Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Portrait of country living {& A Giveaway}

The last few weeks have been full with projects, keeping us outside while the weather is pleasant. I appreciate that Autumn is not the end of the gardening year, but rather the start of next year's growing season! So with that in mind we're doing all that we can before the cold front sets in!

~On a clear & windy afternoon, we decided to go out searching for any roses, shrubs, and other plants in the woods. The yellow Goldenrod was everywhere, so we transplanted a few as well.

~The air was wild with leaves falling upon our shoulders, as we searched for the perfect sized plants. In the warm sunlight, I came across a bee resting contentedly on the blooms.
~My mother began to move a few bushes...

~Yet it was nice to see so many types of flowers..Some may be considered weeds, but I think they're just lovely.

~We loaded up the wagon with the plants, and watched as my brother pulled it across the property. It creaked and wobbled all the way to the front garden, and even the chickens observed as we passed by the gate.

~This is our favorite time of year to go bike-riding through the neighborhood. The roads are scenic, and most families out here are farmers, so it stays quiet--except for the distant hum of tractors out in the fields during harvest-time.

To keep the task of dish-washing interesting, I listen to the radio, especially classical music. It holds a special nostalgia to me because we listened to classical music during 'school time' in our early years of homeschooling(10 yrs ago!). It calms the atmosphere, and you even learn about composers which is nice.

In the kitchen, my mother and I sat down to discuss our Thanksgiving meal preparations...It was so enjoyable to go through our favorite cookbooks, reading inspiring recipes to come up with ideas. I'm really looking forward to sharing with y'all what we do :)

~In the garden, the English peas have been planted.
~I love fresh, tender salad greens...there's something visually delicious about the combination of its vibrant mixed colors & delicate taste. Truly, even a simple salad can be an art form in its own way.
~Homegrown food is an expression of humble economy. Although our gardens aren't very established yet, its been encouraging to see what we have been able to harvest thus far. With a little patience, these seedlings we transplanted today should do pretty well.As they grow, they're able to supply nourishment to our family throughout the upcoming winter months.
~One afternoon, I came across a butterfly enjoying this old, forgotten piece of fruit. It struck me because even though the fruit is slowly deteriorating, the butterfly doesn't care about the outside..only the sweet inside that I couldn't see.

{"...For man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7}
Lately I've been trying to gather pecans from our many trees around the property. So when I have extra time during the day, I shell the pecans and put them up in jars for later use.
At the sewing table, a winter hat gets freshened up with a few flowers sewn onto the band.
~The picket fence needed a bit of paint in a few on a clear day, my sister was able to remedy the situation :)
~Simple White Alfredo Sauce
This is an all-purpose and basic recipe..I've used it many different ways...enjoy!

In a sauce pan, heat 1 TBsp butter & 2 Tbsp Olive Oil until hot..then add 3 TBsp flour (mix it in well). Turn off heat and let sit for 1 minute. Add 1.5 cups milk, stir and bring to a boil. Add 1 (heaped) cup of Parmesan cheese & 3 minced garlic cloves. Return to a boil, then add 2/3 cup milk and 1/2 tsp sea salt. Serve over pasta ;)
~One of our pumpkins from the garden...
~As the sun began to set, I watched the calm landscape from across the meadow.
Lately, meals have been prepared over an open fire. It's been lovely to gather around on chilly mornings and evenings as we eat together outdoors.
The chicken pen was expanded a few months ago, and so the new grassy area was cleared in record time. One thing's for sure, weeds aren't an issue when chickens are in residence!
~~A corn-husk broom & dried cotton plants~
I recently got a chance to spend the day in an 1850s cookhouse, and I do believe I had too much fun ;)
Early that morning, I arrived with my baskets filled with fresh vegetables, herbs, and everything else I'd need for the day. After preparing the bread dough, I began to make old-fashioned apple fritters before the students arrived.
~ "...The mass of cottagers lived on bread, bacon, lard and weak tea as their staple diet, and whatever fruit and vegetables they could grow themselves. Eggs and milk were available to many, and according to the season, they were able to gather blackberries from the hedgerows..." -Philippa Drury
~I encouraged the children to gather in close as I balanced answering questions while demonstrating how to fry apple fritters. I brought along an old iron that belonged to my great-grandmother, and what a delight to watch the children experience how heavy it was! As it was passed around, the expressions were priceless!
~There's nothing like good, hearty potato soup on the stove, mingled with the aroma of fresh bread right out of the oven. It's amazing to me how the most rustic meals are often so simple to make.
'Tis true that it may not be fast, quick, and less than 4 ingredients...but let me tell you-- at the end of the day, the rich, flavorful broth and fresh veggies produce a soup you'd enjoy immensely, I'm sure. I wish you could've joined me though, I had an extra wooden bowl and plenty to share. Standing in the doorway, I watched as the last of the children walked down the brick path, some with shouts of, "Bye miss Mia!", others with shy waves. As I walked down to the herb garden, I tucked a few sprigs of lavender in my apron before entering the cookhouse to tidy up. Soon my baskets were packed, and I swept the floor one last time before traveling back home.
I'm so excited that I have over 1,000 followers! To celebrate, I'd like to giveaway a few things that I've tried and enjoyed:

*The Complete book of Small Batch Preserving {by Ellie Topp and Margaret Howard} Wonderful book, it has over 300 recipes, many full color pages, and its easy to read.

