Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Question & Answer

I'm opening up this post for my readers to 'interview' or ask any questions you may have!
In my upcoming post, I'll attempt to answer as many as I can :)
Although I've been asked in the past for interviews, I wanted to post an interview that is BY the readers, and For the readers. Y'all have been following my family's journey, encouraging us along the way, and I can trust that your Q's will be great.
Lurkers, come 'on out and participate :)
I look forward to hearing from all of you!


AJ said...

Hello Miss Mia! :)

How do handle "looks and comments" from others about vintage/old-fashioned/modest attire?

Do you (and your family) watch tv? watch the news? read the newspaper?

Is it difficult to do yard work and gardening in a long skirt or dress? (especially in the summer when it's super hot and humid)

What's the last movie you watched?

Do you use the a/c in the house during the summer?

Do you know just how much joy you give all of your readers? :)

~*~May God Bless You~*~

Angie said...

Hey Mia! You answered my questions in an email last year. My new question is about "hot" weather. Do you wear long sleeves and layers during the summer? I know it's possible to wear long modest skirts during the summer and be very comfortable. But...I've been really wondering about those long sleeves and undergarments I've seen in your photos. Whew! Aren't ya hot?! :) Hehe God Bless.

Madison said...

Hi Mia!
I haven't been by your blog in a while, because I had let my blog go slack, but I decided to pick up again with a new blog. :)
As for my questions... they have probably been answered before, but as I haven't been on your blog in so long, I shall have to ask them again. :)

How long have you been you been homesteading and wearing skirts and the like?

What got you interested in it?

Does it make life easier or harder to grow all of your food and make a lot of what you use in daily life?

What all do you have growing in your garden right now?

Can't wait to see your post with all the answers! :)


Stephanie Ann said...

Dear Mia,

1. What made you start a blog?
2. Did you ever think that many people would be interested in what you had to say?
3. Have you ever thought of making money from home (sewing or selling jelly or something similar?)
4. If there was one thing you could change in your house, what would it be?

This is fun. :D

The Working Home Keeper said...

Thanks for your time Mia!

I would like to know how your family came to be involved in historical reenactment.

Mary Ellen

Down the Lane said...

If you could spend a day with one particular woman (either historical or present day individual), who would that person be and why? Blessings to all of you.

M. Lane

Anonymous said...

When ya'll comin to visit us?? :-) tammyp

Jenni said...

Many of my questions have already been asked above.

I would like to know if you have any advice, tips, good websites to recommend Homesteading to those of us that would be interested in trying our hand at it.

Also, does your family make all of it's cloths? and along those same lines, do you always wear vintage or period reproduciont clothing?

And finally, you mentioned that your family is on its way to becoming self-sufficient...producing everything that you use. May I ask how that affects your family financially?

Anna B said...

Ok, I'm a lurker... out I come. :-)

One of my questions was asked above - do you get comments about your vintage clothes, and how do you handle them?

My other question is, what would you consider to be essential homemaking skills for a new stay at home wife (hoping to be a mom but not yet)? I find that many people write about how essential 'homemaking skills' are, but no one ever spells out what they mean!! :-)

Anonymous said...

What is one of the most difficult house chores for you? (in otherwords, the one you don't like to do)

Tammy Lynn said...

Does your church have many other ladies who live as you do?

cindy3232 said...

Hi Mia,
My question is why do you cut everyone's heads off in your pictures? It's so odd looking at all of your lovely pictures with headless people.

Cassandra said...

I don't have a question that hasn't already been asked. But I'm looking forward to the answers! :)

Brigette said...

My daughter (ages 9,7,5 and 3) and I just love your blog. I wish you would blog more :0)

I would love to get dresses like yours for my daughter without having to make them. Where is the best place? What do I put in my search engine? I have looked for nice hats for them and can't find any.

What kind of church do you attend and do other young ladies in your congregation dress like you? Are you the one that influenced them to dress this way.

Could we please see more pictures of your house?

Could you please tell us what you made or what you will make for a week of meals? Recipes would be nice too.

Thank you so much for blessing us by letting us peek into your life.

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Mia,
I was wondering what the pattern was that you used for your sontag?
My mother would like to make one. Thank you,
~Bethany Franco

Melissa said...

Dear Mia,

Your blog is lovely, a source of beauty and encouragement to me every time! You remind me of my girls so much that my heart runs right to you!

This isn't really a question, I just wanted to say that I love the photos of your home and daily life--never can have too many of those!

