Monday, August 22, 2011

Cottage Industry:Thoughts on working from home

When young women are interested in staying at home until marriage, the question often comes up: "What's there to do all day if I don't go out to work?" Everyone's situation is different...But if you do have the option to stay at home, I just wanted to offer some thoughts on Cottage Industry.
~ Since graduating in '09, I've been able to use this time for growing in my interests and hobbies. I quickly found that the most valuable way to spend time before working from home is to Volunteer your time to learn a skill that you admire. By gaining the experience, you're able to grow more in your knowledge of that field :) Whether you're interested in Midwifery to Basket-weaving, use this time to study and learn all you can :)

So here are a some ideas for jobs you can start from the home:


Hampton university Home Ec class, 1902

Baking from home and selling to local cafe's/shops

Making 'freezer meals' for families (this is such a blessing in the church)

Putting together a frugal meal plan for families on a budget

Culinary photographer for businesses


Cooking/baking classes for students

Teaching a class on food history

Teaching a Nutrition/Organic food awareness class
Sell canned/preserved foods from home
Start a home-based catering business

~Lead a sewing class~
If you're skilled in the area of sewing, there's a huge demand for affordable modest clothing, historical attire etc. Websites like Etsy and Ebay are great places get started. Embroidering initials onto cloth handkerchiefs, Tailoring garments, sewing purses/totes/bible cases are also projects you can sell.

Teaching a class is such a beneficial way to share your interest with others, and at the same time, you're able to bring in an income for what you love to do... Many establishments welcome independent teachers of hand-crafts!

~ ^Learning the art of Butter making, NC college 1899^
Teach a gardening class, start a home-based plant nursery, sell heirloom/organic seeds online, organize a flower/plant swap in your community, make homemade soap, lotion or candles. Sew heavy-duty gardening aprons. The list could go on, but these are just ideas to get you started ;)
What we've been up to:

My brother begins to work on yet another story he's writing...
~ When we went to visit my Uncles' shop, he told us about his community garden he started earlier this year...Now it's time for a fall planting!
~We stopped by the local booksellers...
~ The beauty of books. I don't believe we stayed long enough!
~My family took a walk through a quiet downtown neighborhood...
~And we were struck by the beauty of all the greenery and gardens in the front of many of the homes..quite a lovely sight to leave with before heading back on the road.
Time for an Old-Fashioned Camp Meeting!
Driving through the foothills of Missouri
The landscape was so refreshingly lush,
those hills filled with clover and promise of a lovely week. I watched as the sweet, warm breeze moved among the thicket of trees...
~Nestled down a long country road, we finally arrived at the Camp-meeting :) Surrounded by nearby farms and clear skies, it was a beautiful sight to behold.
~One afternoon, a group of us took up our chairs to have an outdoor service under the canopy of the trees. As we hiked up to the trail, we passed an old cabin that was built over a century ago...
~ ~An old songbook rests against the antique pew~

In the calm of the morning hour, it was lovely to begin the day with acapella singing and prayer. The slight rustling sound of dried grass, and the earthy scent of the fresh hay became sweetly familiar to me as we knelt together in prayer daily.
~ A precious moment--my dear friend writes with a young girl.
~ A light rain brought about cooler temperatures--quite a relief from the August heat :)
~ One morning I asked this young lady what she was drawing, and after showing me her beautiful illustrations, I encouraged her to write about it--I wanted to know the story behind the traveler & his horse! ;)

She said they were on their way to the Camp-meeting...I asked,"Where did they come from? Will he let the horse stay by the lake during the day? What's its name?" And from there her story began to unfold.. So all during the the week we'd come up with more ideas!

I must admit, there's something beautiful about assembling together with friends... in unity of spirit and mind. Within the serene atmosphere of the countryside, it quietly reminded me of home.
~"Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the LORD." Leviticus 19:32

It was a blessing to be able to lift the spirits of the precious elderly, as we visited a nursing home to sing. There were dozens of young people who attended with a song on their heart, ready to share. It was a memorable experience, indeed.


The sights and sounds of young children at play, whether they're dashing behind hedges or running across the lawn in delight, were filled with that old-fashioned innocence that truly made me smile :)
~Back to our dear Cottage duties.

Aprons to sew, Meals to prepare, Laundry to wash, A heat exhausted Garden to clean up... Our home & recipe updates will be coming up soon, my friends!