*Pomona's Universal Pectin {This has been THE BEST pectin--It doesn't need a ton of sugar to gel--Rather, I'm able to sweeten jams with fruit juice concentrate, maple syrup, honey, stevia, low sugar etc...its adaptable, and you have freedom to create your own recipes.}

**Also: I'm including a note to you, and Hand-written recipes {including the vanilla-spice jam recipe}.
~ "What do you love most about the Autumn season?" Answer this question in the comment section and you'll be entered! The giveaway ends Saturday November 12th, 2011. If you don't have a blog, be sure to include your email so I'll be able to get in touch with you :)

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you!



Rebecca said...

What I love most about Autumn? So many things! It's my favorite season. Today I washed the sheets so I'll say that my favorite thing is the cold, faintly smoky smell that laundry has in the fall.

Clara said...

My favourite things about Autumn are the colours God paints His world as the cooler weather comes. :) Autumn is so refreshing after a long hot summer!

Suzanne said...

I do believe the crisp, clean smell of the air. Very different from any other season:-)

Amy Jo said...

Hi Mia,

A lovely post as usual! What do I love about Autumn? So many things... Here in Florida it is very mild. But we get a much needed break from the heat of summer. I love the way the breeze blows through our open windows. The sun shines and the breeze cools. I love the way the light changes and everything old looks new. Most of all I love the holidays and spending time with family and friends.

Blessings to you,
Amy Jo

Kelly said...
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rebecca said...


What I love about autumn are the changing leaves, cooler temps, and the smell of soups/stews filling the home. Not to mention a pot of cinnamon apple cider simmering on the stove after a walk. YUM!

Marie said...

I would love to enter your giveaway! My favorite part about autumn would have to be the changing of the leaves. I love all the beautiful colors that fall brings. I love the change in the weather...the cool, crisp air! :)


kpaints said...

I love the beauty of the trees and knowing I can soon retreat to my cozy home to crochet, knit and craft the cold days 'away'.

DeeMama said...

The explosion of color is what I look forward to all year long! I find beauty in evey season of the year without a doubt but Autumn is my true favorite!



rebecca said...


I forgot to add my email address; my post is about cinnamon apple cider:))

Mary S. said...

I love so many things about Autumn - cool, crisp walks, casseroles, breads, soups, drives in the country, decorating with pumpkins and gourds, the beautiful leaves, cleaning up the outdoors in preparation for winter, hot coffee, outdoor fire nights, more blankets, cozy reading nights, and scented candles, just to name a few. :)

T.J. said...

Being outdoors in the cool, crisp air is my favorite part of Autumn. Roasting potatoes, apples, sausages and marshmallows over an open fire is a favorite activity in fall evenings.

Jill said...

I love the changing seasons but Autumn is by far one of my favorites. I love the crisp feel and smell of the autumn air. I love to rake up the leaves and watch my children play in them. We enjoy going to the many festivals available in our area during this season and starting November 1 we start decorating for Christmas, our most favorite holiday! Great giveaway Mia!

Maggie said...

I love the cooler weather! I'm currently living in the South on the coast, so it's still warm during the day, but we have chilly nights and a crisp wind during the day that's wonderful :)

Mr. Brammer said...

Pumpkins! Grilled, sauteed, pie'd, soup'd, bread'd, french fried, chipped, etc.

Hillary said...

My favorite thing about about Autumn is the cooler weather! Its just so hot and dry here in Texas that those first few cool fronts that roll in here are just pure bliss!

Amy @ Heritage Homemaker said...

What I love the most about autumn is the cooler weather and shorter days, so we can spend more time indoors in the evening around the oil lamp and candles as a family; reading and playing board games.


Margaret in VA said...

My favorite thing about the autumn is finding ways to make my home cozy and inviting for my family and guests. There's something wonderful about the smell of baking apples! That small batch canning book looks to be just what I need since we don't have a garden (we are completely in the shade here) and I love to can.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to pick! I love wearing shawls, the color and smell of leaves, making soup, reading by lamplight! You have a BEAUTIFUL blog and life! Dee M.
homesteadprimitives at juno dot com

The Snow Child said...

I would really love it if you were to make videos cooking ! xxx

Christi said...

I love the leaves and the cooler air. I love the colors of the trees, especially the reds.

Hugs, Call us. Baby is due any time now!!!!

Mrs. A

Anonymous said...

Dear Mia, I just recently found your blog and have enjoyed following it. The thing I like about Autumn is the end of harvest. All the pumpkins, canning, and yummy cinnamon smells. I love Thanksgiving and the time to share with family and friends the abundance we have been blessed with. Love, Grace

P.S. my email is

The Weekend Homesteader said...

I love Autumn because it is a blessed relief from the sweltering days of summer, and it's a time to slow down and reflect on the past year.

Jennifer said...

I love that I can spend more time with my family this time of the year. I would love to see your potato soup recipe. Thanks. Congratulations on so many followers. You've given us something to look forward to reading and sharing.

