Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To my Readers...

Congrats to Ms. Lydia! I've contacted you with details :)

There were 132 entries in the Giveaway, and the online random generator landed on #107! Many thanks to all who joined in, I wish I could send everyone something...your comments on the season of Autumn were inspirational, truly!

Question to all my readers:

What would you like to see more posts on? (Hair care, Clothing, Reading, Lifestyle, Family etc.) Do you have a question that wasn't answered in the Interview post? Please comment, and let me know :) I look forward to answering all that I can. A new post will be coming up soon!



Fanny said...

Congrations to Ms Lydia!
And Mia, I'd love to read more about clothes, and the crafts you do... like sewing, for example! I'd love to see more of what you have made. =)

Lydia said...

Yay! I am thrilled about this prize. Thank you so much!!! I always love to see homemade goodness from the kitchen and I also love fabric crafts- knitting, crocheting, sewing. I love anything you blog about:)

Goose Hill Farm said...


I always enjoy reading your blog, no matter what you post about. I love all the things that you have handmade.......There is nothing like things that are made with our hands and our hearts!

Blessings, precious one~

ladybug loves lilacs said...

Congratulations Lydia!

I am a new reader of your blog but I love the things you post. I always enjoy your kitchen posts. Would like it very much if you could share how you make you jellies or jams without sugar and just using apple juice.
May you be blessed in all you do.
In Christ,

Anonymous said...

I would like for you to share more abut the lifestyle you live as a daughter at home and how you stay focused in this area. I am asking my daughter to allow you to be her mentor this year as she will soon graduate and we all desire for her to remain at home and focused in serving the family and christ until He chooses a family for her.
You are an insiration to me and my daughter with your gentle ways and love for Christ and family.
Shirley in Virginia

Anonymous said...

I recently came upon your blog this week.

I enjoy reading about your 19th century clothing, books,...anything that got to do with 19th century but a twist of 21st century.

Annie from NJ & NYC

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Ms. Lydia!

Actually, I enjoy all your posts. I love reading about just your daily life. I'd love it if you could post more than once a month. I know it's time consuming, but perhaps shorter more frequent posts might work? Your photos are always lovely and I enjoy those as well. So maybe a post with just random photos now and then?

Thank you for taking the time to photograph and write your blog. It's really my favorite one!

Bella said...

Hey Mia!
It was really fun to enter a giveaway!
I think that it would be neat if you were to sometimes write about clothing and hair care (or whatever :D).

rebecca said...

Congratulations Lydia,

Mia, like so many others I love everything you blog about and only wished it were more often:)

I personally would like to see more on hair care in particular growing out the relaxers, styles, shampoo/conditioners, etc., as well as clothing like where to purchase, your lifestyle, and education. I'm also intrigued by how you and your family eat. I noticed in some posts they were leaning more towards veggies/rice/bread with little meat.

I hope I haven't asked to much of you, its just refreshing to see a young woman with the convictions that you have and are willing to share.

God Bless,
Mrs. Shepard

Anonymous said...

Dear Mia,
I truly enjoy reading your posts, especially on living the simple, yet modern life....
Could you possibly post more on what your immediate family does, as a lot of your readers are in fact, adults, looking for a better way to raise our children as your parents have raised you and are raising your siblings?
Thanks and God Bless You,

Southern Ladye said...

Hi Mia!

Congrats to Ms. Lydia! I would love to see more about your lifestyle,hair,and clothing. Recipes are great as well! (I have already used several and they were hits at my house! Also, would love more details on your old fashioned picnic. We are stepping into a new role at our church and need some ideas for young married couples get togethers and I think an old fashioned picnic would be perfect!


Annemieke said...

Hello Mia,

I just love to read your blog. I am from Holland or The Netherlands and I don't know anybody who loves to dress period and live old fashioned the way yoy do. You are indeed inspirational! I wish we have living history groups about the American pioneer period or civil war, but we don't. So, I like reading about it in your blog. Other questions: how do you make coffee without elektricity and does it taste the same? Is it allowed to get wood and plants from the forrest where you live? ( In Holland it's forbidden to dig out plants)Do you have plans to take the homesteading further or do you feel allright with your way of living right now? I hope you will excuse my English, it is not my native language.

Blog Diva said...

hi mia!

i followed your blog starting this year.I read every post you created now and from the beginning. i keep waiting for the next updates from you. your posts really drugged me ;p

mia, i love gardening and love to see your garden and its produce. in my country malaysia, the weather doesn't fit for some types of plant/tree/herbs... pls updates more about gardening will you?
(flowers, fruits, herbs, etc)

nice knowing you. and thank you for the posts!

Stephanie said...

I would love to know more about how you find your beautiful clothing. I am trying to collect vintage clothing, but I just can't seem to find any cheap deals :)

Sharon said...

