Saturday, May 18, 2013

To my readers.

(I found a quiet area to read, on a warm May morning..)
My dear friends, I wanted to take time to thank you all for your wonderful support of my blog! It has been such a beautiful journey to document the blessings of being a stay at home daughter, and share with you so many glimpses and moments of our home life.
As I find myself busy with new projects and ventures, my time journaling online has not been as frequent--So I have decided to quietly conclude this chapter of blogging.
I didn't think it fair to continue on so infrequently, so I thought it best to come to a close.
This blog is dedicated to all my faithful readers whom have celebrated the beauty of everyday life along with me.
You've been an encouragement and have blessed me in more ways than you will ever know...
To my fellow kindred spirits, who still believe in good, old fashioned living...and know that there are Aspiring Homemakers out there, who willingly choose this narrow path.
Thank you!