Hawthorne said...

Hi Mia. I love your posts soooooooooo much, the beautiful pictures and the poetic way you view life.
What I love about Autumn is the abundance of berries and other fruits in the hedgerows;it's like a festive end to the growing season. I love the prayer we say in church for harvest festival which begins something like "You crown the year with your glory.."
And the children I teach love to hear 'Miss' tell them she knows when the elderberries are out because the bird poo on her car is purple!! Lol.

Becky said...

I love the Autumn colors and the crisp morning air the most. The colors aren't as vibrant as the ones I experienced in my first 18 years when I lived on a dairy farm in upstate NY but they are still lovely here in South Carolina. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog post and it was wonderful to "hear" from you once again.

Tania @ Out Back said...

What I love about Autumn is the stillness in the air, the changing colour of the sky and the beautiful sunsets. One of my favourite colours is orange so this season is a special one, and by far the best season in my opinion...

Stephenie said...

The crackle of the leaves under my feet as I walk, and the shushing of aspen leaves blowing in the wind is my favorite

Vicki said...

I love autumn for many reasons...The beautiful leaves changing colors,the sounds of them crunching as you walk on them...I think things seem to start slowing down a little at this time of year.
Your blog is such a breath of fresh
air. Thank You for sharing...

Stephanie Ann said...

I love the changing leaves and being able to cuddle up in a wooly sweater. Thanks so much!

Becca said...

Ten years ago in September, I survived a small plane crash. I love the autumn season because it represents a renewal of life, rest, healing, and the bounty of God's mercy.

Kathy said...

Hi Mia,
We enjoy your blog so much. I love many things about autumn...the cooler weather, the increased energy I feel, the anticipation of Thanksgiving, the food. Keep writing...Kathy

Una Mariah said...
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Civil Folks said...

Mia, love your post.

I love Autumn because I don't see it as the death of life, I see it as the beginning of a new opportunity, a new birth pushing the old leaves off to an Earth awaiting her blanket for the Winter.

Blessings to you.

Frank and Miss Pam

Robyn :) said...

What I love most about Autumn are the leaves changing (especially orange and red) and the first snowfall(hopefully). Right now I am waiting for the rain to change over to snow!! So exciting :) I also like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Thank you for the chance to win.

Carrie said...
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Carrie said...

I love the brilliant colors of all the leaves - so vibrant and beautiful. I love to go on walks with my family to collect as many different varieties as possible.
Thank you for your inspiring posts.
Blessings to you!

Joy said...

Mia, what a beautiful post! I love so many things about Autumn. The whole atmosphere of harvest, the crisp air, the colorful leaves, and especially pumpkins! :) I also love doing autumn-inspired crafts with my children.

Joy @ Artful Homemaking

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love many things about Autumn. It's my favorite time of year. I love when the leaves drift down in gorgeous colors...picking up pinecones and acorns when walking...seeing the fluffy white cotton in the fields...stargazing in the cool of the night.


Caroline said...

Oh, there are so many thing to love about Autumn! The beautiful leaves, the cooler weather, knowing that snow won't be long in coming, and, last but not least, the lack of humidity and mosquitoes! :-)

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Hi Mia,
I just adore your blog! It is very DEAR, WHOLESOME and SWEET! ;-D
What I truely love about Fall is the "Thankfulness" that I become aware of to the Lord and all His bounty and goodness! It is all around in the colors and fruits and veggies, and a time to gather and "put up" and then gather with Family and Friends and be Thankful together!!
Many many Blessings to you Dear one, Linnie

In His Wings said...

What do I love most about the Autumn season? I looked forward every year to the changing of the leaves, from varying greens to radiant reds, dazzling yellows, & outrageous oranges. I love the rustle of the fallen leaves as my skirts graze the ground. The sound of the wind whistling through the nearby corn fields. The trilling songs of the remaining birds. The fresh smell of the laundry that was line dried. The smells of scrumptious delicacies fresh from the oven. Preserving the bounty that God has provided for the upcoming frigid temperatures. The plans for Thanksgiving (a most favorite celebration indeed). These & many other reasons are why I truly love the Autumn season.

God bless,
Sarah Grace

P.S. I love your blog. It is such an inspiration to me. I also would love to be entered into your giveaway.

jenny miller said...

Dear Mia, thank you for such a generous giveaway. Autumn is my favorite time of year. The colors are so lovely. It's like a big patchwork quilt on the mountains this time of year. Also a thanks for the tip about sprouting garlic. Perfect timing for us. Many blessings. (

Rhonda said...

Hello Miss Mia!
Love your blog as always!
What do I love about the Autumn Season?
Well for me, it's the beginning of a new year of home schooling! The smell of a brand new box of crayons! I love all the sharp pointed crayons sitting in the box.
It's also the smell of a boquet of fresh sharpen pencils! It's about getting the box, in the mail from Rod and Staff, of new school books!
Picking apples from our trees, and then making applesauce, and apple butter, canning it all, and having the joy that The Lord gave us a great bounty for harvest!
Going to the pumpkin patch, walking through the corn maze, getting lost in the corn maze, but then finding our way out to the warm crackling bon fire and roasting marchmellows, and warming our hands by the fire! Watching our children picking out their pumpkin, and the owner of the pumpkin patch says the pumpkins are FREE! Taking the prize pumpkins home and cooking them up the next day to make pumpkin and canning it! The smells in the cottage is lovely! I could go on and on because Autumn is my second most favorite season!
Many blessing to you and your lovely family!