I absolutey love your blog, Mia. It doesn't matter what you post about, I always find it interesting, refreshing, inspiring! I get such a feeling of peace whenever I visit your blog, which is much more often than you post! :)

CNK said...

More clothing posts would be awesome! I love getting ideas from you. And recipes! We had the white sauce on wheat noodles with chunks of chicken breast tossed in. It was YUMMY! I'll be putting it in my hopechest recipe book :D Be back soon! :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Mia! I would love to read more about hair care and clothing... I also love reading about your garden as this is our first year having a big garden. I enjoy all that you write about, though--you are so encouraging!


Donna said...

I think keep doing what you have doing, that is working for us. What will you do with all the garlic, what will winter be like where you live? What new recipe will you share, will it have pecans, what new photos will you share?

Kennesa said...

Hi Mia Dear!

Congrats to Ms. Lydia!

Well Dear, I would love to see more pictures of your beautiful home and the wonderful dresses you and your Mother and sister wear.

I would also love some hair tips! ( I have really long hair, and its hard to know what to do with it!)

And your sewing projects! I would love to hear more about them!


Anonymous said...

Hair Care Tips

Sage Kaplan said...

Congrats to Miss Lydia,
I was wondering if you could post more posts about Clothing, beauty, family, Education and also if you could post a few more video clips as well. I was also wondering if it is okay with you, do you wax or shave your legs, I was just wondering.

Rebecca said...

My daughter and I love all your posts and call to each other with excitement when we see a new one.

As a mother I would be very interested in hearing more about how your family came to life in the country and outside of the mainstream; how do your parents make that work? Do they seek like-minded support or are they content with living a quiet, family-centered life regardless of society's head-long rush in another direction?

Far Above Rubies said...

Congrats to Lady Lydia.

As a mother of many, I would like to know more about how you and your mother cultivate a loving relationship, training tips from your mother, what it is like being a single daughter serving your household.

Please give my thanks to your parents for doing such a lovely job raising you up.



AJ said...

*Congrats Lydia!*
What are you, your sister, your brother, and your parents reading right now? Do you or your parents have some recommended reading?

What sewing or craft projects have you done or are working on lately?
Really...anything you post will be good for me...I like them all. :)

Lizet Franco said...

Hi Mia, I enjoy all your posts! But I would especially enjoy posts concerning the how of your homeschooling, lifestyle/daily living, and steps taken to live a slower/simpler life. Always looking forward to your next post!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Mia, whatever you post, dear, is always so lovely and well written. I simply enjoy reading about and viewing the pictures, of your everyday life.

Thank you for sharing your family and home, with us.

Queen Bee said...

Count me in the group that says "Anything and everything" :) Your posts are like little breaths of fresh air.

I have three things I would like to see:
1)I would love to know more about how you think, what you know, what you wonder.
2)I would love to know more about how day to day life goes--especially the "mundane" and "unromatic" parts :). When i was younger, I thought that I could make our life look just like a Little House episode, but now that I am older, I realize that there are romantic moments of kneading bread by candlelight, which I did the other day, but then there is also the "I'm all out of giggles. It's fend for yourself supper night.". :) Perhaps something like "We still have to clean the toilets, but this is how we added a touch of the romantic, the dreamy, the pleasant, the interesting to our day.". A sense of....romantic realism :), achievable living beauty for all the young women who read your blog :)

3)I love the photos--truly you could just follow a bug around your yard and take photos of it and I would love it. :)

These are not criticisms AT ALL! :) I love your blog. I just wanted to offer some food for thought :)

Anonymous said...

Bring back Vintage finds! You have such luck in finding and using older items. I enjoyed your older posts on thrifting/antiquing treasures very much. Even showcasing items from around your kitchen/home is very interesting. Lovely photos and everything else - I wouldn't eliminate anything.

Here's a silly question inspired by the gold cat - how many cats do you have? Are they outdoor/"barn" cats? Other pets?

And have you done any historical events lately? Perhaps photos from that? We all do love your clothing!

- a quiet fan -

Queen Bee said...

I wanted to say that the reason for you mentioning the unromantic parts would be for the encouragement of young women to add in the romantic to their lives, even if they do not live in such an adorable cottage in such a sunny part of the country :)

For example, I mentioned the kneading bread by candlelight....what I did not mention is that I live in an apartment on a military base, that we are knee deep in snow, and that the guy to fix our washing machine came in then, and probably was wondering what on earth I was doing with some of the house lights off, candles burning, and kneading bread! lolol
It was just a spur of the moment decision to add a touch of the romantic to our day. I needed to knead the bread and decided to do it by hand instead of in the mixer. Then i decided to take photos of it. Then I decided to turn off the lights and knead by candlelight and just enjoy the romance of the moment. My children watched me (my daughter took pictures), and I greatly enjoyed the process of kneading bread by hand, in a half lit room, even as the washing machine guy traipsed up and down the stairs to the basement trying to figure out how I blew the transmission in the washer :). I made a memory in real life, in real time, for myself and my two children (and the washing machine guy lolol).