And also that I'm always interested in seeing and hearing from or about your mother. I'm intrigued by the connection between her ways and means and the 'fruit' that we see in you and your siblings here on the blog--the commitment, hard work, and love among you. I realize that God's grace is the ultimate answer in the character we see displayed in you, but I think maybe your mama would be a lady I'd like to know.:)

You are a beautiful family, and I pray that God would continue to bless you and bless others through you as He certainly does through this blog.

In Christ,
Melissa J.

one of us said...

Hi Mia, I guess I'll just come right out and admit it... I'm a lurker. =)
I think your blog is so neat! I really like all your old fashioned clothes.

I do have a question though, and if you don't want to answer it at okay. But I was just wondering, does y'alls family go to church? I was wondering because I'v never seen you say anything about it. Now I know I haven't been reading your blog for very long and you could have mentioned it before and I've never seen it. I was wondering about it, and I'll say it again if you don't want to answer this question and it's to personal, then don't. :-)

But thanks anyway! :-D


P.S. my family and I really liked that mustard recipe you posted severel weeks back. =D

The Lily Spring Craft Room said...

Dear Mia,

I can't wait to read your "interview" post! The only question I have is how you pronounce your name. :-) With a long "e" or a long "i" sound.

Part of me wishes you would post everyday, but I know the unrealistic-ness of that. I also find it a bit ironic that you (and other woman I know of who live an "old-fashioned" life style) have a blog at all! I am so glad you have it because I love seeing the things you do and picking up ideas and pointers, but it makes me giggle when I think about just how UN-old-fashioned the internet is! :-) Just a thought . . .

Oh yes! I just remembered another question! Where do you get all the lovely old photographs that you use in your posts and have on your sidebar? I would love to know! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hello Mia,
I love your beautiful blog. It is very refreshing. My oldest daughter is 13 and is very interested in reenactment. How do you go about finding a group to get involved with?
Also, what are your recommendations for jr. high/high school homeschool curriculum?
Thank you,

Mrs. R said...

I'm a lurker, as well... actually I've only been one for a couple of weeks, since I just discovered your wonderful blog. :)

I'm wondering: what are your favorite books? Either fiction or non-fiction, or for pleasure-reading or serious study. I love books and this is one of my favorite things to know about a person.

Since I'm here I'll say THANK YOU for taking the time to make these posts. We live a fairly old-fashioned life as well and are really encouraged to see others doing the same.

Michaela said...

Hello Mia - I'm delighted to have found your blog. :) I'm tagging 4 blogs with an award, and picked your blog as one of them. Just post 7 random things about yourself, then tag 7 (or more or less) girls. Enjoy!

Laura said...

How do you handle your Internet time? I know for me, it's all too easy to get sucked into looking at pretty pictures and reading interesting posts on great blogs like this, instead of actually rolling up my sleeves and getting to work. Just curious! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mia,

My question would be this one: since you and your family have changed your lifestyle (for the best!) how do you deal with comments and questions, since it's not for the most modern and up to date way to live?

Thank you!

Jennifer said...

Dear Mia,
Hello! I would love to know what your favorite book, song, movie, and game are. And where is one place you would really like to visit that you haven't been?
Thanks for your wonderful blog! I look forward to each post! There aren't enough of them! Lol!
I would also love to hear from your mother sometime! She must be an amazing woman to have raised you!
Jennifer Williams

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, where do you get your clothes? We rarely find such things at thrift stores. If you make them, what are your favorite(and easy)patterns?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mia,
I've been visiting your blog for a while, and it's so much like looking back on the life of a family in the 1800's!
I was wondering does it really seem like you are living in the 1800's? Do you enjoy it a lot more?
And also I was wondering, do you only use your computer for blogging and emailing? (I know this ones a bit odd, just wondering :P)

Thanks! :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Mia,

I found your wonderful blog a couple of weeks ago and have been lurking and reading back through it! Thank you for this opportunity to ask a question. Please don't worry about answering if you think it too nosy.

You said earlier,

"Independant and determined, I wasn't content to be at home; I basically followed the crowd, and anticipated the year I'd turn 18. To be out of the house, on my own & in college--that was it. I didn't care to be an 'example' to younger girls, or a good daughter/sister".

What I'd most like to know is, what changed, and was it sudden or very gradual.

Also- I'd love to know whether a pattern was used for the beautiful coat you wear with your Edwardian skirt, and if so what it was!

Many Good Wishes,


sem said...