Foster Mom said...

Candied apples and carmel corn, frosty mornings, the crunching of dried leaves underfoot, mulled cider and the gorgeous colors.

Love your blog, it's so peaceful here.

Anonymous said...

I love autumn because it starts getting colder and you can dress in winter clothes that you have sewn or knitted yourself as well as making homemade pasta, soup and other food and drinks that keep you warm inside and also spending time with your family at night and watching the flowers fall of trees

Stephanie said...

My favorite things about Autumn are the bright colors that declare the glory of the Lord. It is such a blessing that the Lord gave changes of season for us restless humans! The crisp air, smell of fireplaces, and ushering in of Thanksgiving are so exciting.


PS: Your blog has been such an encouragement to me, Mia. Thank you for sharing your life with others!

Cyndi Lewis said...


Autumn in Michigan is a beautiful time. I love the colors of the trees of course but also the crispness of the days,soups cooking on the stove,fresh bread in the oven,fireplaces crackling, candles flickering and the smell of apples and cinnamon wafting through the house. I also love putting on heavier fabric, long sleeves and sweaters after the hot summer. But the best thing about Autumn is knowing that snow isn't too far away!

Homemaking Momma said...

The beautiful colors of the leaves, the brisk, cool air, and cuddling under the covers with my kids before starting our day.

Dana said...

Autumn is really a wonderful time of year, its *almost* time to relax and enjoy the colder weather settling in, I say almost because there are still things that need canning and preps that need done in order to prepare for winter which always seems closer around the corner than we anticipate. Fall is also butchering time, hay rides and watching my 3 kids jump into leaf piles. The colors of the leaves still on the trees are just like something you would see out of a great movie or painting, truely God's artwork. How blessed are we that he shared these wonderful colors with us. Thanksgiving- spending time and sharing a meal with family near and those who have come far to be gathered together, makes themeal that much more tastey and treasured. There are so many many things about fall that I love that I could go on and on.
Enjoy your day Mia, thanks for offering the giveaway and please keep the posts coming, they are wonderful and I do enjoy them very much!! Blessings to you and your family!!

Green Zebra Market Garden said...

I love autumn because I love the feeling of waking up in a warm bed on a cold morning! There's nothing more comforting!

Magnolia Tea said...

Your blog is just beautiful!
I love trips to a nearby apple orchard, shopping for apples there and having lunch at their Applehouse Restaurant that overlooks the orchard. Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

The weather, the colors and Thanksgiving!

Tammie said...

I so love the crisp air, and the brilliance of the leaves as sun beams filter through them, and I love the anticipation of what is to come - a season of hibernation and holy days.

KellyinPA said...

Autumn is my very favorite season, it would be very hard to choose one thing! We live in the northeast so the cooler weather and the changing of the leaves are enjoyable. I love to make my meals with the ingredients from the season so many apple and pumpkin delights are coming from my kitchen. And getting to wear boots with my skirts is fun too!

Bridget said...

My favorite thing about Autumn is those first days when it gets chilly. I love walking around a neighborhood and being able to smell wood burning stoves.
I also love walking into a grocery store and smelling all the spicey cinnamon & cloves they put in the area you first enter. I know it's done purely to get you to buy baked goods, but it's so nice!

BLD in MT said...

I adore each and every one of your posts. Your words and photos are so beautiful and timeless.

My favorite thing about autumn is that it is the start of the slowing down season at our house. Spring and summer fly by at a delightfully crazed pace. Gardening, camping, family reunions, selling our goods at craft shows, and so on. In autumn I look forward to slowing down time. Time spent snuggled under a quilt knitting or reading, making pot after pot of soup, planning next year's garden, and enjoying the slow, quietness of the autumn-winter seasons.

Candace C. said...

Miss Mia, I found your blog when I was looking for articles about hope chests and have followed you ever since! Your blog is very peaceful and pleasant to read. What do I love about autumn? I love the changing colors of the leaves. Harvesting our garden. Pumpkin and apple pie. Wearing winter shawls, boots, plaid skirts. The very air of this season gives me a very thankful and contented feeling as "all is safely gathered in". Thanksgiving certainly comes at the perfect time of year!

Dulantha said...

Nice pics. Thanks for sharing those images which are containing the beauty of nature.

Julianne said...

We live in the deep south so we really appreciate the cooler air. I must say the opportunity to wear a shawl is just lovely. We enjoy your blog so much. Thank you Mia.

Kathy L. said...

I love the cooler Autumn air and the beautiful color of the trees. I love to read your blog. You inspire me.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog!

My favorite thing about Autumn is falling leaves. Simply wonderful.

-Britt T.


dlogan said...

Hi Mia,

For me, Autumn is a time of reflection and gathering in. I can feel the earth beginning to take a rest from the summer's growth, reminding me of her true cycle of abundant blessings and provisions. My favorite thing about autumn is the visible change I witness as earth prepares for winter. Warm Wishes, Darby (

Penny said...

