Monday, June 13, 2011

June inspirations and meal ideas...

The days here have been sweltering hot and dry, but I must say, the veggies growing on the vine have made it all worth it :) There's nothing quite like your first crop of tomatoes and cucumbers!
~ A new surprise is that we have chicks, born last week! There are 5 little ones, and I love watching their delightful antics. They love to imitate everything they see the other chickens doing...Sometimes we spend alot of time just observing them.

Never miss an opportunity to enjoy the quiet moments of everyday. My brother built and painted a bird-feeder, and it's nice to see which types of birds visit in the dawn of the morning.
~During the warmer months, often we eat together on the front porch or picnic out-of-doors. A few readers asked to see what our meals are like...Here are a few that I managed to take some pictures of this week:

Baked Potato (w/butter and fresh parsley), Steamed Broccoli Florets. Sauteed Vegetables from the garden (Onions, Zucchini, Carrots, Garlic)
Brown rice.
~ Homegrown Tomato Sandwiches
Lettuce, Tomato, sweet Onions w/ garlic, smoky mushrooms, banana peppers, homemade mustard
Carrot Sticks

Bean soup w/ rice
Cheese Quesadilla,
Mixed greens w/ garlic and onions
Caramelized Sweet Potatoes
(using homemade brown sugar, organic butter, sea salt)
~ Bowtie Pasta w/ homemade Marinara sauce (including sauteed mushrooms, onions and herbs)
Fresh cut corn, Smoked Cabbage.By night: Every once in a while, we take an evening drive through the backroads...
~ By day: I took a bike ride down our rural neighborhood. I love that there are old cabins still standing...
~Many of the homes are tucked away, situated down long driveways. There are alot of cedar, magnolia & oak trees around here. We enjoy their shade during the Summer, that's for sure :)
~While I was outside, my Mother finished up gathering the clothes off the line...
.:Inspired by a Lily.:

"And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content." 1 Timothy 6:8

We have a few "wait and see" plants that we planted earlier this year, and what a pleasure to find out some were white Lilies! They opened in their fullness during a light rain shower--so despite the elements, I ran outside to take this photo.

Consider the lilies of the field, see the sparrows in sky,

How much more to Him are we worth than these?

~ fresh strawberries.

As I water the vegetables, my sister guides the pole beans along the twine...
My ginger cat joins us in the herb garden...
(I do believe her main motivation was to play with the twine)
~ Homemade stakes holding up the vining tomatoes...
~ "It's beautiful the summer month of June, When all of God's own wildflowers are in bloom; And sun shines brightly most part of the day and butterflies o'er lush green meadows play." ~Francis Duggan

The mellow breeze was really nice, so I thought I'd try to capture a few moments of it...

Hope you have a blessed week, my friends!

I'm traveling out of town soon to help cook for an upcoming event. Can't wait to show you pictures...and many thanks to my readers for the encouragement, both loyal and newly subscribed!

Question: What's your favorite Summer meal?


Angel said...

It's been pretty hot and dry here. But the crops in our garden are doing lovely. Thanks for the little step into yours! :)
Beautiful pictures! :D
Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Mrs.Rabe said...

My favorite meal during summer is grilled chicken with my own marinade, sweet corn and cantalope!

All your meals looked delicious, Mia! Lovely to read a post by you!


Mia said...

Glad to hear your crops are doing well, even in the midst of such high temps!! aw, Thank you dear!
Mrs. Rabe,
So good to hear from you :) That meal does sound wonderful..oh Thank you so much!

~In Christ,

dlogan said...

My favorite summer meal comes straight from the local farmer's market, all oraganic produce. Cold sliced tomatoes with simple herbs, a brown rice salad with carrots and dill, slow roasted spring chicken, and chilled watermelon. Nothing could be more blessed than God's bounty from the earth. Darby

kpaints said...

Simply beautiful...those family meals look healthy!

Anonymous said...

Your lovely simple life and your dedication to side-stepping the rampant consumerism of our culture in favor of other values are both inspiring. I am afraid I visit here too often, hoping you've updated - and it makes me miss living in the deep south so much!
(from a quiet fan)

Lydia said...

Hi Mia!

It has been far too long since I have visited your blog. I missed your blog! I so enjoy visiting your blog and it is alway refreshing to me.
God Bless you and keep up the realy great work!
Love in Christ,
Lydia Hoppman

Mrs B said...