I would just think it would be an encouragement for younger women to not be discontent, not make a list of what they are lacking to live a sweet, gentle, home-y life, but that they can do little things NOW to bring the sweet, the gentle, the home-y into their lives, even if they are in an apartment in the middle of a crowded city. :) You have such a voice for encouragement, such a talent for finding the beauty in the moment, and such an eye for capturing those moments, I can think of no other person more suited for the role of demonstrating how young women can make their nest as pleasant as you make yours :)

Cathyjo said...

Dear Mia,
I realy love all you blog about and the pic's. I would like more about herbs, I've tried growing them over the yrs. And they seem to end up dead. I do want to Thank You for sharing, I did sprout garlic as you showed and they are doing fine TY. Do make hair things? I want to wish You and Your Family A Happy Thanksgiving. ((HUGS))

Julianne said...

I would love to hear about clothing, especially anything that has to do with patterns or sewing etc. Thanks, Mia!

Becky said...

Definately more recipes. I love to try new ones.
BTW - I love the picture at the top of this post.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog as well and am really enjoying it. I'd like to read more about recipes and clothing and also the things you sew/create. Really anything! :) Thank you...I know keeping a blog going is hard work...much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mia,

I have been following your blog for sometime. I LOVE IT!! Please know what a wonderful service you provide for others. Often I come here for comfort and peace when life's trials become overbearing.

You are truly doing God's work.

The things I find interesting and would like to see more of are your clothes and pictures. Love those pictures! Do you make some of your clothes and what are you using for patterns. I would love to make some for myself.

Also, maybe a little on setting up and/or living without many modern conveniences. I am trying to do the same in my home. But maybe I need a primer on oil lamps. I have electricity but trying to keep it to a minimum.

I have several oil lamps throughout the house, but I wonder if I am doing something wrong. I just don't seem to get the right amount of light for reading. Any suggestions?

Thank you and God Bless You for all you do.

Sue in Pennsylvania

Anonymous said...

Hi Mia,

I am a married mother of 3 from south Georgia and I have recently found your blog and it is beautiful, my favorite now. I have been reading the back posts and your thoughts are so lined up with my own.

I love the gorgeous clothing and crafts, the scrumptious recipes, and the lovely gardens. I learned from you what a pokeberry is and it turns out that we have a big section of them growing here and it was one plant I had been wanting to identify for a while.

I would love to learn more from you of GA wild edibles, vegetables and flowers that you have found to grow well here in Georgia, the simple life you live and how you make it possible on a daily basis. I am very interested in the homeschooling methods you use as I am a homeschooling mom currently using GCA but would love to learn more about a less structured way where I can teach the children things that would be important to our country farm, simple, sustainable lifestyle.

What does the GA homeschool requirements require of a child? Do you have to turn in papers to the Board of Education? Is it required for your brother to take the CRCT test? Where do you get your materials besides the library books? I am seriously considering your families way of schooling.

I always love book recommendations! I love books and all the books you have shown are very wonderful. Thank you for an inspiring blog.

Brittany P.
Georgia, USA

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing, love to thrift store shop and love to see your beautiful treasures that you find. My latest finds... a spoon ring and a 42 piece Lennox dish set (summer harvest pattern)for $20.

Brittany P.
Georgia, USA

Lynn said...

Love the recipes and garden updates.

The Reynolds said...

everything about your blog is wonderful and inspiring! I like the balance of crafts, gardening, cooking, recipes, vintage and modest clothing, family thing I would like to see more of: home education at your house.

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear more about family and lifestyles. I really enjoy the pictures.
It would be nice also to learn more about how to get involved in some of the activities you attend.

Raquel said...

Hola Mia, soy tu seguidora desde hace tiempo, te doy gracias por tu pagina y me encanta tu vida y soy gracias a Dios por tu fe en él.
Quisiera que me hablaras de tu estilo de vida.
Desde Spain con amor.

Anonymous said...

Remember the old fashioned picnic? well, i was wondering if maybe you could gather up some people to do a get together with some good old-fashioned dances like the Virginia Reel? i think it would be a lot of fun, maybe do it at the picnic.-Oriana

Rhonda said...

Congrats Lydia!

Miss Mia, I would loove to see more blogging on your family and the cottage.....MAybe a tour of the cottage, I love your home! But really anything you blod about I love!
Many Blessings!

Jenny May said...