I LOVE it ALL! I have lived several different places in the world, in dissferent climates and no matter where I am, Autumn is still hands-down my favorite time of year. The slightly cooler weather, the gorgeous colors of the leaves as they bid their branches farewell, fall fruista dn vegetables, hot spiced-cider, pumpkin pecan bread, and caramel apples.

Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

I'm having difficulties posting a comment, so this is my 3rd try. I love how fall fills all my senses -- the colors, the sounds, the smells. The changing landscape, the smell of woodburning fires, the crunching and blowing leaves, the varying temperatures -- it's all too breathtaking. Thank you for this offer.

Willard Family said...

What a great giveaway, Mia! There are so many things we love about fall. After deliberating over your question for awhile, I would have to say that my favorite things are a cup of Earl Grey tea, a warm blanket, a woodburning stove, Charles Dickens, and a sister with a great British accent! Mining for sweet potatoes also comes to mind. -Sarah

janice15 said...


Michelle said...

I love the autumn colors! =)

Anonymous said...

I love the cooler weather.

Eva said...

What I love about Autumn.
Little Squirrels gathering in their winters' feast,
Crisp, whispy breezes that console man and beast.
Leaves that float gleefully down,
Pumpkins and mums coloring the landscape all around.
Sweet scents in the misty air,
Cider Doughnuts bought at the Autumn Fair.
The mercy that God bestows upon His own,
And in each season, we know we are not alone.

Tracy said...

What I love most? Oh, dear! everything from the colors, to the scents, to the cooler temperatures, to the sunsets. We eat differently than we do in the summer. I have a bit more free time as the gardens don't require as much attention, etc.

Your posts are always such a delight!

Jessica Brammer said...

I love the way the weather changes into the cold, crispness. It makes you want to sit inside and be warm and cozy with family and hearty meals.

I love seeing what you and your family do to make such a simple life.

Sameday said...

My favorite about autumn is the smell in the air, crisp and cool. I love reading your blog, you are an inspiration. Thank you.

AJ said...

What I love most about the Autumn season is the cooler temperatures. The clear, crisp morning air is such a nice change from our hot Texas summers. We enjoy homemade soups, hot tea, and any excuse to build a campfire outside. We too enjoy cooking outdoors. What is it about that campfire 'smoked' flavor that makes the simplest of meals so wonderful? :) I absolutely love sitting around a campfire with my family and pets, sipping hot cider or hot tea, and gazing at the stars. How splendid are God's creations!


Marilyn said...

The leaves on our trees in the backyard all turn yellow and orange, and even when they fall, the ground is gorgeous. Memories of our mostly grown children covering themselves, and jumping into piles, drives through the country to see the landscapes, and crisp days with the sky as blue as can be.

elizabeyta said...

How lovely!

Ashley said...

As usual, it was lovely reading your blog post! I would love that recipe for the potato soup, and if you have a bread recipe, I'd like to try that too! My mouth is watering just thinking about it :)

As I'm sure has been stated before, one of my favorite things about Autumn is the way the leaves change! It's so beautiful to look outside and see leaves gracefully falling to the ground and kids playing outside in them. The entire atmosphere brings this contended and happy feeling inside me. :)

Jessica said...

I love the colors, the fires, and an excuse to make soup almost every day!

Caley said...

I love Everything about it!
The beautiful weather, cozying up by the fire on cold mornings while reading my bible, but what I love most of all about autumn, is the sweet fellowship with dear friend and family.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mia!

I've been reading your blog for a couple years now, but this is the first time I've ever commented. I'm always blessed by your blog.

What I love most about the Autumn are the golden aspens that light up the hills where I live in the White Mountains of Arizona. Whenever I feel frazzled and stressed, I look to the mountains and see the gold splashed among the green. I simply love it! Also, it means that Christmas is just around the corner! (I am an absolute Christmas fanatic, so I start thinking about it "officially" in September!)

My e-mail address is I hope I win!

Jodie Humphrey

Jenna said...

It looks as though your days have been sweet, full, and productive lately. The photographs were a delight to see, and your garden seems to be coming along quite nicely!
I can just imagine the children's faces as you allowed them to hold the iron pan. :)
I would love to enter your giveaway... I thoroughly enjoy canning, although I have not been able to do much of it. This cookbook would surely guide and help me to do it more often!
There is so much to love about the Autumn season. My favorite part is probably the change of weather... The cool breeze is so nice!
May the Lord bless you, Dear!

Your Sister In Christ,

Nancy said...

I'm not surprised that you have so many followers. You have a wonderful blog. There are different things that I love about fall; the soft look of the sunlight, the cooler temperatures, the slower pace, but, the colors never cease to amaze me; the beauty of them and the fact that the leaves seem to change overnight. Thankyou for the inspiring (as always) post.

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog! So beautiful and inspiring! What I love about autumn...definitely the trees and their changing colors. And I love walking through those dry leaves that have fallen. There is a crispness to the air at night and on a clear night the moon is beautiful. Most of all with all the cool air, bringing out my warm blankets and comforters is the best!


Pinch of Salt said...