I've very much enjoyed reading your blog over the past few weeks. My questions are thus:

1. Even before your family embarked upon this lifestyle, did you always eat pretty healthy, whole foods and such?

2. If not, what has been your experience with the before and after with that?

I've read plenty of material regarding the French way of eating, Michael Pollan's books, etc. Unfortunately, as I grew up with the disposable lifestyle of fast and processed foods, just knowing what's good isn't enough. The patterns and habits are so ingrained that I do not seem to be able to stick with a whole diet overhaul for very long. Any thoughts on that are much appreciated!

Thank you for your time!

HsAgape said...

Thank you Mia, you have such a lovely site!

I would like to know if you ever taken photography class, and what kind of camera do you use?

I just love your pictures and they way you display them is so artistic.

Do you use a special photoshop program?

Catherine said...

Hi, I found your blog last week and am finally caught up! :-) I'm glad you're open to questions.

My first: is your family a "homesteading" family or does your dad have a job outside of home?

Second: do you go to a church or do you home-church? If you go to a church are the other families old-fashioned like yours or more modern?

Third: How did your parents come to the decision to direct your family to be more simple/old fashioned? And how does your extended family feel about it?

Thanks for your blog - have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a wise young lady you are. I am old enough to be your grandmother and reading your posts has got me to look at a particular change coming in my life in a whole new way. I thank you. You are a blessing. Now for the question . . . does anyone else in your family blog?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mia!

My question is how do you wear those dresses and skirts through the summer? It is so terribly hot!

And do y'all run the air conditioner
through the summer?


~Mary A.

Mia said...

These are wonderful questions, Thank you everyone!

Anonymous said...

What are your family's favorite books to read out loud together? And, do you do this in the evenings -- or, at least, do you all read or work on projects together in the same room in the evenings like folks used to do?

What is your testimony (perhaps it's already somewhere on your blog)? How did your parents come to know and follow the Lord? What set your family on this grand adventure of self-sufficiency?

How will you and your sister hope to find the right husbands? How will your father guide you as you "pick and choose"? What words of advice do you have for girls in their 20s who are hoping to marry good Christian men, but who may not have many prospects in their church or community? What is your parents' advice for you and your sister?

Also, I'd love to hear more about your parents! How did they meet? What are some of the formative books that they read? How did they become who they are?


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I guess I'm "lurker"..I just started blogging a few weeks ago. I came to faith in Jesus Christ when I was 8 years old and I'm now 30-something :) :) I've been walking with Jesus long time now :) I don't even remember how I found this blog...I read quite a few really good blogs written by Christian ladies and they're so encouraging...and many of them share the same interests that I do. I live in the "city"...but Il ove the country.
Oh I LOVE Victorian, romantic, country, rustic, vintage etc...and I was really intrigued by your posts...but the best part that you are focusing on being the godly, Christian woman He created you to be.
I also took a peek at your profile because I was curious what blogs you follow...I noticed you like Big Band Era too :) :) I don't know a lot of names...BUt this music always puts me in a good mood. Anyway, just wanted to say "hello".
Oh questions...1) How did you come to faith in Jesus Christ? 2) What inspired you to start this really nice blog? It truly is a beautiful blog :) :)
Sincerely, Heather from Oregon :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love reading your blog. It has inspired me to live more simply, gratefully, and devoted to the Lord.

My question is... would you enter into a marriage with someone who shared your Christian beliefs, but not your convictions about stay-at-home wives and/or homesteading? Would you work outside the home if your husband wanted you to?

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker, too. A long time one. But I figured that I may as well come out and ask the question that has been in the back of my mind for a while... Do you dress the way you do because of a personal preference for dresses and skirts or because of a Christian conviction...? I apologise if I'm being too nosy.


Vicki said...

Hello Mia! What a great idea for a post!!

I'm sure you've probably posted this before, but where do you find all the beautiful old photos on your sidebar?

Also, I wonder about the proportion of time that you dress historically and the portion you dress just modestly. How often do you wear period clothing as opposed to more modern clothing?

Keep up the good work! :-)

Love in Christ,

Sarah said...


A question I had for you was, where do you get your vintage sewing patterns from? The dress you're wearing here ( is gorgeous, and I would love to know where you purchased it!

In His grace,

shirley said...
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shirley said...

Dear Mia, I just came across your beautiful Blog and was so taken with your photos that I am now a follower and a happy one at that. The recent picture of you and your sister captured my heart. I have two sisters and I love them so much. I can see that you have so much love for your family. Blessings to you!

Una Mariah said...

How do you ride a bike in a skirt?