It's always a pleasure to visit your lovely cottage :) If I was your neighbour I would come for tea quite often ;) Beautiful movie too.
My favoruite meal for Summer must be barbeque vegetables or something typical Norwegian as a porridge made of sour cream and some potato-sallad, eggs and cured meats after eating the porrige.

{ T G L } said...

Nice to see an update and to share in the hazy, hot mood of June. It was so nice to hear the crickets and guitar playing and contented chatter on the video. The food looks delicious. Would you be willing to share recipes?

This Good Life

Bonnie said...

I really enjoyed the video, especially the laughing voices and the windchime- so homey :0)
Beautiful pictures as always, you are so gifted at recording gentle and gracious living, and I am always inspired!
Thanks Mia!

Stephanie Ann said...

The meals look absolutely delicious! Out tomatoes don't even have flowers yet. I guess that is a big advantage to living in the south. Everything looks so tranquil!

Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Mia, Hey there. The Lord has blessed your family.
I am happy to have met you. It's nice that your tomatoes have come in. Our first is ripening. :) May Jesus bless ya'll!

Shelley said...

As always a lovely post...loved the video...thanks for sharing....blessings to you and the family.

Pamela Gordon said...

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing a little part of your life on a June day. Our gardens are just being planted as we have had a very wet and cool spring here in the northest (Maritimes, Canada) and we'll not be eating tomatoes for weeks yet! Blessings to you. Pamela

Suzanne said...

Greetings Mia,

I love the flowers around your cottage. Our peonies and irises have blossomed. We are in MA so it is fun to see the contrast in the seasons. Our favorite summertime meal, that we take outside is a salad that I posted here:

Very yummy and you can change up the ingredients with what is growing in the garden.

Stay cool!



Rebecca said...

Lovely, as always!

Where did you find your wicker wash basket? I'd much rather use wicker than my ratty old plastic ones!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

It is always a blessing to stroll through your property with you. Are you guys vegetarians now? The food looks amazing!

AJ said...

It's super hot and dry over here in South Texas. My garden isn't too well this year. I'm glad to see yours is though. :) Thanks for posting such beautiful pictures (and video). I truly enjoy visiting your blog and seeing simple things like a dainty white lily too. ;)

Your Sister In Christ ~

Kate said...

Are you vegetarian, or just not big meat-eaters in the heat?

You can send some of that heat to Upstate New York. It's 58 degrees today, cloudy and windy. My tomatoes and peppers are still seedlings, stunted from the cold that keeps settling in.

Amy Jo said...

Hi Mia,

Your meals do look good!! My favorite summer meal is smoked chicken, smoked on the smoker outside, potatoe salad, baked beans, you can put them in the smoker as well, and homemade icecream!! (banana or cherry)
Have a blessed week,
Amy JO

elizabeyta said...

Thank you for sharing. Your garden is lovely.

Hawthorne said...

Mia, I love to read your posts and especially to see the pictures - looks absolutely heavenly, in more ways than one! Love your beautiful pussy cat too ;-)

God bless you and yours for sharing your joy, peace and love! x x

Amy said...

Beautiful! Breath taking pictures!

villarosa said...

As one of your friends above said, I check your blog often to see if we have a new glimpse to read from your family's life. In this busy culture we live in, the slice of heaven we see in you and your family is soothing and inspiring! Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us.

All is beautiful that you share in these photos! I'm sure angels love to dwell in your home and surroundings. Thank you so much for living a Godly life. Your parents are to be humbly commended for their Godly walk and nurturing of their family. Blessings dear heavenly sojourner...

from me to thee......... said...

Mia, I just love your blog....everything about it is so calming, beautiful...a delight to the eyes and mind......some of my favorites things to eat in the summer is: tomato sandwiches, pasta with all the fresh things I can find in the garden...thanks again, smiles, Linda

Melissa said...

What a lovely, spirit-nourishing post this is! It is such a gift to get a glimpse into your days! We moved from the country to town this last winter, so my little forays into your garden and home are especially welcome! The video is delightful. :) I've watched it twice already, loving the quiet, soothing, summery beauty. My favorite summer meal would probably be bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches, with old-fashioned cucumber, onion, cream and vinegar salad on the side! Blessings to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mia and Family!! I miss you all very much. So thankful to see the update. Favorite summer meal, homegrown tomatoe sandwich, pasta salad, squash and onions, fresh fresh fresh corn, tons of fresh fruit and ice cream!! With lots of love~tammyp

Anonymous said...