I love the smell of autumn - for me that dry, crisp woodiness and the smell of smoke make me feel more alive than the smells of grass. My email is randwdean [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Anonymous said...

What do I love most about Autumn? Well, the comfort of knowing the family is together once again in the evenings around a fire that provides warmth and light. It also reminds me that even in death, if you are sheltered in the arms of our Savior, life is beautiful just as the leaves, as they begin to die in the fall, show their beautiful colors. It is my favorite season. Nature has begun to slow down, encouraging us to do the same.

My email is

Sue said...

As the leaves change and eventually fall from the trees, I am reminded that all living things have seasons, just as God intended them to. It gives me time to reflect about the cycle and seasons of life, and the beauty that each one holds in its' own special way.

Nancey said...

I love the colors of Fall, but also there's a crispness in the wind that is refreshing. Everyone loves Spring air, but my allergies don't allow me to. I enjoy Fall a little more. Also, I love watching the birds practice their formations in the air.

Sugar said...

Autumn is my favorite season followed closely by Spring and Summer! It's the crisp blue, sunny skies and the wind blowing colorful leaves as if to shower a bride. I love wearing fall clothing - dressed in my favorite fall colors. Cooking becomes fun whipping up yummy dishes like apple sauce and root vegetables. My birthday happens in Autumn and that makes it all the more special.

Raquel said...

I would have to say the colors! They run an entire color palette themselves - from crisp burgundy oak leaves to pale maize yellow of corn stalks. Would love to win this! Much love - Raquel XO

Jenna said...

Oh my! I love so many things about autumn ~ the fresh, crisp air, woolly bear caterpillars, the brilliant colored leaves, geese flying overhead, Indian summer days, and the smell of wood burning stoves!
Once again, your posts are lovely. Makes me feel like I've stepped back in time!


Olivia said...

Hmm... the change of light in a brilliantly blue October sky, I think! Thank you for your posts Mia, I really enjoy them.

Prim2Pink said...

I love the smells of Autumn. It finally is cool enough to run the oven and bake, bake, bake. Pumpkin pie, homemade bread, apple dumplings...oh my! I can smell the aroma of pumpkin bread coming from my kitchen right now!

Sharlene said...

My favorite part of autumn is the leaf colors and the crispness in the air.

Junk Loving Girl said...

The thing I love most about Autumn has to be able to take long walks in the crisp morning air and being able to hear the crunch of the leaves under foot.


Kimberly said...

What I love most about Autumn? The cooler evenings and mornings, the changing of the leaves, and smell of fall.

Brenna said...

My favourite things about Autumn:
- the smell of cold air, wood smoke, and dry leaves in the air
-warm, stick to your ribs meals that warm you from the inside out
-the beginning of skating season once again, which is such a nice hobby to have
-the need for a sweater all of the time
- cold evenings spent knitting and reading

Thank you for this giveaway, the book looks amazing!


Cathyjo said...

Hi, I like autumn be cause it's col enought to plant a graden, I love to beable to work outside.
As always love your post.((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Autumn ~ cool weather seems to make me want to be in the kitchen even more.
Autumn ~ enjoying the art show that God paints for us so differently each day.
Autumn ~ the garden is now finished, time to enjoy all the harvest God has set before us.
Autumn ~ the time for us to gather in the wood to warm us thru the winter.
Cindy Brannon

Anonymous said...

Autumn, I love it. Pulling in the last of the harvest and preparing for winter is a wonderful ongoing task. Here in Maine beautiful fall color often followed by early snow gives on a sense of timing passing.

Jenny's Heart said...

I love the fall weather!
I go outside inhale a deep lung filling breath and thank God for another beautiful day.

Annette said...

There are so many 'things' to love about autumn: changing leaves, cooler temps, crunch frost on the grass early in the morning, my breath coming out in grey puffs, cooking on our wood cookstove - there is just something about that smell.
My list could continue - dont want to be a comment hog. =)
Thank you for a chance to win along with a great recipe.

Lynn said...

Autumn for me is the end of gardening season and time to reflect and reevaluate my gardening goals. More food and flowers, less yard, cleaner edges, more impact with color, the list looks similar each fall. As the weather changes I turn to my indoor project that I have been gathering all summer: learning to design and sew custom fit skirts and pants for my daughter and myself.
Lovely blog, God's blessing on you and yours.

The Hopeful Homesteader said...

My favorite part of autumn is the wonderful array of colors.

Joy said...

Lovely blog! God bless,

Lydia said...

What do I love most about autumn? Oh, nearly everything! But lately, my favorite thing has been snuggling on the hammock with my hubby under the night sky. Autumn is the best time of year for stargazing and the solar system just shouts the glory of the Creator!

Anonymous said...

Autumn is my favorite season with the crisp clear days and the warmth of a favorite sweater. Here in IL we begin to burn an occasional fire to take the chill off and that stirs our want for hot teas and soups. Our busy days slow up a bit as we count the blessings in each full canning jar and glean the last of the garden before the coming freeze. God is so good to us. Thank you for your sharings, I am blessed by them!

freeb said...

I love autumn for the smell and colors and that the cool weather is coming! Thanks for the giveaway!

Cindy Munger said...

