Monday, September 13, 2010

A quiet week.

I love how misty our road looks in the morning.
My sister and I got up early to work in the garden before the sun came out, and enjoyed the cooler weather.
My Dad started a fall garden; uprooting our old tomato vines and other plants,
and made beds for the seedlings.

SecondHand Treasure

While my family and I were out at a second-hand shop, I found a lovely set of dishes at a bargain price :)

When washing china/fragile dishes, I put a thick hand-towel in the bottom of the sink to prevent any casualties :) I also used a crocheted washcloth. (If you make your own, be sure the yarn is 100% cotton!)
~This year my sister started playing violin--and figured it out rather quickly since she knows how to play piano/read notes. So I'll get out my guitar & we'll play songs together often, which is a fun time.

~We love to collect vintage music books :)
Our last big harvest of basil!! Now I know the best way to preserve basil is by making a pesto, then freezing it. I found Basil doesn't dry "pretty" like other herbs :)
Our last pepper plants are continuing to produce...
Native Pokeberry plants came up voluntarily this year...
the juice makes a wonderful ink for writing or a radiant dye for homespun projects.
It's always fun when we spend time together outside around a small bonfire.
In the evening we'll spread out quilts, talking and gazing at the clarity of the stars--since we're far away from city lights, it really is brilliant.

Also, we will be having the old-fashioned picnic at historic Indian Springs State Park on October 2nd. 11-3 pm. This will most likely be our last hosted event, so if you can come, let me know--and we look forward to meeting you :)


Emily of A Beautiful Life said...

It sounds like the winding down of your summer is going well and peaceful. We are on our way to buying some land and are excited to spend the evenings out under the stars where city lights can't spoil the beauty! I always enjoy your photos! You are so talented!! Have a beautiful week ahead!

Pioneer Beauty said...

Dearest Mia,
It's as though you can feel the Hot Summer Sun Setting and taking it's rest while the Cooler Fall Sun takes it's place in the Sky..I have always loved seeing the transitioning of the Seasons...though ours is very subtle and praticaly non-existant here in Southern California..I have always delighted in watching it happen elsewhere...and Lord willing some day soon we will be in a place where the Seasons make themselves known to you..
May Your Welcoming of the Fall Season be Sweet.
In Christ

custom seamstress said...

I love your photos. Fall is especially beautiful. The tip with the towel in the sink for the china is one I have to remember. They do chip so easily. And I do need to make pesto and freeze it. I didn't realized it could be frozen. THanks.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful week to me. I love the pictures, especially that first one and the last one. I also wanted to let you know that I sometimes freeze basil just as it is. As long as it is for cooking it works well - I like to throw it in with tomatoes and garlic and make a tasty sauce.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, wonderful pictures!

I love Indian Springs, it's really pretty there. I haven't been to Flovilla in a couple years but plan on going when we get back to Georgia in the fall.

I hope you have a wonderful picnic!

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Mia,
I surely hope we can come to your picnic, i will ask Mr.P. ~ Your dishes are lovely. tammy

Caley said...

Your blog is so inspiring. that was a smart idea putting a dish towel in the bottom of the sink to prevent any casualties, I would haven't have thought of that. I'm sure your sister plays the violin vary well!

God bless you!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Haven't had a lot of time to blog lately. Sure enjoyed catching up with yours this evening. Blessings to you all,

Deborah Parks said...

This was my first viewing of your page, and I want to say that your photos are lovely, inspiring, enchanting . . . You have a very interesting and enjoyable website! I will be back often!


Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Mia,

Thank you for another blessed post! I always come away feeling inspired :).

May you have a cooler September, and a beautiful autumn.



Gillie@LivingSimpleFrugalityBlog said...

Hi Mia, lovely photo's again!

I, too love the misty mornings you get in late summer. Misty mornings usually mean it is going to be a warm day too, which is nice. Now we don't live in the city I LOVE seeing the stars on a clear night, some nights they look SO close I feel I could just reach out and touch them :) Family bonfires sound great!