What a lovely place to live! :)
We enjoy tomato, onion, pickle sandwiches with fresh 'sun' tea.

Now that you have received your diploma, are you going to continue your education? (at home, I mean)

Plum said...

Your photography is simply stunning.

Anonymous said...

I, too, probably spend too much time on your blog hoping for another post but it is well worth the time I spend. I have already tried two of the recipes I found in older posts (homemade crackers and no knead bread) and both were enthusastically acccepted by my "boys". (I am the only "girl" in the family, so I am sometimes desperate for feminine things, LOL) Keep up the wonderful posts as I will check back often!

house keeping charlotte nc said...

Your pictures are so pretty! They made me remember why summer is my favorite time of year! Thanks for sharing!

Kennesa said...

Wonderful post Mia! Lovely pictures! Positively beautiful! I'm happy that your garden is doing good. Ours is doing pretty good too, and the tomatoes are sooooo good when you eat them right off the vine! Compared to homegrown, storebought tomatoes have no flavor!
Thanks for another great post!
Your sister in Christ

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Mrs. V said...

Your cottage is so pretty in all seasons! If we've got it, I stick a chicken in the crockpot outside before Sun. service so supper is ready in the afternoon. But the leftovers into chicken salad stuffed into fresh tomatoes w/ slices of melon are the best hot weather meal we look forward to all spring.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

It is just now starting to get really "hot" in Oregon...I use parentheses because it's only 78 degrees...but also really humid. So it feels hotter than it actually is...good thing we have air condition, if needed.

Your ginger cat is so cute. There's a ginger/white homeless cat that roams my apartment complex. I call him "Sherbert" because he reminds me of orange sherbert and vanilla ice cream (the coloring of his fur)

I LOVE marinara sauce. Did you post a recipe for your homemade version on your website? Enjoy the loveliness of summer :) :)

I'm going to have tea with my dad :) :) This should be funny. He doesn't drink tea, but rather soda. so as long as he drin ks it from a teacup, I'm happy :) :) I found four Battenburg lace placemats and matching napkins for $2 at a yard sale. It will match my Battenburg lace table cloth...and table runner ;) :)

Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather ;) :)

p.s. Love all the photos ;) :) :)

Diane said...

I absolutely love your blog! Always such a wonderful inspiration. You allow me the chance to slow down and simply enjoy the wonderful gifts God has given, and I thank you for that!

gail said...

Hello Mia,

I really enjoy my visits to your blog. We have had some perfect winter days here after what seems like weeks of rain. Our gardens are waterlogged and our veggies are looking very sad. We do not get snow in this part of Australia and our winters and summers are quite mild compared to many parts of your country. I guess my favourite summer meal would have to be lovely freshly caught fish from the lake near our home and a nice salad from our garden. We lightly panfry our fish. After our meal I like to finish with a fresh fruit salad with a dob of ice-cream.

Blessings Gail

Amy said...

Anything on the grill. I love to take fresh tomatoes and slice them. Put them in a layer in a 9x13 glass pan, sprinkle them with olive oil, salt, fresh ground pepper, basil, and garlic. Make another layer and do it again until the pan is full. Chill. I love it as a salad, but it is just as good on hamburgers. I love to end the meal with cold watermelon or sherbet.

Been so darned hot and dry here in Texas. My plants are suffering. I water, but after some days that were 103-105, their aren't happy. My herbs are the only ones that seem ok. But I can't plant in the ground as we live with family. So I look forward to the day that we have a place of our own again.

Have a blessed day.

Doris High said...

I found your blog on a reccomend. I love it, and will add you to my Google Read so I can see more on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Your blog was recommended to me,and I have enjoyed it so much today! Thank you for sharing the beauty all around you, and your lovely life.
We have a community garden plot, and have so enjoyed learning to raise vegetables and berries! I home school with my son, I have two other sons that are grown and married.
My favorite summer meal is tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden with feta cheese, lemon chicken, brown rice, and chard stir fried with garlic.
May the Lord bless you and your family, Jenny

Cathyjo said...

