Monday, September 27, 2010

A visit to the city...

Small town shops...

Last week we drove up to Washington DC to attend a wedding reception and visit relatives.
We went through Historic towns on the way...

In one of the antique shops, upstairs was packed w/ beautiful fabric...with bundles only $1.60 ea.

I look forward to sewing soon!

^Photo courtesy of Allposters^
When we arrived in DC, the next morning we boarded the subway.

My sister brought her crochet project of course ;)
My family walking towards the Washington Monument.
The weather really was beautiful, making it easy to tour and walk to the various sites & Museums :)

The local officer on horseback


City Gardens
As we walked down the road, what a sweet surprise
to see areas of flower & herb gardens.
Kitchen Inspiration
In the Museum of American History, we visited 'Julia Child's Kitchen' which was a great exhibit; since I tend to like the domestic side of things! Not to mention I met and conversed with many food/kitchen enthusiasts which I found encouraging :)
Another view of Julias kitchen....
"If I can influence Americans to keep in the kitchen and make it a real family room and a real part of their lives, I will have succeeded beyond hope." --Julia Child
At the Museum of Natural History,
I ran into this couple who were refreshingly old-fashioned :)
On our last night in DC, we walked through a Historic part of downtown.
Heading straight for their local bookshop, we relaxed and enjoyed our time there.

A Blessed Week
A young Mother in our church just delivered a newborn, so I had the opportunity to spend most of the week at their home, managing the house and caring for their other children. It was a lovely experience, especially just watching her bond with her baby. I'm thankful I had the free time to devote to being a help to their family :)
This weekend, I sang and played guitar in my dear friends wedding. It truly was a beautiful event, and I loved the Autumn colors...

The Bridesmaids

I've had such a full weekend, y'all! I hope you enjoyed this update, I know it's been a while :)

Up next is the picnic this Saturday...bring your lunch and feel free to join us!


Pioneer Beauty said...

Dear Mia,

I loved journying with you on and during your travels..what a delight it always is..The Old Town Fronts..are always so beautiful and timeless...The Julia Child kitchen was pleasant as well...and what a blessing to b able to give of your time freely in order to be a Blessing to another family...
Thank you for sharing..
In Christ

kpaints said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Very nice pictures, as usual. Have a good week.

JennyMay said...

I am so excited to see the pic's of Julia's kitchen. I love love love her! I stumbled across your blog over the weekend and find it the most beautiful and soothing place to visit.

Kara said...

Very enjoyable update. I love historic towns! There's something special about exploring old antique shops, you kind of feel like you've walked through a time machine...

Patricia said...

The weather looks stunning! Thank you for the update.

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

You are such an interesting young lady!

Olivia said...

Oh, what a delightful post Mia!
Thank you for letting us enjoy your trip with you. I loved seeing the historic towns, the city gardens; and Julia Child's kitchen was thrilling. The wedding colors were lovely!

sem said...

My family and I visited DC in August. It was wonderful to see pictures that looked very much like my own. I even took some of Julia's kitchen, too!

from me to thee......... said...

My husband and I went to Washington DC two years ago, and what a wonderful place. I want to go back, sooooo much to see. It was a beautiful city, full of history, I LOVED everything about it.

Gillie@LivingSimpleFrugalityBlog said...

Hi Mia, thanks for your lovely photos once again, it looks like you had a lovely time. Have a great time at your picnic this weekend. I hope the weather is lovely too. :)

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

OH! You were just 2 hours from my little corner of the Pennsylvania woods Mia! If you ever venture up this way again, please know that you have a WELCOME here any time!
You have REALLY presented DC in a unique and lovely way in this post.
Thank you for this fresh look at a crowded, busy city!

Suzanne said...

I learned most of my cooking skills from watching Julia on PBS after school. I would rush home just to see her:-)

Sally Thomas said...

Your blog is beautiful, Mia! And I love Julia, too. That's a marvelous quotation, about living in the kitchen -- our kitchen is the family room in our house, and I'm glad Julia thought it ought to be.

Lucy said...

My geeky secret- I too sew on train journeys and knit at the dentist's- but hush! don't tell anyone!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely site with great photos and paintings.

Bria said...
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Bria said...

Wow lots of drama in your life right now! But I love your always cheerful expression of life.

Susan B said...

Hi Mia,
I've enjoyed reading through your lovely blog. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos! :)

Goose Hill Farm said...

Hello, Mia~

What a wonderful trip you had. You were in my neck of the woods. We are in a little town about an hour and forty-five minutes from DC.

I am so glad the weather cooperated for an awesome visit!


Anonymous said...


It's always my pleasure to visit your blog to be able to get a small glimpse into your lovely life.

I especially enjoyed the pictures of Julia Child's kitchen. You're not the only one with a "domestic side." :)

Have a blessed day.

-Lady Rose

Bella Michelle said...

What a wonderful trip! I love weddings of all kinds so I love reading about your trip to this one.

The Goulet Family said...

We just enjoyed your visit to the city. The wedding photos are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Your family is so beautiful! God bless you all.