Tammy said...

Mia, another beautiful post! Your pictures and words are like sweet joy to my mind! Thank you! You are very talented. How I love fall too. We enjoy our bonfires and our fires in the woodstove too. It looks so wonderful there. I wish so very badly I could make it to your picnic, but the trip from WI to GA would be more than I can do. I pray you all have a wonderful time.
God's blessings to you all!
Tammy :)

elizabeyta said...

What a lovely post! I admit to loving quiet weeks.

Anonymous said...

I particularly enjoyed the first photo of the country road covered by dense fog. That was truly a beautiful photograph. It must be nice as well as peaceful to live in your country environment.

Those dishes are lovely, too. The off-white/eggshell color makes them look more elegant (at least in my opinion).

Anyway, take care, and have a blessed day. :)

-Lady Rose

Allison said...

Hello Mia! You have so many beautiful pictures. I love looking at them all! My brother plays the violin too.
My family and I are going to come to your Picnic!

See you there! : )


Rose said...

i know this is off topic but, do you wear your hair natural or relaxed? If it's natural how do you get it to stay so long and full but looking straightened?

I'm starting my natural hair journey and don't know how to style it.

Mia said...

Thank you for the encouraging comments!! Ms. TammyP & Allison, I look forward to seeing you all again! :)

In Christ,

Mia said...

Dear Ms. Rose,
Congrats on your journey!
I started transitioning to natural 1.5 yrs ago, so I still have relaxed ends :) However, I decided not to cut it, so I just wear it up to retain length.
I apply pure aloe vera gel to my hair, then wear a scarf/headband.
There's more to it, but if you'd like more info, please email me: --I look forward to hearing from you!
Thanks for the question, maybe in the future I'll incorporate a post on hair--I use natural/homemade products most of the time :)


Joy said...

What a lovely blog you have, Mia! I must echo what others have said...your photography is beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for visiting me! :)


Anonymous said...

Like your blog. What beautiful photography! Mary R.

Rosie said...

Hello Mia,
Lovely pictures ( as usual ). The ones of your sis playing the violin especially so..

Pesto, ummm....sounds delicious.....reminds me that I should use up some of our basil and make some....

Our peppers are done now, the garden is just about bare, only pumpkins left.

Your friend, Rosie

Anonymous said...


i love Emailing back and forth with you, and reading your blog.

your are a blessed friend <3
your friend
in Christ
~Hannah Eden~

Anonymous said...
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alisha a. said...

As usual Mia great post and BEAUTIFUL pictures! I too love quiet weekends :D

A sister in Christ and in Purity,

Mama Ayla said...

yum! i love pesto! those greens look lovely :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Mia, I am Elizabeth in N. Florida. I just found your blog and love it. It is just the kind of blog I was looking for when I started. Your music is wonderful! I would love to attend the picnic and meet you.My ancestors lived in Ga. and Ala. in the 1800's

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

What a great find the dishes are! They are so pretty!

Kara said...

Hi, Mia!
I've enjoyed your blog for a few weeks now, and always look forward to a new post. Keep up the excellent photography and inspiring posts. God bless!

Shannon said...

Hey Mia!
Don't know if you remember me. Your pictures look beautiful as usual :) Never thought about puting a thick hand towel at the bottom). I just saw a beautiful china set at a second-hand store the other day, 72 some pieces for $50!

Anonymous said...

My fall/winter garden is getting started as well! Very exciting time! I love your old photos on your blog!

Bella Michelle said...

What beautiful dishes you found on your treasure hunt! I hope you are feeling some cool fall breezes soon (we are still waiting on a taste of fall here in SC).

janice15 said...

Helo Good morning... I just stopped in and found your wonderful blog is simply feels so warm and cozy..full of love..I really like it here. I'm so glad that I have found you. It looks like you live in a wonderful blessed surrounding. Thank you for sharing it..I will be back. Please come to see me as well. I'm a new blogger Witherspoon..Janice..Have a very blessed day today...hugs