I love how the harvesting and preparing for winter reminds me of all God has given and done for me. His protection, provision, especially His gift of salvation. Autumn truly becomes a Thanksgiving Season.

Jenny May said...

Dearest Mia,

I can not begin to describe the joy I have reading your blog and wondering when on earth will you write a book. You are so amazingly talented. Photographically and with the written word as well, your parents must be remarkable proud.

I am excited to enter your give a way. The fall is such a beautiful time of year in so many obvious ways...the changing leaves, the smells of indoor cooking, fires outside, boiling hot apple cider to name a few. But to me, it signals a time to remember that God allows change. Without change, there can be no appreciation of what we have. Fall and winter, the holidays signify a time to focus on Jesus, on simplicity and NOT getting caught up in the world but creating our own world, as you have, in the 21st century, you have brought us back to a simplier time, one when people relied more on God than the fluxuating stock market.

Well, fall reminds me to be faithful through the change in seasons, as we advance in life we change in seasons. Learning to say good bye to one state of being to learn to find happiness in another.

Kisses and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

fall is my favorite season! i love how it gets cooler and the leaves change, but my fav thing is how it gets dark earlier! i can bring the children in and get them ready for bed without them complaining " but it's still early" cuz they don't realize it !

constance said...

i love so many things about fall...
the beautiful colors of the leaves..the cool crisp applecider.
Thank you for hosting this Mia...
God bless....

Anonymous said...

Autumn is a favorite season because of the crisp changes around us. The sun, the sky, the air, the trees, everything seems clearer. Yet despite all of these lovely things, Autumn seems so fleeting as it barrels towards the chill of Winter. There is always a feeling of hibernation that comes over me during this time of the year. Like I need to put away food, pull out the quilts and comforters and snuggle down in preparation for the much longer season of Winter. Enjoy Autumn while it's here!

sissiebelle at

Melissa said...

A most beautiful post again!
I love the cooler change in weather best I believe. On cool nights we build a beautiful fire in our wood stove. Then we gather around sipping herbal tea and catch up on the reading that got tossed to the side during the summer. I love digging out the sweaters, jackets and other winter clothing. It's like getting a new wardrobe every year!
We start making soups and stews- all the great southern comfort food, even if it means a few more pounds on the scales!
A few other things I love about fall:)
Homemade bread and cookies. Pumpkin pie and homemade doughnuts.
Chicken and dumplings.
Watching the chickens peck at the last remaining bugs.
Watching the colors of our hardwood forest change each day.
Feeding visiting deer acorns that we have an over-abundance of.
I love the many changes that take place before our very eyes everyday of fall!

quiverofseven said...

Dear Mia,
You've outdone yourself with this delightful post.
We love fall ...watching God's magnificently -colored leaves dance across the pasture while applesauce cooks on the stove.
Blessings to you,
Mrs. Anderson

Anonymous said...

What I love most about Autumn are the cozy evenings with my family eating warm soup, homemade bread, herbal teas and rich conversations about what the Lord is teaching us.



Kennesa said...

My favorite things about Autumn are the sound and smell of my Daddy making a fire in the wood stove on a chilly evening.
The brilliant reds, oranges and yellows of the trees, and watching the leaves gently float to the ground around me as I ride my horse in the cool Fall air.
Sitting next to a big bonfire on a cold night and watching the sparks fly high into the dark, star speckled sky.
Celebrating Thankgiving, reading the story of the Pilgrims like we do every year, and eating so much turkey, cranberry sauce and pumkin pie I almost burst.


Kennesa said...

My favorite things about Autumn are the sound and smell of my Daddy making a fire in the wood stove on a chilly evening.
The brilliant reds, oranges and yellows of the trees, and watching the leaves gently float to the ground around me as I ride my horse in the cool Fall air.
Sitting next to a big bonfire on a cold night and watching the sparks fly high into the dark, star speckled sky.
Celebrating Thankgiving, reading the story of the Pilgrims like we do every year, and eating so much turkey, cranberry sauce and pumkin pie I almost burst.


Colleen B said...

I enjoy the foggy, calm mornings. The birds aren't even chirping! They've gone further down south or are sleeping in. I get a few moments alone with my thoughts. It's very peaceful.

Tina said...

I love the beauty of the season....the rich Fall colors.
The scent of crisp cool air is something I enjoy,too.New foods for the season,snuggling in close on cooler days with my little ones,bonfires and hayrides.Apple cider,apple dumplings,apple pie,pumpkin everything.lolAutumn is my most favorite season.

Miss Alicia said...

What I love best about autumn is trying new foods! Just like you and your mother in the post, around Thanksgiving time all the cookbooks come out and new recipes are excitedly plotted! It was at Thanksgiving that I first had acorn squash (now a favorite and a must have at our feast). It was also the only time I had pumpkin pie as a child, so it was a special treat. This year I am going to try using the whole wheat bread recipe that I have been making successfully for the past two weeks (other recipes were not so impressive, but I've really taken to this one!) to make whole wheat dinner rolls. It uses honey instead of sugar as well! I think it will turn out great. We will also be yet again trying a recipe for pumpkin pie without white sugar (my mother cannot eat it). I hope we find a good one. I have a couple options to choose from. Eating healthy is such a fun and exciting adventure! May you have a blessed autumn! Miss Alicia (

free indeed said...