Dearest Mia,
I would love to hear more about the sewing as well. I have a new blog about the feminine art of sewing because I am getting back to basic's in my life and sewing clothing is one of my charges.

I LOVE your long skirts and aprons. Actually love everything about your life and wish I could live with you.


Karen said...

I find you blog to be such a sweet treasure! As a homeschool mother I'd like to know what your typical day of homeschool looked like, or what your siblings currently do. Also, what are your plans for the holidays?

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about your daily life, your family, your clothes, crafts, reenacting (I do 18th century)and your church. I LOVE your photography, especially pictures from in and around your cottage. I wish you hade more time, so you could post twice a month.
Kate Waller
N.B. Canada

Anonymous said...

First I must say, you are absolutely my favourite blogger.
I would love to hear more about clothing, lifestyle and holiday traditions.
Something like how does your day go for christmas?

Jennifer said...

Dearest Mia,
I have read your blog for years, and I thouroughly enjoy EVERYTHING you write about. It's such a pleasure to hear about your cottage life and family.
I especially like hearing about your thrift shop adventures and finds. I love to explore thrift shops seeing what treasures I can find. I also like hearing about your cooking and have copied out all your recipes. Your sewing projects and your sister's crochet projects are also fun to read about.
Thank you for taking the time to share. I pray for you and your family, and hope God blesses you immensely. Maybe some day our families could meet!
Jennifer Williams

Anonymous said...

Hey Mia! Congrats Lydia!!! Oh I'd love to see more post on classic hair styles and sewing dresses.

Chichi said...

Hi Mia,

Just discovered your blog and reading through your old posts. I like the mix of topics you have.

p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog!

~3iNnA~ said...

Hi Mia
I am back. I will like to read about your hopechest, what you doing for Thanksgiving, Christmas (what kind of gifts you making for your family...traditions, rituals...)

Clothings (19th century), your sewing/crafting projects, your preparation of winter, your sewing area, your greenhouse (what kind of plants do you tend inside the greenhouse).

Lina said...

Hi Mia :)

I would love to see more posts on reading, particularly on the books you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mia,
I would like to read more about clothing and also your lifestyle as a daughter at home. I have a daughter who has just graduated, and is home-centered as well. I think she'd benefit from reading about how another family pursues this unique lifestyle!!

Tina said...

I thought I had noticed that your mother wears a headcovering.I am beginning to cover myself according to 1 Cor.11.I was wondering if she covers due to religious beliefs or just practical reasons.
I would love to see more posts on reading recommendations.I especially love historical fiction.Any recommendations within this genre?
I have 4 children with my 19 and 14yo's being the oldest.I am fascinated with the idea of courtship.Any thoughts on courtship?
I also love any recipes you may share.
I have a recipe blog too if you would be interested in looking at it.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more about your clothes and also how do you find like-minded people???? Also, how do you keep the cares of the world and constant bombardment of bad news from creeping in? Thank you, Dee

Anonymous said...

I love seeing pictures of your clothes, crafts and general daily life. It's so different from my own, and far closer to what I'd like my own home to be like. It'd also be nice to hear a little more about your faith.

Amber Dee said...

I would love to read more about your transition to a simpler life... how you got to where you are with the cottage and a simpler life. It seems like a daunting task looking at it from the middle of modern life but I have always wanted to live simply and more in tune with nature and would love some ideas about how to get started.

Thank you for taking the time to Blog about your life. Your blog is simply LOVELY and your photos are beautiful. You are truly talented and I look forward to reading older posts and anxiously await new ones. :)

Ashleigh said...

Hi Mia,
I would love to hear more about your being a homemaker and your modest clothing~ I really like your lovely vintage dresses and am curious how you come across them.
I wish I could find some! :)
It would be lovely to have some more thoughts on daughters at home~ I know it would encourage me as I'm sure it would other young ladies :)
Thank you for all your wonderful posts...God bless!

Amber Dee said...

Just LOVE your blog... I hope to see a new post Soon... Happy Christmas! :)

Brittany said...

Mia, I just wanted to let you know that your blog is SUCH a blessing to me. Every time I read it I am refreshed and encouraged. Thank you so much! =)

Brittany said...

Mia, I just wanted to let you know that your blog is SUCH a blessing to me. Every time I read it I am refreshed and encouraged. Thank you so much! =)

shellakers said...

I'd love to see more posts about your life with recipes and gardening and all about the home and your beliefs. Fashion.... not so much. I'd also like to hear some personal stories about you and what broght you to where you are today. Kind of inspirational?

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Hi Mia,
I have just been frolicing and catching up on your posts, such a JOY!!
Thanks for sharing all the beautiful images!!!
Blessings and Hugs, Linnie

Lora Goulet said...

Never give up!