farm

Joanie said...

Just visited your blog for the first time and I love it! Found it through Urban Homesteading and I'll be back often... My husband and I are working to transition our home/land into an urban homestead. My blog is, also, in transition at the moment.

Blessings upon your day and I'll see you again soon!

Leah said...

Great blog! I admire your feminine modesty and inspired words. I'm a new follower.

Jennifer said...

Greetings to you and your family! What a fun time you must have had camping! The state park looks lovely - the pictures from your picnic spot were amazing.
I will be trying your recipe for cucumber sandwiches. I always serve those at the ladies' gatherings I have. Yum!
Thanks for sharing. As usual, it's a joy to stop by your blog. I am blessed by it.
Happy 4th of July,
Jennifer Williams

Ginny said...

What a lovely time and lovely family.
I just do enjoy cucumber sandwiches.
Thanks for all the wonderful things you share. You are a good example to many. Have a lovely day!

American Home said...

Your words are always, always refreshing. Whenever I need a break from the world I always stop by and read your blog. You are a blessing to my family.

Lydia said...

You are such a tremendous blessing! My family loves your blog! I personally can never wait to see your new posts!Keep up the great work. You are so appreciated.
God Bless you and your family!
Please feel free to visit my family blog as well. Please let me know you came. You are one in a million!:)

Beverley O. said...

Great post! It looks like you all had fun. I really admire all that you do and have tremendous respect for you.
By the way cucumber sandwiches is a very British thing to do.

In Christ


Abigail said...

I love that picture of you looking out over the valley, or whatever it is. It instantly made me think of Pride and Prejudice (as if the music doesn't, lol)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful find, this blog! Being from Alabama, your words and pictures bring back many fond memories of a way of life hard to find nowadays.
You are an instant favorite!

Eric and Hannah Avery said...

Hi, thanks so much for the cucumber sandwich spread recipe. It looks delicious! I love the laundry picture. It is beautiful!

Maries Cottage said...

I just want to say that your blog is so inspiring, you are not only an aspiring homemaker but AN Inspiring Homemaker. What a breath of fresh air! Blessings to you!