Autumn brings back memories from my childhood...even then I loved fall. It's a time to contemplate; getting a wisp of leaves burning or wood burning stoves going. That cozy feeling of wanting to sit by a fire and rock; of putting the garden to 'bed' and harvesting the last of its produce. Geese flying south on that long trek to warmer climes...ahhh...even the frantic pace I am sometimes forced to has to take a back seat in fall...

Andrea said...

My favorite thing of Autumn is the colors of the trees when the leaves change colors,like we have a beautiful garden except bigger. Also picking apples. We did not go this year, but I remember the year before when we picked apples with our friends.We had apple fritters and cider.
It is wonderful to see God's creation and admire His power everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Clean, crisp breezes that make the windchimes dance and sing to remend me of how good God is.

Sarah said...

I love the changing colors. We just recently moved, and driving down our new street is such a treat because the branches make an arbor of the road. The red and gold leaves mixed together above me fills me with awe.

bbs said...

Where I live in south eastern PA, I love to watch the leaves change color. And, as the temperature decreases my love of all things pumpkin increases!

Bella said...

Hey Mia!
I'm soo glad that I bumped into you at the P's house.
Okay, my favorite thing (s) about fall:
Of course, the leaves are
colorful paintings,
And Thanksgiving day is closing in,
But of all God's Autumn blessings,
Apple butter definitely wins!

Hope we "bump" into each other again very soon!

ME2 said...

I love God's Feast days most in Autumn! Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement. Feast of Tabernacles with the Last Great Day!

What a beautiful post!

Kath said...

Oh my that would be the cool crisp mornings and the warm afternoons! I also enjoy the return to baking.

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful snipets and tidbits of your day, together provide a delightful picture of the life you and family have carved out. A beautiful picture, indeed!

Goose Hill Farm said...

Good evening, Mia~

What a wonderful post! Fall is my favorite time of year....the smell of the leaves, the cool crisp air....fires in the wood stove.....the beautiful colors of the foliage.....PUMPKINS!

God bless!

Hana - Marmota said...

I don't think I want to be ebetered into the giveaway (I live on the other side of the ocean from you, so...) - but I want to answer the question: what I love most about autumn are those crisp days like today has been, with colourful leaves reflecting against clear blue sky. Yes. That's what I love most about autumn, and no other season can give me that.

Wendy said...

I love walking in the crisp leaves, and the smell of tobacco barns burning! This is absolutely my favorite time of year!

I so enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

Very nice posting. I do believe I will be following this blog in the future. The items are definitely nice and I am going to have to look up that particular pectin for future reference.

D. Logan

Kara said...

I love the scents in the air - the smell of dying leaves, pumpkin pie, the last roses of the season, and the hint of snow in the air.

the.yellow.warbler@gmail. com

Fanny said...

The best thing about autumn... I feel is the relaxing calmness in nature. During the summer it's like everything is so full of energy, so tense! And though that off course is wonderful, nature also needs a bit of relaxation. That's autumn, when nature takes a deep breath and tucks into bed for a nice nap. Calm and a bit tired, yes. But also full of anticipation of what the next year will bring!

Mia, thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us!

Anonymous said...

I love a lot of things about Autumn, to list a few:
The warmth of a fire on your face
The falling leaves outside
Cozy smelling candles
Warm food, after being out in the cold
And spending more time indoors on crafts, music, preserving, and cooking

Mia said...

Thank you friends for your comments! I enjoyed each and every one-- it's nice to hear different perspectives on the season of Autumn. Hope y'all have a sweet Thanksgiving,


Mrs B said...

Oh, I would love to live at your cottage the way you do!

josie said...

Wow your potato soup looks sooo you think you can post the recipe :)


Raised By Bears said...


I'm sorry to see you've retired your blog. I ran across your webpage quite by accident. I was looking for an image of an 1800s farm girl - and your page came up - because of the photo of the girl bringing the eggs to the store to trade.

I enjoyed reading your page very much. You sound very wise, and I pray the Lord will foster the sentiments you've expressed.

My wife and I home-schooled our two youngest children, and we found it a much better way to educate than through the public school system. Our youngest, a daughter, started college at age 16 - because she was home-schooled, went to college for two years, then joined Master's Commission for a year and worked for a year. She is graduating from college in December, and we are very proud of her. Home-schooling gave her the ability to think for herself and she - as you appear to be - is wise beyond her years.

I do wish she was a little more domestic. In fact, all of my children seem to be very city oriented. I am, however, blessed that they all know the Lord, so I should count my blessings.

I was born on a farm, and raised eating what we grew in the garden or hunted or fished. We worshiped in a little white country church. I miss much of that life style. We do live in a 1922 log house on a lake near the Canadian border, not far from where my family has lived for many generations, so I get to hunt and fish, but my children all live in cities, They take after their mother in this - as she was a city girl.

Well, I don't know if you'll return and read this - but I just want you to know I found your web-page enjoyable and inspiring.


Carl Eastvold

cheryl said...


Love the blog

. I always will.