Oh my daer hi you know that I just love your blog.It bring one closer to the Lord you can feel the spirit while reading.Love all the picture's and realy enjoyed the video. I love homemake bread/butter/fresh vine ripe tomatoes along with a cold glass of lemonade/mint.(Hugs)

Whitney said...

Hey Mia, I stumbled upon your blog and was impressed. I idea of writing on homemaking from a perspective other than as a mother is really inspiring. I blog at and focus on homemaking during the time between unmarried and motherhood- the full time wife role. Thanks for your great messages in your blog! :)

Autumn said...

I love the chicken picture!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog you have made here. Thank you. My first thought when I watched the daisies in the video was, "Oh no! Think of all the snakes!" then, of course, remembered you don't live in Australia and probably don't have to worry about that :)
As for a favourite summer meal, that would have to be a fruit salad of strawberries, grapes, watermelon and canteloupe. Or just a plate of watermelon.
(Another) Suzanne

Aritha said...

What a beautiful blog! I like your pictures.
My favourite summer meal: wraps with chicken, stir fried Italian vegetables and cheese. Dutchman eats a lot of cheese. Also in the summer.

Kris in WA said...

Hi Mia, the other day I found your blog through a link posted on one of my favorite websites ( and have spent several delightful hours in the evenings after work reading through your previous posts and looking at the lovely pictures you have taken (and listening to the beautiful music on your site!). I live in the suburbs of Seattle so we are just starting our summer ... we don't even have our first strawberries and peas ready to harvest from our garden yet, but they are almost ready! I am a bit envious of your summertime garden bounty!

Someday I hope to have a cottage on acreage too. Your family sounds wonderful and so original. I commend you on using your talents and sharing your beautiful life with others. It makes my life a little more beautiful, too.

Best to you and your family -- I can't wait to read your next posts!


Susan B said...

Another lovely post! I am always blessed by reading your blog. I enjoyed all of the photos and the video. You live in such a beautiful area!

I think my favorite summer foods (or meal) are fruit salad, corn on the cob, watermelon, barbecued beef, strawberry short cake for dessert!

Enjoy a lovely week!

Rhonda said...

Hello Mia!
I so enjoyed reading your blog! So lovely as always!
Gosh I just got my garden planted and my tomatoe plants are just getting started, we won't have any tomatoes til end of August!
My favorite summer meal would be the days I make bread, then we have pizza night! I like fresh sliced tomatoes, fresh basil, and homemade feta cheese crumbles. Another summer meal would be Fish cakes, potato salad, watermelon, and a fresh salad greens. Gosh I love's hard to really just like one!
Many Blessings to you and your family!

{ T G L } said...

Hi there!

Just letting you know I wrote a mini-review of a number of blogs I like on my blog and it includes yours. I hope it generates you a little more traffic and interest.
You can find the post here:

This Good Life

Miss Sophia said...

It looks so warm where you live! Our garden is languishing, unlike yours it seems. . . At least our strawberries are coming in!

Anonymous said...

Mia, Alway's so please to come and see an update, it alway's relax"s me and helps my soul to be still and listen...thank you so much, warm loving hugs from Vermont

Jacqueline said...

I am new to your blog, dear Mia. I feel a kindred spirit through the Lord Jesus! There is peace here. We are both recommended on our mutual friend TGL's blog. That is how I learned of you. I, too, enjoy the simple country life. Thank you for a peaceful visit.
Many blessings!

Civil Folks said...


Good to read your blog. Hope all are well, we are doing pretty good.

Frank and Pamela

Maellen said...

*sigh* Lovely!

Dulantha said...

Full of natural beauty.....
I love nature too.

Very creative home gardening.

Nice blog. Keep going on

Jennifer said...

Dear Mia,
Hope you're having a wonderful summer. I know it's been a hot one. I've missed reading your posts; I hope you have time to post one soon.
Thanks, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Mia, hope everything is well at your home. I've noticed you haven't been blogging very much lately. Hopefully you and your family are just enjoying life.

Hannah said...

Please come back and blog! :) We LOVE your blogs! My two children always run eagerly to see when I call that you have a new blog. They love the cat we call Ginger! Hopefully you are having a good time! Can't wait to hear about it!

Richard said...

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Mia said...

My dear readers,
Everything has been going well, thank you for your encouraging comments--I look forward to posting soon!

Blessings in Christ,