Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Beauty of the Summer months

{A homemaker preserving fruit, 1943}

I always look forward to the summer months.
The plants that were so fiercely protected during the biting winds of March are now flourishing with harvest! One of my favorite fruits of the season are Peaches...

{The view from across the lane} So we took a Sunday drive to our states' oldest, family-owned peach farm. Tucked away in the country, It was a wonderful experience-- I enjoyed talking with the locals and meeting folks who traveled many miles for these sun-ripened peaches :)

After we picked about 2 bushels of peaches, I went over to sample their peach jams and spreads. It gave me some ideas for my own preserves! The warehouse was decorated in vintage style--an old oven, antique hutch, and plenty of photography from days gone by.
~ Of course I had to check out their cookbooks, heh.
I was very inspired though, Georgia has some amazing food history...really!
~ Locally grown veggies..ah, warms my heart!
"Food waste is the enemy, food thrift the battle cry, and food conservation the weapon...and involves every household.." ~Charles Pack
~A few months ago, my dad and brother built another dwelling for the chickens...They used boards and scrap pieces cut from our own pine trees.
~ 'Tis nestled under the canopy of the surrounding trees, and so far there hasn't been any problems with intruders. I really enjoy the chickens, they all have their own funny personalities.
~ I recently attended a local book sale, and I definitely came away with some treasures, my favorite being, "Teen guide to Homemaking". It's a collectible, in great condition and I only payed $1.oo for it :)
~Although published 50 years ago, much of the instruction is certainly timeless. I was definitely encouraged to improve my sewing skills!

"But do life's plain, common work as it comes, certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life." ~R.L. Stevenson
~Lots of veggies from the garden! Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, peppers, squash...
I've been freezing the tomatoes this year instead of canning them, it's been great.

~Cottage Living. It's the little things that make a house a home.

~We've harvested quite a bit of onions and garlic from the garden, and I've enjoyed growing them because they're such low-maintenance! Ah, garlic and onions are a staple for our home cooking, and I really feel that they keep common colds at bay! Hopefully I'll be planting more this fall.
~While I was at a dear friends house, I was able to show a young girl how to bake cookies, and we had so much fun in the kitchen! I hope to do a cooking class for the young ladies in our church soon.
The Beauty of Home Remedies: Many of my long-time readers may remember that my sister has asthma...well recently, she began to have symptoms of an asthma attack, so we turned to Mullein. We have several growing in our yard, so we quickly tore off a few leaves, dried them, and used it in a tea, along with sage leaves as well. It definitely was beneficial, and paved the way for her recovery! So I'd reccomend it, as it has excellent healing properties.
~{Mother working in her cottage garden}
I appreciate the values that my parents nurtured and instilled over the years in my siblings and I. My mom's ministry of motherhood has had a huge impact on how I do things. It hasn't taken books, curriculums, seminars, conventions etc. to convince me of why cultivating a love of the home is so valuable. Rather, living a lifestyle of learning, filled with patience, love & tons of laughter has penetrated deep within, and has strengthened my convictions-- truly it has.

"Summer afternoon--summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." ~Henry James
~*A beautiful day for a wedding*~

I recently traveled up to Ohio to attend a wedding, and it truly was a lovely event!
~The bride and groom as they cut the cake at the reception...
~As we gathered together on the cobblestone street outside, a mother helps her daughter with her balloon while we wait for the newlyweds to arrive.
At the appointed time, we released the balloons! It was a beautiful sight as they floated up into the sky.
One of the bridesmaids, waits with a friend as we begin to take pictures. Ah, green is my favorite color!!


A few ladies as they were getting their cameras' ready...
{The back of the bridemaids dress}
As we walked downtown, the air was warm and breezy, and the sun was beginning to set--casting a lovely glow as we headed toward the fountain to take our last few photo's. It was a beautiful moment, indeed.

~ "And as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee." Isaiah 62:5